20 Yummy Kids' Books About Ice Cream

20 Yummy Kids' Books About Ice Cream

The Nice Dream Truck 

A magical book about an ice cream truck that delivers the sweetest of dreams. Just like the wide variety of ice cream flavors available for every palate, this whimsical truck offers young children an endless array of dream themes from which to choose. A wonderful ice cream bedtime story that is sure to coax young ones into the best dreams of their little lives.



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 Children's Books about Ice Cream

Ice cream is a universally popular dessert enjoyed for its creamy, cold qualities and myriad of flavors. Some prefer basic chocolate and vanilla, while others prefer more unusual varieties like marzipan maraschino cherry or toasted coconut chocolate chip. Just like the stories told children's donut books and other sugar-themed tales, characters go to extreme lengths to eat delicious ice cream treats.

Whether served elegantly in a silver bowl or in waffle cone topped with sprinkles, ice cream is equally enjoyed in fancy restaurants and boardwalks at the beach. Little ones who love ice cream will also love reading the best kids' books about chocolate that capture the essence of this delicious candy.

Now you can read all sorts of fictional children's books about ice cream along with some non-fiction titles that teach children about the history of this tasty treat. After you are done reading about this sweet treat, grab some children's books about pizza for more mouth-watering stories.


Ice Cream Summer

 An ice-cream loving little boy writes a letter to his grandfather about his summer. Joe shares all the fun activities he is doing as well as the intersting things he is learning. Every single time he shares something, his comment always circles back to ice cream. Both informative and humorous, this color palette of this book looks like an ice cream parlor. Kids will especially enjoy finding all the creative ways ice cream cone illustrations are incorporated throughout.

Ice Cream: The Full Scoop

A highly entertaining, non-fiction book about ice cream and its evolution into the treat we enjoy today. Did you know that the original ice cream recipe consisted of snow, milk and rice? Kids will love reading all the fascinating ice cream history, including the development of the first crank and waffle cone. An easy-to-understand ice cream book for kids who will appreciate just how far their favorite dessert has come.


Curious George and the Ice Cream Surprise

The tinkling sound from the ice cream truck is music to the ears of children every summer. Curious George particularly enjoys his ice cream! On one hot summer day, this endearing monkey goes swimming, drinks a tall glass of lemonade, and frolics in a sprinkler. Yet he is still hot! When he hears the magical music in the distance, Curious George is determined to chase down the truck and score a treat that will cool him off once and for all.




Milk to Ice Cream

Engaging photography captures the entire process of making ice cream, starting with the milk that comes from farms. Each picture is accompanied with a few easy-to-understand sentences that explain each step in the process. Lots of fascinating facts add to the fun of this non-fiction book about ice cream.


Curious About Ice Cream

For anyone with a genuine curiosity about all things ice cream, this novelty book is a fun treat! Packed with facts about its history, popularity and consumption, this colorful book is mouthwatering good 



Gorilla Loves Vanilla

A silly book about a group of animal friends who have quite unusual taste in ice cream. Each has a favorite flavor, like fish finger, stinky blue cheese, and dandelion to name a few. When they head into their favorite ice cream shop, every animal is pleased to find their unique ice cream flavors. The only animal, gorilla, experiences disappointment that they do not have vanilla.


Splat the Cat: I Scream for Ice Cream

Splat the Cat can hardly contain his excitement. While riding on the bus for a class trip to the ice cream factory, Splat imagines all the sweet, creamy ice cream he will soon be eating. His wishes come true when he gets to enjoy a super tall ice cream cone. But what happens when one or two scoops too many threatens to topple the whole thing? A beginner reader book just right for kids who love ice cream.




Wemberly's Ice-Cream Star

Wemberly is pretty darn excited about her ice cream treat. The first problem is that the day is hot and the star is going to start melting. The second problem is that she doesn't know how to share the ice cream with her stuffed bunny. In true Wemberly style, she finds a creative solution that solves both problems! Another winner by esteemed children's book author, Kevin Henkes.




The Little Ice Cream Truck

 A darling little book about a child who hops aboard an ice cream truck for a ride around town. This busy truck with its catchy music zips all over delivering ice cream treats to kids at a birthday party and at the zoo. This fun ice cream book book, with diverse characters, colorful pictures, and simple text, is just right for toddlers and preschoolers.



The Ice Cream Vanishes

Every kid has experienced an ice cream cone melting faster than it can be licked. But for some silly animals, this very event looks like magic. A little squirrel leaves some ice cream in the hot sun, returning later to find it has disappeared.  He and his friend bear are so excited by this vanishing act that they follow and ice cream truck all around and repeat this trick for all their friends to see.




The Ice Cream King

 This whimsical journey into an ice cream kingdom is a dream come true for anyone with a sweet tooth. One hot summer day, a little boy innocently stumbles into an ice cream parlor. What he discovers is a place overflowing with vanilla fudge fountains, rivers made of ice cream, and volcanos erupting with creamy treats. He happily indulges in unlimited cold, delicious ice cream but finds that something very important is missing. A playfully illustrated children's book about ice cream and the joy it brings when shared between friends.



I'm Your Ice Cream Truck

A novelty board book shaped like an ice cream truck takes readers on a fun trip around the block. A cute rhyming story and whimsical pictures of ice cream treats will delight toddlers.  



Ice Cream Face

Waiting in line at the ice cream parlor can feel like torture to impatient children. Such is the case for a little boy who loves ice cream more than just about anyone else. As he watches the customers in front of him enjoying their cones, he grows more and more restless until it is finally his turn to order his cone. 




Should I Share My Ice Cream?

To share or not to share? As Elephant wrangles with this question, his ice cream cone is drip, drip, dripping into a puddle on the ground. Gerald tendency to overthink all of his decisions is about to backfire in this scenario. Fortunately, his best friend, Piggie, shows up with a fresh ice cream cone that he eagerly shares with Elephant. While this was not the outcome Elephant had predicted, he's happy with how everything worked out!


Ice-Cream Cones for Sale!

A fun look at the history of the ice cream cone and the controversy over who is responsible for its invention. Several different prevailing opinions are at play in this non-fiction story about something so simple and everlasting. A waffle-maker at the 1904  St. Louis World's Fair and a traveler from France are just two of the possible people responsible for the cone. Readers also learn about a man who held the patent for the first waffle-cone machine. These interesting tidbits as well as more trivia are covered in this fun, retro-feeling children's ice cream book.



Just One More

Ruby is a sassy little girl who always pushes the limits. No matter what the situation, she always insists on just one more. Ruby is never satisfied without a little extra, whether it is sleep, a push on the swing, or a tie for her hair. So when she finds herself precariously balancing a multi-scoop ice cream cone, she again asks for more. Readers will hold their breath before flipping to the last page for a funny ending.


Isaac's Ice Cream Tree

A whimsical story about the special friendship between a boy and a sugar maple tree. Winter has arrived, and Isaac gives the bare-branched tree a special gift. In return, the tree offers a gift of colorful ice cream balls. This sweet ice cream is presented every morning, but Isaac is worried that warmer days ahead will ruin the sweet treats. A delicious story for preschoolers who will also love learning about the days of the week, the colors of the rainbow, and other concepts.


Vanilla Bean

No matter how hard Miss Sundae tries, she cannot convince Bean to eat anything other than vanilla ice cream. She tempts this stubborn pup with yummy food like spaghetti and grilled cheese, but to no avail. In fact, Bean won't even eat ice cream unless it's vanilla. Then one day after a spinkles mishap at the ice cream store, Bean ends up eating ice cream topped with all kinds of flavors. He discovers that he likes it and maybe, just maybe, he will be a little more open to trying new things in the future. Perfect story for picky eaters.




Izzy the Ice-Cream Fairy

Izzy dishes out yummy ice cream treats to all the little kids on the beach. One day her ice cream supply runs out, so Izzy and her friends journey to a faraway land to find more. After searching high and low, they discover enough ice cream to keep all the little beach bellies full. But will they make it back in time for the big carnival? A charming story about the best kind of fairy around!


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Tasty Kids Books about Ice Cream

The best kids' books about ice cream capture the essence of this delicious treat. With an abundance of flavors, even kids with picky palates can enjoy ice cream. Colorful illustrations of ice cream that fill the pages of these books will tempt your taste buds. There is no doubt that ice cream makes everything taste better. Even breakfast can be a treat, as seen in kids' books about pancakes, where character scoop ice cream to pile on top!

But before heading to the kitchen for a bowl deliciousness, finish reading all about the history of ice cream and how it's made. Your children will also laugh at the silly stories about characters who happen to love cold, creamy ice cream and the trouble that follows. Next up, read some fun children's books about bubble gum!


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Mouth-Watering Facts About Ice Cream 

Next time you sit down with your children for bowls of ice cream, you can have fun entertaining them with some trivia about their favorite dessert! 

  • A gallon of ice cream requires 12 pounds of milk to produce.
  • The US consumes more ice cream than any other country. Australia is next, followed by Norway.
  • In the 1700s, ice cream was considered a delicacy enjoyed only by the wealthy and elite.
  • The ice cream cone was invented in 1904 at the St. Louis World Fair.
  • In 1984, Ronald Reagan declared July the official ice cream month.
  • The US produces 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream every year!


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Kids' Ice Cream Books Are So Sweet

Ice cream is a delicious dessert that seems to be enjoyed by everyone. There are so many flavors available it can be hard to settle on just one. Grocery stores have entire aisles devoted to selling a variety of frozen desserts. Ice cream parlors offer an incredible array of flavors, from basic vanilla to exotic selections to tempt every palate. The sweet sound of an ice cream truck making it's way down the street sends little ones scurrying around to buy their favorite novelty treat. There are so many ways to enjoy this fabulous dessert, including reading the best kids' ice cream books! Little ones who love dessert will love reading children's books about cookies next.



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