19 Cheesy Children's Books About Pizza

pete the cat and the perfect pizza party

Everyone has their own version of the perfect pizza, which is a lesson Pete the Cat learns the hard way. He has made the perfect pepperoni pie and invites all his friends over for a slice. He can't help but feel insulted when each of his buddies adds their own topping. After coming to terms with his hurt feelings, Pete comes to the conclusion that the best ingredient for a pizza party is the company.

Pizza Picture Books for Kids

It's no wonder that pizza is served at birthday parties, school festivities, and all the other kinds of social gatherings for little kids. This yummy food is (almost always) loved by everyone, it's easy to serve (no utensils required), and clean up is a breeze. Children's books about pizza include delicious recipes to make at home, too! Little ones who like to experiment in the kitchen will enjoy browsing the best books about cooking and baking that include recipes or kid-friendly foods. For hungry families, dialing up delivery is a great solution when there's no time to prepare dinner. Keeping a few frozen varieties around the house is never a bad idea. And you don't need to be a gourmet chef to whip up your own version of a homemade pie. So it's no wonder that there is an abundance of stories about pizza for all those kids who can't get enough of it.


pete's a pizza

Pete's father has a big imagination. He pretends that his son is a ball of dough ready to be turned into a delicious pizza. With a lot of kneading (or what really may be tickling), a dollop of oil (err....water), and a little pepperoni (substitute checkers!), this is one delicious slice everyone will want to taste.



a pizza my heart

A novelty book shaped like a pizza perfect for babies and toddlers. A cute rhyme using all kinds of terms describes the love for a little one. Pictures of various pizzas pop off the pages. Kids will love identifying all the yummy toppings and listening to the mouth-watering love poem.


little red hen makes a pizza

A most delicious spin on the classic fairytale about a hen who decides to make a pizza this time. As usual, the dog, the cat, and the duck don't have time to help her shop, make the dough, or even add the toppings. This time, the hen's friends do end up offering a helping hand (and more than just offering to sample the final product) in a surprise twist. Pair this book up with an original telling of The Little Red Hen for a fun discussion about the similarities and differences.



pizza party

An interactive finger puppet book that covers all the special occasions to throw a pizza party. The sturdy cardboard pages will hold up to toddlers poking, prodding, and playing with the little slice. Little readers will learn that sharing their favorite food is a fun way to celebrate a good day a school, a winning soccer game, a birthday, and really any day!  

 hi pizza man

A toddler is hungry and eager for the doorbell to ring. His mother ordered a pizza and it can't arrive soon enough. In preparation for when the doorbell finally rings, she asks her son what he will say. He confidently responds, "Hello, Pizza Man!" This starts a silly and circular conversation about all the different characters that could be holding a piping hot pizza on the other side of the door. 

a pizza with everything on it

A father and son start off innocently enough by deciding to make their own pizza. But they get a bit carried away with the idea of making one with "everything on it". This creative story stretches the imagination far beyond typical toppings. Incredible illustrations take readers on a pizza-making extravaganza that almost threatens the universe- and the ability for anyone to ever enjoy pizza again.

pizza an interactive recipe book

This is such a neat concept book about making pizza! Kids can follow the step-by-step process from making the dough, adding the toppings, and cooking a delicious meal. The magic is that no sharp utensils are required, no hot oven is turned on, and no mess is made in the kitchen. On the very last page, readers are invited to slide their final product, a very delicious slice, out of a pocket for a pretend nibble.

secret pizza party

Raccoons are known for being stealthy creatures, tipping over trash cans and feasting off of garbage. The critter in this silly book has a particular hankering for pizza. But no matter how hard he tries, humans are constantly shooing him away before he can get his paws on a single piece of crust. So, he decides to plan a very secret pizza party for all his friends to enjoy the most scrumptious, mouth-watering food ever invented.

little nino's pizzeria

Take a look behind the scenes at all the work that goes on inside a pizzeria. A little boy named Tony takes pride in helping his family run the restaurant. The pictures depict a large happy group of relatives who all contribute to the success of the family business. Readers will love learning all about all the hustle and bustle that goes into producing delicious food for an entire town. 

peppa's pizza party 

A fun party idea is to host a build-your-own-pizza celebration. That is exactly what Peppa Pig does with her family where they build individual pies loaded with all their favorite toppings. As an added bonus, kids will love the reusable stickers in the back of this book.




pizza day

Preschoolers will enjoy this story about a little boy and his dad who decide to make a homemade pizza together. It's a hot summer day, so they head out to the garden to gather the herbs. Then they roll the dough, add the sauce, and then the cheese. This is a great book to read with your child in preparation for making your very own variety. There is even an easy-to-follow recipe on the last page of this pizza picture book.


pizza and taco the best party ever

A popular graphic novel about best friends, Pizza and Taco, who decide to throw a party. Despite all of their careful planning, it's an epic food disaster when their friend Ice Cream has a meltdown, their friend Hamburger gets a tummy ache (from a slice of cheese...he's lactose intolerant!) and all kinds of other mishaps.



pizza at sally's

Sally makes the most delicious pizza using the freshest ingredients around. She grows the tomatoes in the garden for her special sauce, she buys the cheese from a specialty shop nearby, and she purchases flour directly from the mill to make her own dough. Budding chefs will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look at the process involved in making a truly homemade version. 



curious george and the pizza party

You can always count on George's curiosity to get the better of him. This time he is invited to a party and gets into a bit of a jam. George goes a little crazy with the rolling pin and pizza dough, but somehow his crazy concoctions are the hit of the party. This fun book includes a vegetable pizza recipe for kids to try.



the princess and the pizza

A fractured fairy tale, with references to Rapunzel and The Princess and the Pea, that will have your mouth watering from start to finish. Princess Paulina loses her royalty status when her father makes a career change. He is happy as can be as a wood carver, but poor Paulina misses all the pomp and circumstance of her previous life. So, she responds to an ad for an open position in a neighboring town- a bride for Prince Dupert. After using her intelligence and wit to win the job, she realizes that she can carve out her own success story, with all the cheese and toppings she wants.




 every night is pizza night 

This New York Time bestseller is the pizza book you need to read to picky eaters. A little girl is absolutely certain that pizza is the best food in the world. So she sets out on a mission to convince everyone in her neighborhood of this "fact".  But then a funny thing happens. She sits down to a feast with her friends who introduce her to their favorite foods (a Moroccan tagine, bibimbap, and other delicious recipes). Not only does she broaden her appreciation for new foods, but she learns that the people who surround the table are the most important ingredient.




 how to eat pizza

This funny story will make you pause next time you are about to take a bit. A startled slice asks readers a whole bunch of questions about how they like their pizza (do they add hot pepper flakes), if they use their hands, and other etiquette. How readers respond to these questions really doesn't matter when there are so many other foods to enjoy. Just don't eat him! Bold, cartoonish illustrations add to the humor of this pizza picture book.


pizza a slice of history
A delectable book about pizza that will make your mouth water from start to finish! The author shares all sorts of interesting pizza trivia, like that fact that 350 slices of pizza are consumed every second in the US. Readers will learn all about pizza customs in other countries, such as Sweden where they serve it with peanuts and bananas. A brief history of this popular food is covered and the back includes a recipe for the all-time family favorite- English muffin pizza.


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Funny Pizza Recipe Books For Kids

Pizza is one of the most delicious meals that everyone at the table can  share. It is often a Friday night staple for busy families who don't feel like cooking after a long week. Most popular in its simplest form, with just some red sauce and mozzarella cheese, this comfort food is a fast, easy, belly-pleasing solution for hungry kids. After finishing up a delicious dinner, little ones will be ready for dessert like the delicious treats featured in stories about cookies.There are so many variations, from the thickness of the crust to the toppings layered on top, that keeps this menu favorite interesting and forever evolving. If you don't have a piping hot, cheesy pie ready, then reading about this favorite food is the next best thing! And most of these stories have fun kid-friendly recipes in the back to try.


Pizza Toys and Gifts for Kids

For kids who love a warm cheesy slice of heaven, a book about pizza along with a pretend-play pizza gift set or toy of some sort is sure to be a big hit. Here are some fun ideas for you to consider next time you are shopping for a little foodie.


melissa and doug wooden pizza set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Play Set

This durable kit includes six slices, more than 50 toppings, serving utensils, and a colorful storage box. Kids will have so much fun pretending to make their very own pizza, dishing out slices to their friends, and sitting down for a delicious meal together.

squishable pizza plush

Squishable Pizza Plush

This super squishy 16-inch pillow will brighten the day of all kids. Perfect to snuggle up with at bedtime or to add a zest of color to a playroom.



melissa and doug wooden pizza counter

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Counter Play Set

Children will have so much fun pretending to work at their own parlor. They can take orders from customers, collect payment, and make pizzas using all the wood and felt pieces that come with this set.



p for pizza letter game

P for Pizza: A Word Race to Build a Giant Pizza Slice

A fast-paced word game where players race to build a slice of pizza. Ideal for 2-4 players and kids who are 8+ years of age. What a fun gift for little foodies!


play doh pizza oven

Play-Doh Pizza Oven Toy

Kids will love making their own dough, pressing a handle, and watching it spin into the perfect crust. There is a nifty cheese maker and other gadgets to make all the toppings for a perfect pie. Comes with five Play-Doh cans and all the accessories kids need to make pretend food.


Fascinating Facts About Pizza

Kids might think they know a lot. They may rattle off their favorite toppings or preferred restaurant that serves up the best pies. Little ones might have an opinion about whether they like thick or thin crusts, and how many nights a week they would like to eat their favorite food for dinner. Next time you are talking to little foodies about their favorite Italian specialty, share some of these fascinating pizza facts to spice up the conversation.

Americans eat a ton of pizza.

Specifically, more than 300 slices are eaten every single second. This translates into about 20,000 slices each minute. Taking this calculation one step further, this equals approximately 100 acres of pizza daily.

Pepperoni is the most popular topping.

Surveys have revealed that more than 35% of pizzas ordered from take-out  restaurants include pepperoni. In fact, 250 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed annually as a  topping.

The most expensive pizza costs a whopping $12,000. 

Prepared by a master chef in Italy, this pizza is topped with some top dollar delicacies like three rare types of caviar, the highest quality lobster, handpicked squilla mantis, and Australian pink sea salt.

The first pizza was created in Naples in the 1500s. 

During that time, it was an inexpensive meal for low-income families. Tomatoes were thought to be poisonous and not worthy of people who had money. Poor people topped dough with tomatoes and cheese, and could feed large families very inexpensively.  

Lombardi's in New York City was the first pizzeria in America. 

The grocery store started selling pizza on the side in 1905. It was considered a foreign food, but within a short while parlors started popping up all over the city.

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