13 Spicy Taco Books for Kids

 dragons love tacos

A best-selling book by a talented author/illustrator pair is packed with lots of humor and tacos. Kids learn that dragons to eat this delicious food, and tons of it. Humorous pictures show gluttonous beasts shoveling down piles of tacos until they collapse from overstuffed bellies. Then the next problem sets in. Of course, the taco feast was served up with tubs of hot salsa, which can only lead to one unfortunate outcome for dragons.




Why Read Children Taco Books 

One of the best dinners to serve a hungry family is a taco bar. In fact, just like pizza is a Friday night staple, this popular Mexican dish has taken over Tuesdays. With a huge variety of meat, shellfish, vegetables, and toppings, this is a meal that can be tweaked for all palates and appetites. For vegetarians, meatless tacos are a delicious alternative. Just sauté some vegetables as a healthier option to use as the main ingredient in lieu of ground beef, chicken, or pork. Another delicious option is to filet a favorite fish or steam some shrimp to stuff the taco shell. Then comes the best part- all of the tasty sauces, chopped veggies, and seasonings to top it off. Kids' books about tacos are filled with pictures of hard shells and soft tortillas overflowing with mouth-watering, savory meats, cheese, and other stuffings. After reading these stories, don't be surprised if kids beg for a taco dinner in the near future!


dragons love tacos 2 the sequel

Fans of the original Dragons Love Tacos will laugh out loud at the return of the whacky taco-loving dinosaurs. The fire-breathing beasts are facing a most urgent problem- the entire planet has run out of tacos. Heading back into time when their favorite food was not extinct is the only logical answer. After gobbling down an enormous volume of crunchy tacos, they save the very last one to plant a tree. Kids will giggle at the zany plan to forever restore the supply of tacos.




It can challenging sometimes to get little ones to eat new foods. In this classic Frank Asch story, a little bear take a trip with his father. There are lots of adjustments he has to make, like leaving his mother and sleeping in a different bed. When his father suggests they go out for tacos, the little bear wonders if he is up for yet another challenge. An endearing story for toddlers about being brave and trying new things.



 pizza and taco who's the best

A graphic novel, just right for beginners or resistant readers, incites a great debate about two popular foods. Is a slice of pizza better than a tasty taco? The two friends engage in a somewhat heated argument, with lots of quips that will make kids giggle. Eventually they turn to their friends for a vote, but at the peril of ruining their friendship for good.




little taco truck 

 Kids will love this endearing story about friendship and inclusion. Little Taco Truck was the first to serve all the people who work up and down the street. Everything changes one day when a falafel truck arrives, serving up savory, aromatic treats. Pretty soon more food trucks follow with even more delectable food offerings. Poor Little Taco Truck eventually loses his coveted parking spot and retreats home with tear drops streaming down his windshield. When the other trucks see what has happened, they rally around him and prove there is room for everyone.



    taco tuesday

A cute taco pleads with readers to eat something else. Surely, there are plenty of other foods more tasty than tacos. Careful not to mention the day of the week, the little character encourages readers to think about what else they should eat for dinner. This rhyming board book with a finger puppet built into the pages encourages toddler interaction. 




    how to fold a taco

A quirky, bilingual book about all the practical and outlandish ways to fold a taco. A wide cast of flamboyant, charismatic characters strut their stuff in this hilarious ode to tacos. Wrestlers, magicians, dinosaurs, dragons, and others show off their skills at folding, bending, tucking, and forming the perfect taco. Highly imaginative storytelling with a fun recipe in the back.




 vitamina t for tacos

A bilingual book about tacos chock full of Latina culture. Readers are introduced to a variety of taquerias and food trucks throughout the streets, parks, and plazas. All kinds of tacos are served to Mexican and Latinx characters who live in the surrounding neighborhoods. A creative, alphabetic introduction to tacos that covers related terms from A to Z. 



taco falls apart

There are lots of life lessons packed into a book about a taco who has a lot of self-doubt. Comparing real life stresses with the role of a taco shell is both effective and relatable, even for the youngest readers. A worried taco wonders if he can hold it all together without cracking. His negative inner voice gets the better of him, causing his shell to crack and the toppings to fall out. Filled with funny food puns and humorous pictures, this darling story opens a conversation with kids about self-confidence.



tacos an interactive recipe book

An interactive cookbook for toddlers who want to practice making their very own tacos. In simple, easy-to-follow instructions, the book walks readers through all the steps. Budding chefs will practice cutting the chicken, adding the spices, and slicing the vegetables. There are tabs, slides, and cut out utensils that allow readers to mimic the process from start to finish.



 stef soto taco queen

 A coming of age chapter book about a tween girl who grows to resent her family's taco truck. Despite enjoying the heartfelt moments she shares with her father while they are working together, Stef begins to feel embarrassed by her father's livelihood. Kids at school taunt her, so when the city threatens to shut down the business, Stef sees this as an escape. At the same time, she is dealing with all the normal pressures of being a teenager who desires more autonomy and independence. A fast-paced novel with a lot of scenarios that will resonate with readers.


dragon's first taco 

It's never too soon to introduce babies to tacos. In this darling, shaped board book, a little dragon teaches readers everything they need to know. It's as simple as folding a tortilla in half and filling it to the brim with lots of good food. A cute gift for newborn babies or toddlers who are ready to try their first savory bite.



it's raining tacos  

A highly repetitive book good for toddlers who love tacos. Jubilant characters are having the time of their lives catching tacos that fall from the sky. They dance, sing, and eat tacos until they are stuffed. A fun, rhyming story that will spark the imagination of little ones who dare to dream that delicious tacos could fall from above.


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Taco Facts for Little Foodies

Kids who love tacos can come up with a long list of things that make them so delicious. Maybe it's their favorite meat, like ground beef, pulled pork, or chicken, that makes it so delicious. Or perhaps it's the cheese, guacamole, sour cream, or diced tomatoes that do the trick. But just as important as the taste, tacos have a way of bringing families together for a fun meal. Here are some facts about tacos to talk about next time your kids are gathering around to enjoy their favorite dinner.

  • There is a National Taco Day. This fun date is a time for everyone to sit down and feast on their favorite taco combinations. Lots of people mistakenly believe October 4th is the official National Taco Day, however, this date was chosen by a popular taco restaurant chain as part of a promotion. Lots of restaurants run fun specials on this date to entice customers. In Mexico, the real Día del Taco is March 31. 
  • The record for the biggest taco in the world was set in 2011. In Mexico, Alejandro Paredes Resendiz organize and oversaw the the assembly of a 335 foot-long taco. Local chefs filled the shell, made with 2,646 pounds of corn tortillas, with 3,322 pounds of seasoned pork. Eight months of planning went into this enormous feet. After the enormous taco was presented, a crowd of 15,000 spectators enjoyed feasting on the record-breaking taco.
  • The word "taco" did not originally refer to food. The term is traced back to 18th century silver mining in Mexico. In order to detonate the rocks, miner would wrap gunpowder in paper and insert it into the crevices. This early taco, although not a food item, was the basis for the modern day taco.The very first edible taco, as we know it today, was called tacos de minero and consisted of meat, bacon, and potatoes.
  • A resort in Mexico sells the most expensive taco for $25,000. Grand Velas Los Cabos offers this delicacy with a gold-flaked corn tortilla. It is filled with Almas beluga caviar, Kobe beef, langoustines, and black truffle Brie cheese. Not anyone is allowed to order this menu time. Interested customers must be guests in the resort's presidential suite, and a $12,500 deposit is required before the outrageously expensive taco is served.
  • Americans eat a lot of tacos. Estimates put the number somewhere around 4.5 billion tacos as year. Another way to think about this number is that it equals 490,000 miles of tacos. Some surveys indicate that the average person will eat 4 to 5 tacos per meal.



Delicious Kids' Books About Mexican Food

There are so many good things that make this Mexican food a popular family dinner item, like the characters in children's books about tacos enjoy. First, there is something fun, flexible and festive about setting out all the fixings for a taco dinner. The colorful variety of toppings placed in bowls across the countertop allow kids to build their own taco exactly to their liking, just like an ice cream sundae bar. Second, it is easy to keep all of the necessary items stocked in the kitchen for an impromptu dinner with very little preparation required. It's also interesting to experiment with different type of meats, fish, or even entirely vegetarian versions. As long as taco shells are in the pantry, parents can always find a way to pull together a savory dinner. 

Crispy shells filled with tasty food dance across the pages of these colorful children's taco books. This collection of stories is a mix of funny food antics, real life taco history, and characters who go to great lengths to eat their favorite Mexican food. The best children's books about tacos are fun to read before family taco night. They may even give little one's some inspiration to try some new recipes, usually found in the back of the book, and experiment with different spices, fillings, and sauces. 




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