When does the subscription begin after the order is placed?

The first Lollipop Book typically ships within five days after the order is received and processed.


Can I delay the start date of the subscription?

Absolutely! After you add a subscription to your cart and reach the check out page, there is a field where you can input your request. If you would like to delay the subscription, just let us know when you would like it to begin.


Can I swap books from a particular subscription?

While we do not support book returns, we will gladly work with you to modify a subscription. For example, if there is a particular book that you would like to replace with another title, we will honor your request as long as that book has not yet shipped. 


There are specific books I want to send that are not on the website. Can I add these titles to my gift?

The short answer is yes! We love to help our customers create highly personalized book-giving experiences. If you have specific titles in mind, we would love to help you include them in the subscription. Just fill out the Contact Us form with your request and we will get working to help you build the perfect gift.


How will the recipient know the length of the subscription?

A card is included in the first book with information about the gift, including the terms of the subscription.


Can I make changes to the book selections after the subscription is ordered?

We will happily assist you swap out any books that have not yet been shipped. Please submit your request through the Contact Us form.


Do subscriptions automatically renew?

No, we never renew subscriptions or charge your card after you place your initial order. We will alert you when the subscription has ended. If you would like to continue the service, you may place another order on the website.


Can I cancel the subscription before it is over?

No, we do not allow cancelations due to the highly customized service we provide. We will, however, work with you to tweak the book selections if reading preferences change.


Can siblings share a subscription?

Absolutely! Just remember to add extra lollipops.


Are there any options instead of lollipops?

Yes. You can choose to add stickers in lieu of lollipops. Each book will come with four 2"-3" stickers that can be used to decorate the inside covers of the books, water bottles, laptops, or any other object.


What if the child already has a book in the subscription?

While we cannot support returns or exchanges, we will gladly work with you before the books are sent. For example, if you would like to swap out a particular book, just send submit your request using the Contact Us form. 


Does The Lollipop Book Club ship to Canada?

No, we only ship within the United States.