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38 Mindful Kids' Yoga Books

yoga bunny

A darling bunny understands all the benefits of yoga. It's time to set aside problems, practice poses, and breathe mindfully. One day he is on the lookout for some friends to join him, but no one is willing to do it. Lizard is exhausted, Fox has entirely too much to do, and Bird's hiccups won't go away. Will Bunny be able to convince his friends that yoga is the solution to their problems? An easy, sweet story that will teach your children that they can benefit, too!


Children's Books About Yoga Inspire Healthy Movement

Om shanti shanti shanti. Young children can benefit tremendously from mindful relaxation techniques. All kids experience some degree of stress in their lives, so it's a great idea to give them tools to handle whatever they need to process. These yoga picture books teach both the poses and principals of yoga. Readers will learn about proper exercise, breathing, relaxation, diet, nutrition, positive thinking, and meditation. Integrating this practice, even if for just a few minutes every day, will improve the mental and physical health of kids from an early age. Be sure to check out the best props for little ones  so that they have everything they need to start practicing.


kids yoga


Yoga Stories for Kindergarten and Up

Children who are full of pent-up energy need a physical outlet to release it all. This is especially true when little ones are making the adjustment to longer school days with fewer hours to play outdoors. Many times this excess energy can manifest into poor behavior in the classroom, at the dinner table, or any other place where they are required to sit still. Giving your kids some tools to manage their behavior and develop better self-control is essential in their development. Here are the best stories that walk them through meditation, stretches, and poses to help them on their journey.


goodnight yoga

Coax your child into peaceful slumber by introducing yoga into your bedtime routine. As the outside world settles in for a night of rest, children are guided through a series of soothing poses that will calm their bodies and minds. References to nature, like Cloud Gathering and Sun Breath, are incorporated into this gentle nighttime practice.



my first yoga abc

A colorful, sturdy board book that teaches toddlers the ABCs alongside poses. Each page has a bold, block letter of the alphabet with a corresponding pose, like airplane pose for A. Looking for a fun gift for little yogi

dinosaur yoga

 A group of dinosaurs work through their frustrations and sad feeling by practicing yoga. Triceratops, Pterodactyl, T-Rex and other dinosaurs bend, stretch and breathe through their series. Playfully illustrations in rich, bold colors keep the attention of even the youngest yogis. Kids will love the bonus glossary of dinosaurs and


unicorn yoga


A unicorn leads a yoga class of students eager to learn all the different poses. Kids will love learning this mind body exercise with the most mystical teacher ever. This simple, easy-to-follow story is packed with valuable information in the back. Here kids can read more in-depth material and how to incorporate the practice into their everyday lives.



yoga adventure

This musical yoga book includes a fun audio component that will get kids moving and singing. Readers will travel to all seven continents and learn various poses along the way. A diverse group of characters pose along with animals native to each place. In addition to a step-by-step guide, this helpful book also includes a world map and fun facts about all the animals that appear throughout.



the grateful giraffe

An award-winning children's yoga book with an emphasis on helping young ones communicate how they feel. Six children from various countries take readers on a journey around the world. With each stop, kids learn how to relate their emotions with animals. For instance, they meet up with a caring koala, a curious cat, and a cranky crocodile. Little readers also learn a variety of poses that will get them moving and in touch with their feelings.

Yoga For Kids: Simple First Steps in Yoga and Mindfulness

An extremely comprehensive guide for teaching kids how to safely practice more than fifty poses. This holistic book incorporates both the physical and mental aspects of the practice and includes plenty of tips and guidance. Kids will learn how to properly stretch and all about how each pose benefits them physically. The directions are easy enough to follow for children who want to do sessions independently.



zoo zen

This yoga picture book teaches kids a variety of poses during a trip to the zoo. A little girl named Lyla shows readers how to slither like a snake, hop like a frog, and roar like a lion. Before long, she has completed a series of ten different poses as they relate to all the animals. Written in bouncy rhyme, this fun story does a solid job introducing young children to this form of exercise.

yawning yoga

Written by a specialist for children, this is a highly recommended guide for young ones who are ready to learn all about the practice. Soothing poems walk children step-by-step through a variety of poses. The illustrations capture both the mental and physical essence of this practice. A thoughtful gift book that is both practical and beautiful, perfect for all budding yogis.



peppa loves yoga

Peppa and George are in for a big surprise! A special visitor, Miss Rabbit, is going to teach their playgroup. Together they learn and practice all their poses. And much to their parents' surprise, the children are very calm when they arrive to pick them up. This adorable yoga book for kids comes with trading cards with pictures of all the poses on each one.

Rachel's Day in the Garden: A Kids Yoga Spring Colors Book

This award-winning story follows a little girl as she explores nature in her garden. Rachel moves in rhythm with the springtime by buzzing like a bee, crawling like a caterpillar, and fluttering like a butterfly. She enjoys healthy movement as she discovers all the beautiful colors around her. This lovely book includes a guide of poses at the very end.


good morning yoga 

A positively wonderful way for young children to start their day is through healthy movement. This whimsical book for preschoolers takes them on an adventure that involves crossing bridges and jumping like a skier. The very last page is a beautiful spread of all the different movements for children to practice.

a friend for yoga bunny 

Yoga Bunny completely subscribes to all of the wonderful benefits of practicing. He begins each and every morning by working through a variety of poses. One day he spies a very nervous bear furtively watching him. When he learns that the bear is especially anxious about an upcoming birthday party, he invites him to join him the next day for a yoga session. Along with some other forest friends, the two practice breathing, meditation, and stretches. When the session is over, the bear is calm and ready to embrace the guests at his party. The last several pages include a series of exercises just right for little ones.

downward mule

A touching book about friendship for little readers. Sam is a mule who needs a boost of confidence. He sometimes feels unsure of himself mostly due to being teased by others. When he begins to practice yoga, Sam starts to feel a bit better about himself. After a short while, the other animals in the barn join in on the fun. Suddenly the not-so-cool mule is pretty interesting after all.  This book is a gentle reminder for children to find their calling and stay true to themselves.



let's make yoga magic

An enchanting yoga board book featuring 13 different poses. Kids will love the interactive elements, like turning wheels and pulling tabs, to make the sun rise and boat float over and under the little yogis. The illustrations are perfectly whimsical, colorful, and adorable.



bee calm the buzz on yoga 

Bentley the Bee buzzes busily around, not unlike many active kids with hectic schedules. One day he notices something curious happening in the garden. The bunny, bird, and other friends are moving through a series of unusual positions. Eager to learn more, Bentley joins these critters as they walk him through a variety of poses like Airplane, Cobra, Chair, and Mountain. Kids will love following along Bentley' yoga journey and may even practice the poses with him. This yoga introduction book for kids provides a visual guide and instruction material for parents and caregivers.



the abcs of yoga for kids

This charming instructional book features over 50 different poses. Each one represents a different letter of the alphabet. Catchy little poems on each page describe the movement and flow of the pose. The illustrations feature adorable children practicing in a variety of settings. This encouraging title promotes all of the health benefits like improved strength, flexibility, and coordination. Appropriate kids as young as toddlers to learn how to incorporate yoga into their daily lives.



you are a lion and other fun yoga poses

Yoga is an effective way for children to calm down, release stress, and ease anxious feelings. This imaginative book taps into the psyche of children by comparing  poses to a variety of animals. For instance, children are encouraged to roar like a lion, hiss like a snake, flutter like a butterfly, and more. The lyrical text is enhanced by whimsical illustrations of kids posing next to the animals they are mimicking. 


yoga tots calm bunny

A sturdy yoga book for toddlers shows various animals in poses. This darling story makes a fantastic first pose--by-pose guide for little ones ready to try it on their own. Whimsical pictures show animals going through a series, while simple text encourages little ones to wiggle like a snake and kneel like a bunny.



peaceful piggy yoga 

This cute little book introduces yoga as a practice that every person can enjoy. Movie stars, football players, ballerinas, and even moms and dads benefit from all the healthy stretches and movement. Darling piggies walk youngsters through a variety of poses in this charming picture book. The illustrations are soothing and silly all at once. Readers will realize that they, too, can do all the poses demonstrated by the pigs.



i am yoga

A little girl feels overwhelmed and very small in a big world. So she turns to yoga to lift her spirits. With each pose, she uses her imagination to morph into something else and travel to a faraway place. She turns into a camel in the desert, a boat sailing in the ocean, and an eagle flying high above the clouds. Her body strengthens along with her mind in this holistic selection.



strong as a mountain my first yoga book

Photographs of young children in a variety of stretches fill the pages of this sturdy board book. Some of them include Happy Baby pose, Tree pose, Cobra pose and more. Short, rhyming verse encourages toddlers to try all the poses and feel the strength of their bodies as they move through the series. A fantastic beginner yoga book for little ones.


the happiest tree

A little girl, Meena, learns an important lesson when she doesn't land a desired part in the school play. When Meena learns that she is going to be a tree, she struggles to handle her disappointment and wonders if she will even be able to stand still. Then one day when she is out and about with her aunt, she spots a yoga class in session. Intrigued by what she sees, Meena joins the group. She works on her mindfulness and along with her physical self-control. An inspirational story that teaches little some valuable ways yoga can help them cope.



llamaste and friends being kind through yoga

Quite an adorable little book for little yogis who want to practice along with some furry friends. Llama is a kind-hearted yoga instructor who walks each of her animals through poses. Each of them is struggling with a problem, so Llama shows them how yoga can help. Toddlers are encouraged to show empathy and get in touch with their own emotions in this cute story.



dinosaurs don't do yoga

 Rex is the leader of a rough and tough group of dinosaurs that spend most of their time feuding. This lifestyle suits these dinos just fine until one day a yogasaurus named Sam moves into town. Sam wears funny clothes, chants quite a bit, and prefers posing peacefully instead of fighting. An inspiring book for children about acceptance, friendship, and being true to yourself.



yoga and mindfulness practices for children

 An excellent resource for parents and teachers, this book was compiled by a renown mindfulness expert. A most comprehensive guide contains over 100 pages yoga coloring sheets, activities, instruction and other tools to handle stress. Each of five elements- Connect, Breathe, Focus, Relax, and Move- is emphasized throughout themes about both physical and mental wellbeing.


yummy yoga playful poses and tasty treats

Practicing yoga is a transformative, holistic experience. Maintaining a healthy diet is part of this lifestyle that emphasizes both physical strength and mental balance. In this creative yoga book by a professional nutritionist, photographs feature a diverse group of kids doing poses. Alongside them pictures of creatively arranged fruits and vegetables in the same exact positions. Underneath the gatefolds are delicious recipes incorporating all the nutrient-rich foods featured in the book.



Yoga for Little Kids: Simple Poses to Encourage Calm & Well-Being

This is perhaps one of the best, most useful guides for young children who want to learn a variety of yoga poses. Every page provides a kid-friendly description for getting into each position along with adorable illustrations. Kids will learn a variety of sequences, like transitioning from butterfly to caterpillar. They will also practice balance, mindfulness, and strength with each different pose. 


i yoga you

A wonderful way to express love for your children is by actively engaging in yoga together throughout the day! This cute board book features a parent and child incorporating movement into their daily routine, from sunrise to sunset. A sweet and simple rhyme coupled with pictures of little tots doing stretches will teach your child how to do these movements, too.



dino yoga

Four very colorful and remarkably flexible dinosaurs demonstrate a variety of yoga positions. The illustrations are accompanied by easy-to-understand instructions on foot and arm placement, how to arch and stretch, and breathing exercises. Along with each movement, readers are provided with helpful tips on handling stress, remaining calm, controlling emotions, and learning how to relax.



rocket ship yoga

Kids will blast off into an atmosphere of stretching, balancing, and posing in this exciting adventure. Luminescent pictures of stars, planets, and rocket ships capture the feel of an outer space adventure. Kids will learn how to control their mind, body, and emotions through the breathing exercises. The rocket ship theme adds a fun effect for little yogis with big imaginations. A top-seller in children's fitness and space book categories.



halloween yoga

There is no better time of year to introduce yoga than Halloween. With all the excitement in the air and sugar in abundance, little ones can benefit from some quiet meditation and purposeful stretching. In this darling story, a little mouse and cat work through all of their yoga poses while getting reading to go trick-or-treating. This may be the perfect way for your own children to settle in to a calmer Halloween experience themselves.

baby yoga


Why Read Yoga Books for Baby

Baby classes are popping up all over the place. Newborns as young as 3 months old can benefit both physically and psychologically from the touch and movement of taking a class with a caregiver. Through incorporating music and touch into the practice, babies develop a strong connection with the parent in a soothing, calming environment. This sensory experience is critical in the healthy, holistic development of the baby. You can mimic the experience of a class in the comfort of your own home, too! Here are some of excellent baby yoga books to supplement all of the movement and sensory stimulation you provide in your own little class.


yoga baby

Know a yogi who is pregnant or a brand new parent? Pair this board book with a baby onesie for a thoughtful baby gift. An adorable cherub mimics her mother as she practices all throughout the day. While practicing poses, the baby and her mama the connect with love and laughter.


my first yoga

An engaging board book for young toddlers ready to learn some yoga poses. The photographs feature a diverse group of young children demonstrating their moves. A variety of poses are covered, like downward dog, sleepy sloth, and cat stretch. This book is a good starting place for toddlers who want to learn this practice.



yoga bear simple poses for little ones

 A colorful board book for babies and toddlers ready to learn some healthy movement. A little boy works through a series alongside his friends Bear, Crocodile, Sloth, Monkey and Tiger. Consider giving this cheerful yoga book along with a little mat for a budding yogi's birthday or other special occasion!



baby loves yoga

A fantastic introduction to basic poses perfect for toddlers. Each page features a letter of the alphabet and corresponding pose. For example,  C is for Cat Pose and D is for Downward Dog. The illustrations show sweet little kids demonstrating each of them in various outdoor places.



yoga bug

A darling little book that encourage babies to flutter like butterflies, wiggle like beetles, and twist like grasshoppers. Tiny tots practicing mindfulness and moving their bodies like bugs is just the right way to show your own readers how its done.

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mom and kids yoga


Reading to Kids About Yoga Has Lifetime Benefits

Yoga is a skill that young children can hone and fine tune for the rest of their lives. It is a holistic practice that encompasses mind, spirit, and body with  benefits that carry over into every facet of a person's existence. For toddlers, the practice may focus on some very fundamental and basic concepts, like balance and quiet time.

As soon as preschoolers are able to follow simple instructions, they are ready. Even young tiny tots can benefit from improving their coordination, strength, flexibility and aerobic capacity. If you set just a few minutes aside each day to practice with your child, you can enjoy the added benefit of spending quality time together. Reading is a wonderful way to introduce the basic poses and get little kids motivated to start practicing themselves! Add in a few breathing exercises and some moments for meditation to enhance the entire experience.

As children mature, their practice grows right along with them. Body awareness, breathing, and mindfulness are introduced in a deeper manner. Inevitably, new stressors enter a child's life, like a fight with a friend or a challenging homework assignment. In fact, incorporating regular stretching and breathing exercises into daily life can mitigate childhood sadness and depression. Yoga is the perfect therapy to help children channel their worries and anxiety into productive movement. Giving children this tool at an early age will provide enormous returns for years to come.


mother daughter yoga


But, unlike a dose of medicine that can provide a quick fix, yoga needs to become part of a child's lifestyle in order to reap the rewards. In addition to the benefits of strength and conditioning, certain positions can help alleviate childhood asthma symptoms by opening the chest and encouraging deep breathing. Ideally, kids should practice  multiple times a week, if not daily. This may sound like a daunting task for children with busy schedules, but in reality it can be worked into a routine that does not consume much time or space. A mat, some soothing music, and some guided movement by a parent or caregiver is all that is required.


baby yoga


One of the best ways to incorporate this routine at home is by reading books about movement and meditation. These stories reinforce all the good things about stretching, breathing, and meditation. They even address the ways this type of exercise can help childhood diabetes by lowering both blood pressure and blood sugar levels while also improving circulation. Kids will love learning about how these characters work through conflict, get healthy, release stress, and feel good all through a series of yoga positions. In fact, many of these books actually serve as guides with actual poses that kids can follow as they read along. Readers will learn all the ways this healthy exercise Soon enough, kids will be able to practice on their own and will become master yogis in the near future.


boy doing yoga


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