20 Sweet Kids' Books About Cookies

the smart cookie

A sad little cookie has a case of low self-esteem she acquired by comparing herself to the other sugary treats in the bakery. Compared to the clever and brilliant muffins, cupcakes, and sweet rolls, the cookie believes she comes up short. After a valuable experience teaches her a lesson, the cookie realizes that there are many different ways to measure intelligence. A helpful book for kids who need to be reminded that their worth and contributions are not measured by test scores.




Delicious Children's Cookie Books

Children's books provide so many opportunities to share lessons through creative storytelling. The funniest tales involve sweet treats who come to life, like in The Gingerbread Man, often engaging in long chases and hiding from everyone and anyone who wants to take a bite. Kids often don't even realize they are learning something really important when the message is expertly conveyed through he eyes of unlikely characters, like animals who love dessert! Throughout these stories, characters learn to share with their friends, enjoy cookies with milk or perhaps some ice cream, practice counting, and make special memories enjoying a plateful of cookies with others. Kids' books about cookies offer a variety of funny tales with illustrations of the most delicious sweets that pop off the pages.




Stories About Characters Who Love Cookies

The characters in these silly stories sneak cookies from the jar, eat a few too many, and get into a little bit of trouble when their love for cookies takes over. There are inspirational books about kids who have started businesses, recipe books for kids who want to bake, and lots of fun entertainment about characters who have an insatiable appetite for baked goods. After reading these children's books about cookies, gather together all the required ingredients and get baking with your kids who love cookies.


who took the cookies from the cookie jar

A fun spin on the classic chant about cookies that have gone missing from the jar. An interesting spin takes little readers on an adventure to the southwest where they meet a whole host of critters wondering who took the cookies. Skunk is determined to find the culprit, so he sets out on a journey to find Raven, Mouse, Beaver, Frog, and a whole host of other creatures to find the guilty one.



mr cookie baker

Toddlers will love to follow Mr. Cookie Baker as he makes a batch of his delicious cookies from scratch. Each step of the process is laid out in simple terms and accompanied by large, bold pictures of the ingredients and kitchen utensils. The last page features the final product- a large, delicious, fresh-baked treat! 



 may i please have a cookie

A cute story for kids who will learn a good lesson about manners. Like lots of little ones, Alfie likes cookies a lot. His mother has filled the cookie jar with a fresh batch and Alfie can't wait to taste a few. The hungry alligator makes a few failed attempts to get his hands on the baked treats. It's not until he uses his manners that Alfie finally gets what he wants.



the duckling gets a cookie

Another funny book for Mo Willems fans about a duckling who snags a cookie just for asking. Pigeon is not at all happy about this situation. Through a series of illustrations, the story plays out marked by exaggerated expressions and a few choice words. Toddlers will definitely relate.



how do dinosaurs eat cookies

A delicious contribution to the best-selling "How Do Dinosaurs?" series perfect for kids who love cookies. The young dinosaurs have just finished eating dinner and they can't wait to dig into dessert. The pages are filled with images of cookies with scratch-and-sniff scents like chocolate chip, cinnamon, lemon, and strawberry. The book also includes a couple of fun recipes to try. 


cookies an interactive recipe book 

Teach toddlers how to make cookies without making a big mess. This fun cookie book walks little ones through all the steps from gathering the ingredients, mixing, sifting, baking, and finally enjoying a warm, delicious cookie right from the oven. Interactive features, like pulling tabs and spinning wheels, simulate the real tasks of combining and whisking together the sugar, flour, eggs, and other items to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie.



 the best mouse cookie

The little rodent, made famous in the popular "If You Give a Mouse..." books series, is back in this board book about cookies for babies. He tests out his skills as a baker by making his favorite chocolate chip recipe. With just a few simple words on each page, this book is just right for babies and toddlers. 



 cookies for elmo

Cookie Monster and Elmo deliver a valuable lesson about the importance of sharing, even under the most difficult circumstances. Cookie Monster is determined to bake some delicious treats for Elmo, but despite his best intentions, he gobbles them down as fast as they come out of the oven. Toddlers will laugh at this predicament and encourage Cookie Monster to save some cookies for Elmo.




the cow loves cookies

ll the animals on the farm have regular diets of grain, oats, grass, and slop. The pigs, chickens, and goats happily gobble up the food placed before them each morning. The cow, however, has a very special appetite for cookies that the farmer gladly accommodates. A fun, simple story for kids who wish their own parents would replace regular food with cookies every once in a while!



if you give a mouse a cookie

A circular story that will feel all too familiar to parents of highly active, somewhat impatient kids. A never-satisfied mouse requests a cookie which only leads to more and more demands. After a long and exhausting day jumping from one thing to the next, the endearing mouse finally settles down with the one thing that started it all- a cookie. 



 a big mooncake for little star

A gorgeously rendered picture book that covers that intertwines the phases of the moon and a little girl's love for mooncake cookies. Little Star and her mother bake a big mooncake and place it in the sky with strict instructions not to eat it. Unable to resist the temptation to take a few nibbles, Little Star eventually reduces the mooncake to just a few crumbs. Original and mesmerizing story with valuable STEM elements for young readers.



the doorbell rang

The best way to fill a house with friends and family by baking a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookie. Ma has been busy in the kitchen baking all day. One by one, guests ring the doorbell as the sweet aroma of homemade cookies drifts out into the street. Math concepts are introduced to readers as they count down the dwindling plate of cookies. 


 henry helps make cookies

There is no better way to spend a rainy day than baking cookies. Henry is eager to join his mother in the kitchen as they measure, stir, mix and whisk together all the ingredients. After all the hard work, Henry is rewarded with a delicious homemade cookie.


 heidi heckelbeck and the cookie contest

Heidi is determined to win the cookie contest at her elementary school. When a schoolmate makes a negative comment about her chocolate chunk cookies, Heidi becomes even more motivated to rise to the top. With a few tweaks to her recipe and a little magic, she's convinced she will take first place. 



american girl cookies

More than 60 mouth-watering recipes for cookies fill the pages of this beautiful, hardcover picture book. Fans of American Girl will love to try out all the delicious treats, like snickerdoodles and chocolate sweetheart sandwiches. The recipes are easy to follow for kids just getting started on their baking journey.   



super good cookies for kids

The ultimate cookbook for kids who love to bake cookies. This book by celebrity chef Duff Goldman is chock full of kid-friendly cookie recipes. Young bakers will test their skills by following recipes that extend beyond typical chocolate chip and sugar cookie recipes. Lots of fun cookie decorating tips and all sorts of cookie trivia add an entertaining twist. 



 milk and cookies

A classic story about a little bear who has a case of the nighttime jitters. He is spending the night at his grandparents' house when he hears a scary sound coming from the dark, scary cellar. The bear's imagination goes wild and he's convinced a dragon has come to gobble down his cookies. An endearing, simple story that will provide comfort to kids who love milk and cookies.


 cookie queen

Kathleen King may not be a household name, but the company that grew from her perfection the chocolate chip cookie is highly recognized. This is the true story of a girl who constantly experimented with ingredients until she was finally satisfies with the crispy, crunchy cookie that has gained huge popularity. Tate's Bake Shop, which originated in Long Island, now helps stock the shelves of grocery stores all over the world.




 the cookie fiasco

A humorous look at some animals who are trying to solve a complicated problem. There are only three cookies for four hungry friends to share. Three nervous critters try to quickly resolve this issue before one big hungry hippo crushes their precious cookies to bits. Expressive picture punctuated with sparse, frantic words convey the desperation of this bunch.


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Story Time Has Never Been Sweeter

The pictures of  colorful, sugary cookies are enough to keep the attention of young readers. Talented illustrators create appealing images of cookies that are so tempting that kids will definitely want to take a trip to the bakery after reading these stories. The best part of all is that there are incredibly valuable life lessons woven throughout.  As a universally enjoyed snack, there are so many interesting cookie facts that are fun to read about in these stories. In addition, kids will learn about the importance of self-discipline, generosity, and moderation. But most important of all, they will relish in the sweet pleasure of a fresh baked, chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk.




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