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Every kid can make a long list of things they like about cookies. Some may describe the delicious aroma that fills the house when delicious treats are baking in the oven. Others may come up with a long list of their favorites, like chocolate chip, sugar snaps, or vanilla wafers. For lots of children, certain types are associated with holidays and special occasions. Always a popular dessert, they are especially fun for kids to buy from bakeries that offer a huge selection of gourmet varieties. It's even fun to read books about cookies! For kids who love them, here are some fun facts to share next time they are snacking on their favorite baked treat.




Chocolate chip cookies are the most common homemade variety.

According to surveys, more than half of the cookies baked at home are chocolate chip. Most of the ingredients for called for in chocolate chip recipes are staples in the kitchen, so many times a fresh batch can be whipped together without a trip to the grocery store. 




Baking cookies burns calories.

While it's a stretch to argue that baking is equivalent to exercise, popular fitness apps have reported that one can burn 168 to 348 calories per hour spent baking in the kitchen. Aside from the physical benefits of standing and moving, there are psychological benefits to baking as well. Taking a break to make a cookie recipe with kids gives them a break from screen time and other stressors in their lives.




The world record for the most cookies baked in one hour is held by a bakery in Ireland.

 A whopping 4,695 cookies were made from start to finish in just sixty minutes. Think about that number next time you set out to bake cookies with your kids for bake sales and holiday cookie exchanges. 




Americans love their cookies.

Some statistics circulating about cookie consumption indicate that the entire country consumes about 2 billion cookies annually. This equates about 300 cookies per person per year.




Animal Crackers were the first mass-produced cookie.

 In 1902, Nabisco began the commercial manufacturing and distribution of this popular cookie that still maintains a strong position on grocery store shelves. Despite being named a cracker, these small, animal-shaped treats fall into the cookie category due to their sweet taste.


animal crackers


Oreos are one of the best-selling cookies ever. 

Approximately 60 billion Oreos are sold every year, and 20 billion of those are enjoyed by people in the US. The origins of the Oreo can be traced back to 1912 when the first version was introduced. It was clearly a hit since about 500 billion cookies have been sold since its inception.     





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