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8 Funny Kids' Books About Hot Dogs

the pigeon finds a hot dog

The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!

Plucky pigeon is prancing around holding a hot dog, quite amazed at his good fortune upon stumbling across this tasty surprise. When a sneaky duckling get a whiff of the delicious dog, all the fun begins. Two birds both with their big greedy eyes set on one hot dog is a recipe for some serious plotting. Mo Willems fans will laugh at the crazy antics and lengths a couple of feathered friends will go to get their claws on the food prize.



hot dogs


Funny Hot Dog Picture Books

Hot dogs are a popular handheld food served at baseball parks,  cookouts, pool parties, and other large outdoor gatherings. Some people like them best with just a line of ketchup and mustard down the middle. Other like them piled high with relish, baked beans, chili, and sauerkraut. Hot dogs are a favorite for kids on the go who need a quick, convenient meal that can be gobbled down without any utensils. Reading children's books about hot dogs will tickle the funny bones of little ones who love to eat them. Watching their favorite food come to life and dance across the pages of picture books will make them giggle. Be prepared for kids to ask to have them for dinner followed by ice cream for dessert!  


stick dog wants a hot dog

Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog

A funny, illustrated chapter book for beginners and resistant readers about a bunch of hungry canines. They are on a mission to steal hot dogs from a street vendor, but along they way they are met with lots of diversions. A band of raccoons, also craving some wieners, are following close behind hoping to snag the food for themselves. They have to jump through lots of hoops, escape some harrowing situations, and distract a diligent hot dog vendor in order to snag the food. Humorous pictures and zany characters add to the appeal of this silly book.

frank and bean

Frank and Bean

Kids who are making the transition from picture books to chapter books will love this funny book. Frank is an introvert who prefers to quietly write in his journal, while Bean is a noisy fellow who likes to blow his trumpet. Bean also has a desire to talk, but without having words to speak, he leans on Frank to help him out. Readers will laugh at the way these two foods with opposite personalities eventually become friends.



the hallo-wiener

The Hallo-Wiener

Poor Oscar is the butt of all the jokes on Halloween. He's a wiener dog who gets all of the wrong kind of attention due to his physical stature. But when he has an opportunity to help the other dogs on Halloween, Oscar doesn't hesitate. In the end, his actions win the respect of the bully dogs and eventually they become best friends. A valuable life lesson is shared in this humorous book perfect for Halloween.




hot diggity dog the history of the hot dog

Hot Diggity Dog: The History of the Hot Dog

This is the best non-fiction hot dog book for kids who want to get all the scoop on their favorite food. The bold and colorful pictures of hot dogs zipping across every page add a lot of fun to this novelty book. Readers will learn tons of hot dog history, from the creation of sausage tubes in ancient Rome to the explosion of  its popularity in America during the 19th century. This book is full of facts and stats about everything and anything- including condiments, contests, and consumption. A zany read for kids who love their frankfurters!



hot dog

Hot Dog

Summer beach scenes set the tone for this endearing story about a hot dog who wants to be a regular canine. When a little fairy makes his dreams come true, the little pup isn't so sure about his new place on the beach. He wonders if the other real dogs will be as friendly and accepting as he had hoped. A rhyming story with engaging pictures of dogs frolicking in the sand will make every kid smile. More importantly, there is a nice lesson about be happy with yourself, just as you are! 


the burger and the hot dog

The Burger and the Hot Dog

A quirky book filled with debates and dilemmas involving all sorts of food. Organized into a collection of poems, the book reads like a series of short stories. The opener is a funny spat between a hot dog and a hamburger, with each slinging insults at the other. Kids will laugh at the preposterous scenarios, some that end disastrously for foods that find themselves in a jam. Lots of opportunities to relate the silly scenarios to real life experiences and talk about conflict resolution.


hot dog eleanor roosevelt throws a picnic

Hot Dog! Eleanor Roosevelt Throws a Picnic

The year was 1939 and Eleanor Roosevelt hosted two very important people at the White House. King George Vl and Queen Elizabeth, reigning British royalty, were invited in an effort to strengthen the relationship with England. For the casual luncheon, Eleanor decided to serve American fare. Much to the surprise of her very proper guests, hot dogs were the main course. A funny, true story with lots of history included.


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hot dog


Why Hot Dog Stories Are Fun to Read

Almost as popular as pizza this food is easy for even the littlest tots to feed themselves. Little foodies who love to sink their teeth into a juicy frankfurter will devour these silly books as well. There are graphic novels with cartoonish illustrations of characters engaging in all kinds of ridiculous behaviors. Lots of books feature hot dogs as that characters themselves, trying to navigate life just like the readers. However, they are living in fear that someone always wants to take a bite out of them. The best children's books share one thing in common- they make readers hungry. So be sure to add a few non-fiction books packed with tons of mouthwatering hot dog facts and unusual historical events surrounding this popular food.


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