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17 Tasty Children's Books about Donuts

if you give a dog a donut

A chaotic day in the life of a dog begins innocently enough when a dog enjoys a delicious donut for breakfast. Of course, the pup is then thirsty so he requests a glass of apple juice. And when the juice is gone, he sets out to retrieve apples which leads to a game of baseball. A silly, circular story that all begins and ends with a tasty treat. 




Funny Kids' Donut Books 

Americans consume more than 10 billion donuts every single year. They have been effectively marketed as a breakfast food, often paired with coffee, for a quick snack before starting the day. This sugary food is really better suited for dessert, just like delicious ice cream, but it is still considered a breakfast food by almost everyone.

Popular franchises have long occupied busy street corners in cities across the country. Over recent years, boutique donut shops have popped up, offering a creative spin on traditional donut varieties. These tasty treats have become full-fledged dessert items, piled with chocolate, candy, caramel, and nuts. Little ones who love donuts will also love stories about chocolate that share funny stories about characters who have an insatiable need for sweets.

Children's books about donuts are overflowing with sugary goodness that will make little mouths water. The stories offer up a mix of recipes, shenanigans, celebrations, and pure enjoyment shared by characters who love a good confection. These little, round cake-like treats are hits at birthday and classroom celebrations, almost as much as pizza parties. They are fun finger foods that are easy to share and serve.




Donut Board Books for Toddlers

Sturdy board books are built to withstand clumsy, exploring fingers and perhaps even a little bite. The pictures of donuts are so colorful and realistic that toddlers will have a hard time resisting the occasional nibble. Simple words, bold illustrations, and silly stories will keep little ones engaged. Just be prepared for them to beg for a sweet treat pastry when you are finished reading.


please mr panda

A darling book for toddlers about manners. Mr. Panda buys a delicious box of colorful donuts to share with his animal friends. Although the whale, skunk, and penguin each ask for a treat, none of them remembers to say "please".  A simple yet impactful story for little ones brought to life with a box of donuts that bursts from the pages.



donuts made with love

A fun, novelty book shaped like a donut is perfect for little hands to explore. With the turn of every page, a new treat appears topped with frosting and other surprises. Thick board book pages are nearly indestructible even if toddlers attempt to take a bite.   



d is for donut


Quite simply the most delicious ABC book for toddlers filled with pictures of amazing food. Not only will little ones learn the alphabet, they will learn all the  varieties. Apple fritters, beignets, eclairs, and other tempting treats are bright to life in a very satisfying toddler donut book.



chocolate donuts

Donut Stories for Kindergarten and Up

This collection of books are chock full of the funniest, sweetest stories. Readers will learn a bit about the history of this treat, which evolved from the concept that cakes cook more evenly with a hole in the middle. They will read about animals that go to great lengths to steal donuts and about visits to factories where these delicious treats are made. The pages are filled with such yummy pictures that little readers will be begging to take a trip to the bakery! 


arnie the doughnut

Arnie was made by the best bakery around. It's no wonder that the rest of his  friends are selected to take home in crisp, white boxes. Arnie wonders when he will be chosen for this exciting adventure outside the bakery doors. When he learns what actually happens to the donuts that leave the shop, he makes it his mission to save himself and his friends who are around.



curious george the donut delivery

George makes the best kind of mistake when he visits the donut shop. All of the donuts look so delicious that he decides to add a few extra to his original order. Kids learn math lesson from George, who doesn't understand the problem with adding a few more zeroes at the end of his order number. A fun counting donut book that is especially enjoyable for kids who love sweet treats!



 the hole story of the doughnut

A young teenager with solid problem-solving skills is credited with inventing one of the world's most beloved pastries. He joined a crew as a cabin boy, seeking adventure and opportunity. It was 1843, and the hungry sailors were fortunate to have such a resourceful young mate among them! A fantastic, non-fiction book with tons for facts for kids who are interested in history.



dozens of doughnuts

LouAnn the bear is busy baking donuts in preparation for her long winter nap. Pretty soon the delicious aroma draws in a long line of animal friends who want  a taste of the baked goods. LouAnn generously shares the donuts, but each time she divides a pile, she forgets to include herself. Winter is around the corner and despite LouAnn's careful planning, there is nothing left for her to eat. A heartwarming story about a bear whose kindness has no limits. 



donuts the hole story

A fun, creative story packed with donut puns and whimsical illustrations of characters made out of these sugary pastries. Kids pour of the pictures of donut pirates and donut police officers hanging out in coffee shops. A busy book in which new details will be discovered with every reading.



donut feed the squirrels

A quirky, graphic novel about a couple of squirrels who just want some good breakfast food to eat. They burnt their meal, so when they come upon a donut food truck, they set their sites on a new breakfast option. Unfortunately, the man selling the donuts is grumpy and won't give them a bite. So they need to hatch a plan to steal the biggest, most delicious donut to satisfy their craving. 



who needs donuts

A ridiculous yet oddly fun seek-and-find love story centered around donuts. Sam heads to the city to find a famous donut collector. When donut man falls in love with a pretzel woman, he gives he prized collection to Sam. In turn, Sam uses the donuts to save the life of a woman drowning in a basement full of coffee. A preposterous story for people of all ages who will enjoy trying to keep track of all the donuts on the intricately illustrated pages.




Tween Novels About Donuts

There is no shortage of donut chapter books for tweens that offer up a wide variety of crazy capers, funny mix-ups, interesting business start-ups. Fast-paced stories deliver lots of reading entertainment. The aroma of fresh-baked goods practically drifts from the pages where characters chase down thieves, experiment with new recipes, and enjoy an occasional treat along the way.


 the doughnut whodunit

The Boxcar Children have to put their detective skills to use when a brand new donut shop opens in town. This new store is famous for its creative and unique donut flavors. But soon the owners of the established bakery, who have worked for generations to build a good business, notice that their competitor's donuts look familiar. It seems that a secret recipe has been stolen, along with the regular customers. The children must get to the bottom of this mystery before a beloved donut store goes out of business.



 frank and bean the food truck fiasco

A fantastic book about an epic food truck competition between best friends. Frank is a quiet guy who prefers peace, tea, and yoga. Beans, on the other hand, is fully of lively energy and always ready for an adventure. When Beans starts a donut truck business, Frank's oatmeal truck seems quite dull in comparison. The two ultimately discover a winning combination in their business and personal endeavors. 



 the doughnut fix

Tristan's life is turned upside down when his family moves from a vibrant city to a small town in the middle of nowhere. There are no good restaurants or corner bakeries to satisfy this foodie's palate. Someone tells him about a local store that sells chocolate cream donuts, but when he walks through the door, there is no evidence of the sweet desserts. So Tristan decides to make it his mission to open a donut business for a town that is in dire need of good food!


 donut dreams hole in the middle

An uplifting tween novel about a girl who fills her heart by working in her grandmother's restaurant. At first, Lindsey's job behind the donut counter is means to earn money and escape the small town. She is sad after her mother passes away and is not thrilled about starting a new school year. Lindsey soon discovers that her best friends and cousins are all she needs to fill the hole in her heart. A sweet story about the healing power of family and donuts! 

 owl's outstanding donuts

A coming-of-age novel about a girl who is dealing with the loss of her mother. Mattie moves in with Aunt Molly, the owner of a popular donut shop serving up unusual and delicious. When an area near the shop fills up with litter, the townspeople blame Aunt Molly and stop visiting her bakery. Mattie teams up with a local owl, who has eyes on everything that happens, to get to the bottom of the mystery. 

stick dog tries to take the donuts

Resistant readers and beginners graduating from picture books will enjoy the escapades of Stick Dog. In this edition, a pack of hungry dogs want nothing more than to fill their tummies with delicious donuts. This is no easy feat for Stick Dog, but he manages to overcome a series of outrageous obstacles to deliver a box of donuts to his canine friends.

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 Non-Fiction Donut Books Packed With Sweet Facts

Doughnuts were once considered the hit food of the century. When automated machines began mass-producing donuts in the early 1900s, working class people consumed these breakfast cakes in mass quantities. They were inexpensive, filling, and convenient to eat before staring a long, laborious day of work Over time, the donut has evolved from a simple, relatively bland snack. Just like in books about cookies, some characters enjoy simple versions of these treats while others like donuts piled high with frosting and other goodies. 

There are now hundreds of varieties from around the world, served in numerous forms and with all sorts of creative toppings and fillings. Reading about delicious bakery treats is a fun way to insert a little sweetness into story time and talk to your little ones about their favorite flavors! And when you are all filled up on donuts, move on the best the stories about pancakes for more breakfast food fun! Favorite foods star in these stories that will appeal to the taste buds of little readers. The best part about these books are the child-friendly recipes in the back. After story time, head to the kitchen to whip up some delicious concoctions with your little ones!



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