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9 Fascinating Facts About Bubblegum

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Fun Bubble Gum Facts for Kids

This gooey candy comes in so many yummy flavors, like grape and green apple. In fact, bubble gum is a flavor itself that has made its way into ice cream and toothpaste. And this popular, chewy candy is so fun that it is the subject of several kids' books about bubble gumMost people don't think much about grabbing a pack while checking out at a store, other than what brand or flavor to choose. But there are some pretty interesting tidbits and  history that will get you thinking next time you are chomping away. 



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  • People chew a whopping 100,000 tons of bubble gum around the world every single year! 
  • Chewing gum can help you lose weight.  Doing so burns 11 calories per hour!
  • Ever notice that you swallow a lot more when chewing gum? That's because your salivary glands produce 250% more saliva when munching on some bubble gum.
  • The very first commercial bubblegum was invented in 1928 and was aptly named Double Bubble. Walter Diemer's creation was quite by accident when he made a batch of chewing gum that was a bit less sticky and could be blown into bubbles.
  • North Americans spend nearly half a billion dollars every year on bubble gum.
  • The largest bubble recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records was 23 inches in diameter!
  • Curious minds will find it interesting that polymers (multiples of simple chemical units) in the gum base convert a piece of gum into a flexible filmy substance when chewed. This is the reason why bubbles can be blown.
  • Bubblegum can help with dental health. Chewing increases the production of saliva, which in turn gets rid of food particles and neutralizes acids. Be sure to go with the sugar-free variety if the goal is to protect your teeth!
  • Environmentalists do not like bubblegum. The synthetic polymers are not biodegradable so once it is discarded, gum stays around for a very long time. Estimates indicate that it can take anywhere from 5-1000 years for gum to decompose.


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bubble gum



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