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25 Vibrant Children's Books about New York City


This Is New York

 An amazingly stylish book that covers some of the most important landmarks in New York City. The Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Times Square, and many other attractions are presented in this classic book. Readers will learn some interesting history along their journey. For instance, the city was bought by a Dutchman for $24 worth of goods from a Native American in 1626.




new york city

A Picture Book Tour of New York City for Kids

Whisk your kids off to the city that doesn't sleep from the comfort of your home! The best children's books about New York City capture the history, energy, hustle and bustle of this special place. Many of these books are non-fiction accounts of important events and developments that are important part of the city today. Some are fun, entertaining stories about what life is like in the Big Apple from the perspective of a child. If you are planning a trip with your family, snap up some of these fantastic books to read ahead of time. Whether your trip is a whirlwind through the city hitting all the famous landmarks, or taking in a Broadway show or performance by the ballet, reading about the city ahead of time is a fantastic way to prepare.


new york city 

Introduce Toddlers to the Big Apple

Give toddlers a tour of melting pot of America by adding some of these sturdy board books to their collection. Lift the flaps to discover all the hidden gems the city that doesn't sleep has to offer. Examine the bold pictures to learn more about the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, food carts, taxi drivers, and the theaters the line the streets. We've put together the best books for preschool about New York City that will bring lots of excitement to your next story time.


Good Night New York City

A sweet bedtime book for kids enamored with the city that doesn't sleep. Little readers will enjoy learning about important sites, like the Statue of Liberty and world famous museums. They will also explore everyday activities like construction workers building skyscrapers or people enjoying a picnic in Central Park. This is a good introduction to New York for toddlers and preschoolers who are getting ready for their first visit. 



 Go, New York, Go!

Go, New York, Go!

A board book for babies about all the exciting sounds in New York City. The focus of this exciting book is on all the things-that-go in the city that never stops moving. From the loud sirens of fire engines racing down the streets to the roar of motor boats in the Hudson, this action-packed book is fun to read out loud. Kids will be fascinated by the abundance of strollers in the park, bike riders zipping around cars, and motor cycles revving their engines. Just about every mode of transportation is present in the Big Apple.



 New York: A Book of Colors

This city comes alive in this book the covers every color in the rainbow. Preschoolers will have fun identifying yellow taxis on the street, blue lights on the billboards in Times Square, and the lovely, green Statue of Liberty. As each page is turned, a new color is introduced with simple text, color cues, and a vibrant picture of the bustling city.




 Hello, New York!

A substantial board book with pages that unfold into a magnificent cityscape. Clever die cuts encourage kids to peak into windows, underneath famous bridges, and through other important landmarks. This artfully crafted book makes an eye-catching display on the bookshelf in a preschooler's bedroom, bringing a touch of the city inside to admire.



 123 New York

A very cool counting book about all the interesting objects, buildings, and famous landmarks in New York City. Bold colors add visual appeal to the graphic pictures of zipping taxi cabs,  speeding subway cars, steaming stacks of delicious hot dogs. Learning how to count to 10 has never been so much fun.



 New York Is . . . 

 A highly-stylized, captivating book for toddlers all about the Big Apple. The culture is brilliantly captured in short rhymes and vibrant pictures of life on the New York City street. The author delivers more of a neighborhood feel by featuring small corner stores, foods like bagels and lox, and other cultural aspects of the city.


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Read to Kids About the City That Doesn't Sleep

There are almost too many amazing stories to pick just a few to feature. Some authors focus on an important moment in history and tell a story about how this event shaped the city forever. Other books give kids a quick tour of the city by introducing the major landmarks, local foods, glimpses of skyscrapers, and honking taxi cabs. And still other titles are more artistic in nature, with popups of buildings and beautiful renderings of bridges and skylines. The best way to give your child a well-rounded introduction is by reading a diverse selection of kids' books about New York City.


 Kids Pop-up New York

An artsy 3-D experience gives children a chance to explore several of the most popular New York City landmarks. The Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, a yellow cab and a hog dog cart are all recreated in a fun pop-up book that makes for a fun novelty gift.



Balloons Over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade 

Almost everyone is familiar with the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, but not so many know the story behind the famous street display. This non-fiction book introduces reader to Tony Sarg, the brilliant puppeteer and brains behind the helium-filled balloons that fly high over Broadway in November. An award-winning book with collage illustrations that capture the whimsy and fantasy that transforms the city into a giant festival every Thanksgiving Day.



 Eloise, a spunky, precocious six year old, offers a sneak peak into her life at The Plaza Hotel in New York City.  This privileged little girl rubs shoulders with all the rich and fancy people who also call The Plaza home. She offers humorous and insightful perspective on all the excitement happening inside the landmark establishment. Next time you take your kids to NYC, be sure to stop in at The Plaza for tea and talk about everything Eloise shared about her exciting home.


Sky Boys: How They Built the Empire State Building 

An intriguing historical fiction picture book about the construction of the Empire State Building. Back in 1931, a crew of brave and skilled workers laid one brick at a time until this incredible architectural feat was completed. At the very end, a little boy climbs to the top and gives readers a birds-eye view of New York City. 



Tar Beach

A stunning, best-selling, award-winning book about a little girl with big dreams. Cassie longs to be able to travel without restriction. One hot night, when she is gazing at the stars from Tar Beach, a nickname for the rooftop of her Harlem apartment building, her wishes come true. She is lifted into the sky where she explores the city and all its buildings from the dark, night sky.



 Little Elliot, Big City

 Elliot is a darling little elephant who is doing his best to navigate life in New York City. It's easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge crowds and large buildings, but somehow this cute elephant carves out a quiet life for himself. He encounters his fair share of challenges. But Elliot learns that with the help of a friend, he can overcome anything.



Nelly Takes New York: A Little Girl's Adventures in the Big Apple

This little girl, who lives in New York City, has grown up with all the noisy honking of cars, delicious aromas from food trucks, and loud rumbling of the subway. But one day she realized that there is so much more to explore. So she grabs her dog and heads out for a day of discovery beyond the daily sites and sounds outside her door. 



 A Walk in New York 

A boy and his father make their way all around the city. Kids will learn all about the spots they visit in New York, including Greenwich Village, the Empire State Building and Central Park. Sweeping, detailed illustrations fill the pages of this trivia-packed book. The back of the book is chock full of information for kids who want a more in-depth look at this thriving metropolis.



Although the setting is reminiscent of New York, this story could really take place in any city around the world. On one hot summer night, the power goes out and all the people emerge from their apartments onto the rooftops and streets below. In a most magical evening, people connect through conversation without the distraction of cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices. Told from the perspective of a little boy, he especially enjoys playing board games with his family. Stunning cityscapes grace the pages of this thought-provoking picture book.



 New York, New York!: The Big Apple from A to Z

One of the best gift books about New York City for kids of all ages. Lively illustrations capture the spirit and energy of this diverse city. All of the important landmarks and sites are highlighted in this alphabet book for children who want to learn all about the Big Apple.  Planning a trip to the city someday soon? You and your children can decide which attractions are on your must-see list just by exploring this picture guide book.


Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing

In 1883, construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was finally complete. It took 14 excrutiatingly long years to finally connect Brooklyn and New York City. The people were incredibly excited about the bridge but understandably worried about its integrity and ability to withstand a lot of weight. P.T. Barnum, an opportunistic businessman, seized the moment and led all his elephants across the bridge. The people followed suit and were led directly to the Big Top! Beautiful pictures and sparse text convey the energy and excitement of this day.


There Are No Sheep in New York City

 A really cute book expertly written by a little boy who connects well with his readers! From the perspective of a child, kids will learn all the ins and outs of NYC, including the fact that sheep do in fact live in the city.


The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

This incredible book has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Caldecott Medal, for effectively capturing the story of a famous French aerialist. In 1974, Philippe Petit fastened a tightrope between the World Trade Center towers. For close to an hour, he proceeded to dance and perform tricks high in the sky. This picture book captures the intrigue of this momentous event that took place in NYC before the towers fell.


My First Book of New York

There is so much detail to explore in this colorful, graphically illustrated tour of the city. Kids will love pouring over all the rich details that effectively convey the diverse and fascinating culture of this city. Take a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge, enjoy a delicious slice of pizza, and watch people in Chinatown playing mah-jongg. This is not a story about New York; rather, it is a pictorial with snippets of information to be absorbed in preparation for a trip to the Big Apple. 


Lisa in New York

Lisa learns a valuable lesson during a trip to the big apple. She spends the day touring with her uncle. They see the Statue of Liberty, take a stroll through Central Park, and cross the Brooklyn Bridge. When they make their way to Times Square, Lisa gets distracted shopping for trinkets and loses site of her uncle. Fortunately, she her street smarts to find him again. This book for preschoolers is a good way to open a conversation about staying safe in the city.  



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For Tweens Who Love New York

Whether your tween is a reluctant reader or a bookworm, you will find chapter books for tweens about New York City that will keep them flipping pages until the very end. These titles include themes like romance, action-thriller, family, drama, peer pressure, and mystery all based in the heart of New York. The characters are either seasoned city dwellers or transplants learning the ways of the streets. Like many teens, they are dealing with normal adolescent issues in coming-of-age tales that will appeal to a wide audience. The best part of all, these stories all take place in a city that is often called the melting pot of America. 


The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street

A group of five resourceful siblings are faced with a challenge no kids should ever have to face. The only home they have ever known is their beloved Harlem brownstone, but their landlord has decided to sell the place. To make matters worse, Christmas is right around the corner. Unwilling to accept the fact that the lease will not be renewed, the brothers and sisters formulate a plan to get the landlord to change his mind. A New York Times bestseller and popular favorite amongst middle grade readers.



 Ground Zero

 A best-selling novel that expertly intertwines the stories of two teenagers whose lives are forever impacted by violent acts of war. On September 11, Brandon goes to work with his father where he witnesses the most devastating destruction and loss of life imaginable. Eighteen years later, a girl in war-torn Afghanistan, Reshima, saves the life of an American soldier and puts her entire town at risk. Both characters put their lives at risk as they work to save others from perilous surroundings. Raw details paint a picture of the tragedy in both countries without sugarcoating the horrendous events that unfolded. Readers are given a heart-wrenching history lesson with some bright spots about humankind working together to save the lives of others.



 The Tapper Twins Tear Up New York 

An epic scavenger hunt takes place throughout New York City. The grand prize? The best seats, front and center, at Madison Square Garden. This contest, set up as a charity event by Claudia, brings out the competitive spirit of all the students at school. The biggest rivalry, of course, exists between the Tapper twins' teams that go head-to-head in the race to finish first. A funny story, punctuated by text messages and screen shots, definitely is on point with tween readers who will read this one multiple times.


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Explore Life in the Big City Through Reading

"Start spreading the news, I'm leaving today." And so the rest of the lyrics to the classic Frank Sinatra song paint a picture of an exciting city that offers endless opportunities and  entertainment. These pictures books for children about New York City gives them a chance to experience this urban playground from the comfort of their bedrooms. This collection of  books contains mixed media illustrations, realistic artwork, and cartoonish depictions of life in New York City. Kids will spend hours pouring over the detailed pictures that complement the interesting stories and historical events that helped shape this magical place.


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