15 Delicious Kids' Books About Chocolate

chocolate fever

A chapter books for beginners about a little boy who has an insatiable craving. Henry has loved every bite he ever tasted, from bitter to sweet, and wants to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When his passion for chocolate develops into something serious, his doctor diagnosis him with the first case ever of chocolate fever.


girl eating chocolate


Children's Books About Characters Who Love Chocolate

Chocolate is a popular, universally enjoyed treat by people of all ages. Candy aisles in food stores are stocked with candy bars. Dessert menus at restaurants almost always have an option based on this yummy treat, like a rich piece of cake or a creamy glass of mousse. Also, make sure to add some ice cream stories to the bookshelf for kids who love treats. It is a best-selling ice cream flavor and a delicious choice for milkshakes.  Reading children's books about chocolate may not be as fun as eating this delicious food, but they offer up lots of funny stories about characters who can't get enough of it. And for real foodies, snag some  books about pizza with more delicious stories about the perfect dinner food before indulging in a sweet dessert.


chocolate cake pops


Chocolate Stories for Toddlers

Toddlers who taste chocolate for the first time are in for a special treat. Whether biting into a crunchy candy bar or licking a creamy,  ice cream cone, the experience is one they will enjoy immensely. Little ones with a sweet tooth will relate to the characters in books for toddlers about chocolate. These stories are about hoarding, hiding, sneaking, eating, and even sharing a piece of this delicious candy.


lilly's chocolate heart

A classic story by Kevin Henkes featuring Lilly, a feisty mouse with a zest for life. In this short and sweet story, little Lilly has a delicious chocolate heart that she is determined to save forever. Readers who waver between wanting to preserve a treat and desiring to gobble it down will get a kick out of Lilly's dilemma.



 love monster and the last chocolate

Love Monster returns home to find a box of chocolates on his doorstep. He knows the right thing to do is to share the treats with his friends. But Love Monster is afraid that if he passes around the box, there will be none left for him. Or even worse, his least favorite flavor will be the last one in the box.



 max's chocolate chicken

On Easter morning, Max spots a chocolate chicken that has been left for him in the birdbath. He cannot wait to bite into the delicious treat, but his big sister Ruby convinces him to wait. First they must go on an egg hunt, which turns out to be quite a disappointment for Max.



Picture Books With a Chocolate Theme

It's hard to read these books without experiencing a desire to gobble down a delicious piece of candy. Reading each of these stories is an entertaining experience behind the scenes at chocolate factories, through the rain forests where cocoa trees grow, and into the lives of the characters who love sweet treats. Kids' books about chocolate for kindergarten and up are fun to read, especially for little ones who really enjoy sweets.


curious george goes to a chocolate factory 

George and the man with the yellow hat visit a store that is part of the chocolate factory. There is so much delicious candy to explore and they even get to take a tour. Of course, George has a hard time sticking with the guide and ends up going on an adventure of his own. 



a chocolate moose for dinner

 A fantastic book with wordplay to entertain readers, young and old! The chocolate moose may not be the variety most expect at the dinner table. This is just one example of the funny puns interwoven throughout the story.



 no monkeys no chocolate 

For kids who want to learn how delicious chocolate is made, this book takes them on a journey into the tropical rain forests. Readers will learn about all the animals and insects that play a role in keeping cocoa trees alive and healthy. Without the trees, there would be no cocoa beans, which are the main ingredient found in every delicious morsel.



betty bunny loves chocolate cake


An adorable bunny discovers chocolate cake and decides there is nothing better in life. Her mother, who prioritizes healthy eating, has a hard time keeping Betty's new obsession under control. When the little bunny impulsively shoves a piece of  cake into her pocket as she heads out to school, her exasperated mother decides it is time to teach her offspring a lesson in patience.



 love like chocolate

A little boy welcomes his adopted sister into the family by introducing her to all the ways they enjoy chocolate together. All the good and bad times are commemorated with this treat, like on top of pancakes, syrup on sundaes, and chocolate chip cookies.





Sugary Tween Novels About Chocolate

Readers will get lost in the magical, mysterious, delectable world through storytelling that tempts the taste buds. Tween novels about chocolate feature characters who get lost in factories that make rich, delicious sweets. They include captivating stories about thieves who steal candy and kids who go to extreme measures to get ahold of the richest chocolate bars to satisfy their insatiable sweet tooth.

 charlie and the chocolate factory

A classic Roald Dahl chapter book that captures the magic and mystery of what really happens behind the walls of a chocolate factory. Five kids who find a golden ticket inside chocolate bars are granted access to the inner workings of the sweetest place on earth. This book is a real treat that for both the imagination and taste buds of kids who love chocolate. 



this book is not good for you

 A mystery of epic proportions unfolds in these pages about an evil dessert chef. The famous chocolatier has kidnapped a little girl's mother. Her friends come together to piece together clues and free the victim from her captor. This book is full of high-stakes chases and finger-licking moments. And the best part of all is the fantastic recipe for chocolate that is shared with readers who finish the story.



 the chocolate touch

An easy chapter book for beginners about boy, John Midas, who finds himself in a sickly sweet situation. This little boy has always loved chocolate. One day when he comes upon a mysterious gold coin, he uses it to purchase a box of treats from the local candy shop. After he finishes the last morsel, John's entire world is turned upside down. Everything he puts into his mouth turns into chocolate. What may seem like a dream to a kid with a sweet tooth soon turns in the wrong direction. A fast, fun read about the downside of eating too much of a good thing.



 turkey trot plot

Nancy and her friends have their sites set on winning a big chocolate turkey, which is the prize for winning the Turkey Trot race. They work hard to make their costumes in preparation for the race and are eager to show off their creations. But when the day arrives, the prized turkey goes missing and the curator at the confection shop blames the kids. It's up to Nancy her crime-solving friends to recover the turkey before it's too late.



 the candymakers and the great chocolate chase

This sequel to a best-selling book, The Candymakers, takes readers on an action-packed adventure involving four kids and a winning candy bar. The mystery begins on the conveyor belt at the Life is Sweet candy factory. Something is extremely wrong with this bar and a fifty-year-old secret is revealed, sending the kids on a quest to solves mysteries, find hidden treasures, and push themselves to new limits.

the whizz pop chocolate shop

A fascinating chapter book about twins who inherit a house from some distant relatives. When they enter the abandoned, boarded-up structure, the kids uncover a hidden world full of magic and mystery. The first floor of the home was a chocolate shop where treats with special powers were sold to anyone who dared to buy them. When villains threaten to steal the recipe for the magic chocolates, the kids are engaged in the fight of their lives to protect the family secret

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chocolate donut


Why Read Children's Chocolate Books

Characters are on sugar overload in this collection of children's books about chocolate. A delicious variety of treats are described and illustrated in mouth-watering detail across the pages of these whimsical books. These delicious morsels are sometimes even the main ingredient in meals, like sitting atop donuts or melted in a small pot for fondue.

 Most of these stories stretch the imagination of little ones who dream about a world in which sugar is part of everything. Other books tell tales of stolen treats that set in motion a series of exciting chases to recover the valuable sweets. Lots of these stories share common themes seen in children's books about cookies where characters have to learn to share treats with friends and family members who also love sweet treats.

For curious kids who want to learn about how chocolate is made, fictional books offer a glimpse into the rain forests full of that produce the cherished cocoa beans. And some of these books include recipes for desserts for kids to test out themselves. Be sure to read about pancakes to learn about all the ways chocolate turns this breakfast food into a delectable meal!




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