11 Riveting Kids' Books About China


A fantastic exploration of China that is just right for young toddlers. A Chinese author/illustrator duo capture some fun highlights, from enjoying delicious lychee from the market to flying kites in the center square. A vibrant color palette with red and golden hues sets the tone for street festivals and celebrations marked with rich symbolism.





Intriguing Picture Books About China

Never underestimate the value of introducing children to countries around the world by reading books from a very young age. Stirring the curiosity of kids to travel and explore begins with the books that are at their disposal from the time they are born. Cultural lessons can be taught to tiny toddlers who can explore illustrations of faraway places from the comfort of their home. For a deep dive into Asia, gather a diverse mix of fun stories and topical non-fiction titles that provide complementary views and learning opportunities. The best children's books about China provide a rich overview of Lunar New Year celebrations, a trek across the Himalaya mountain range, a walk through the bustling street of Beijing, and into the homes of families enjoying Dim Sum and Moon Cakes. 


great wall of china

Great Wall of China
One of the greatest architectural marvels is featured in an intriguing title with incredible photographic spreads. Leveled text offers an easy-to-understand explanation of the history and significance of this landmark. Infographics provide more detail and incredible statistics for readers who want to take a deeper dive into learning about the construction, location, and other material facts.





 confucius great teacher of china

Confucius Great Teacher of China
A wonderful picture book biography about one of the most important thinkers and teachers in Chinese history. Enchanting illustrations bring to life a leader whose ideas are still relevant today. Confucius encouraged people to live by a moral code based on a set of traditions. He preached compassion for others, urging rulers to abide by his teachings during a time of warfare. Both children and parents will find this book to be a valuable addition when discussing the culture that exists even today.




 The Colorful Fried Rice of Yangzhou

The Colorful Fried Rice of Yangzhou
A history lesson is told from the perspective of Chef Panda, a talented cook whose ultimate goal is to make the perfect egg and rice recipe. The hardworking Panda dedicated every day of his life practicing in the kitchen and experimenting until he had mastered the dish. But when a war erupts across the country, the chef's dreams to reach to top are jeopardized.




 let's look at china

An intriguing edition that is part of the Let's Look at Countries series, readers learn about the landscape, history, and culture. Filled with kid-friendly facts and Chinese words, this photographic non-fiction book gives young kids a close-up look at the Great Wall, panda bears, city streets, and tasty food.




 Cultural Traditions in China

Cultural Traditions in China
Festivals are an integral part of Chinese culture. Kids are treated to a fascinating exploration of celebrations that take place across the country. They will learn about the many traditions, symbols, and historical context of every single detail in the parades and festivities.





 the young mooncake hero

The Young Mooncake Hero
A fascinating Chinese legend is shared with readers through enchanting illustrations. This is the story of a boy who is determined to restore the moon to its rightful place in the sky. A powerful monster has stolen the brilliant disc, and darkness has settled upon the people below. In an epic battle, the force of the monster overwhelms the young hunter, who is ultimately rescued by a surprising ally. Kids will cheer on the unlikely hero in his quest to restore the lightless sky to its original glory.



let's explore china

Let's Explore China
A colorful supplement to a child's collection about this fascinating country. Vivid photography draws kids into some of the most notable attractions, like the Great Wall, and takes them on an adventure through the busy streets of urban centers. Leveled text is perfect for blossoming readers who will also work on critical thinking skills with constructive questions on each of the pages.



 my first trip to china

My First Trip to China
Ying Ying invites readers along on her journey to China for the entire summer. Like lots of little kids who are nervous about leaving home, Ying Ying is feeling a mix of emotions from excitement to fear. Her mother's encouraging words give her the boost of confidence she needs to board the plane. When she arrives, the young girl is thrilled to meet her grandparents and other family members. She quickly becomes engaged in all the activities around her. This story is written in both Chinese and English, perfect for bilingual children.



grandma panda's china storybook

Grandma Panda's China Storybook
Visiting with Grandma Panda every summer is an adventure full of fun activities. This time Baobao and Lingling fly kites, learn Chinese calligraphy, and practice their Kung Fu skills. When the kids are exhausted from a busy day of playing, they settle in for story time when Grandma Panda tells them tales of her childhood, sprinkled with words in Chinese. Readers are treated to interesting legends and culture throughout.




dumplings for lili 

Dumplings for Lili
An award-winning story about a little girl who spends the afternoon making baos with her grandmother.Lili learns how to combine and knead the ingredients and while taking time to be thankful for the healthy food before her. When it comes time to line the basket with cabbage, Nai Nai sends Lili to another grandma's apartment in the building to fetch some. When she arrives, the woman hands her the cabbage but sends her to another floor to collect an item she needs for her recipe. From there, Lili is sent scurrying up and down the stairs and hallways delivering ingredients to a people from a variety of cultures.


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Why Reading Children Books About China is Valuable

China is an place with far reaching economic and cultural influences. This densely populated country, with more than 1.4 billion people, is the fourth largest in the world after Russia, Canada, and the United States. Readers will learn about Mount Everest, a peak in the Himalayan mountain range that is considered the tallest point on Earth. They will get to explore the Yangtze River, which is the longest in all of Asia, through amazing photographic spreads. These kids' books about China also invite readers onto the streets with parades of people dressed as dragons and lanterns hanging from above in celebration of the Chinese New Year. Adding a wide selection of Chinese picture books to a child's pile will pique an interest in learning even more Asia.




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