5 Funny Facts About Pickles

For curious kids who want to learn a little more about their favorite, salty treat, reading children's books all about pickles is a good way to expand their knowledge. These stories are mostly silly fictional accounts of pickles with big personalities who find themselves in, well, "in a pickle" from time to time. There is really a lot more to learn about the green, crunchy veggie than what you might think. Here are some intriguing trivia that will boggle little minds!



Fascinating Pickle Trivia for Kids

Americans eat a lot of pickles.
Apparently people like their pickles more than most would realize. According to the Department of Agriculture, Americans consume just over 8 pounds of pickles per person every single year!



Dill pickles are the most popular.
Americans have made it clear that they prefer salty over sugary cucumbers. Dill pickles are twice as popular and outsell sweet pickles across the country.


There is a pickle capital.
There seems to be a capital of everything these days, though even you may be surprised to find out that pickles have one, too! Pickle Packers International dubbed St. Charles, Illinois the pickle capital of the world. In the 1800s, this town was responsible for promoting pickle consumption, however, it wasn't until 1978 that the title was put in writing by the Illinois General Assembly.

pickle jar

There is a Christmas pickle capital.
Not to be outdone, Berrien Springs, Michigan declared itself the Christmas Pickle Capital. The Grand Dillmeister leads a big parage through town in December. Instead of tossing out candy, marchers in the parade toss fresh pickles to all the locals who have come to watch this pickle-themed celebration.


Sailors survived on pickles.
American citizens likely have pickles to thank for the discovery of this beautiful country. Of the many hurdles Christopher Columbus had to overcome, keeping his sailors healthy and free of scurvy was toward the top of this list. His strategy, which was apparently pretty effective, was to feed pickles to his crew. He even went so far as to grow cucumbers during a stop in Haiti in order to keep his sailors strong for the rest of the journey.




Silly Gifts for People Who Love Pickles

For all kids who enjoy pickles, we've pulled together some of the silliest, strangest, mouth-watering trinkets. Although these funny toys and accessories are not edible, they will sure bring a smile to anyone who enjoys a juicy, crunchy, salty pickle alone or on a yummy sandwich. 


plush pickle
Stuffed Plush Pickle
Super soft and just the right size for little arms to squeeze. This pickle stuffed toy is 12 inches tall, can be tossed in the washing machine, and always starts the day with a big, happy smile! Just the perfectly, quirky gift for any child who has a fondness of this tastier version of a cucumber. 


 pickle stickers


Pack of Pickle Stickers

Realistic pickle stickers on high-quality adhesive strips. Kids will love decorating notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and even their bedroom walls with these fun pictures of pickles. Grab a pack and tuck inside a picture books about pickles for a salty surprise!



pickle pouch 

Just a Girl Who Loves Pickles Pouch

The perfect little zipped pouch for girls who love pickles! This fun bag can be used as a pencil pouch, a travel pouch for cosmetic items, or a place to keep special keepsakes safe. Fill this cute pickle purse with some treats, a small piece of jewelry, lip gloss or yummy, little bottles of body wash for a thoughtful gift idea.



pickle bandages 

Pickle Bandages

 Boo boos will feel much better after a pickle bandage is applied. Each container includes 15 adhesive, non-latex strips with sterile gauze. Kids will also love the little surprise at the bottom of the little metal tin. 


pickle blanket


Soft Pickle Blanket for Girls

Little girls will love snuggling up with this large, microfiber blanket while munching on a bowl full of pickles! It comes in a variety of sizes and is machine washable. Plus it looks great tossed over a chair or across the bed of anyone with a fondness for this salty snack.


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