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20 Lively Children's Books About The Gingerbread Man

how to catch a gingerbread man

A fun spin on the classic fairytale features a clever cookie who has escaped from the pages of the picture book. He is running loose in the bookstore aided by a whole host of characters including Sherlock Holmes, Peter Rabbit, and Robin Hood! Readers are urged to set traps so they can capture the runaway guy and finish the fairy tale.  


gingerbread man

Picture Books Featuring The Gingerbread Man

A child's imagination is a gift that should be stretched to the limits. Reading picture books that feature make believe characters is one of the best ways to get lost in a fantasy with a little one. The Gingerbread Man is the perfect book to get you started, especially around Christmas when this cookie is most popular. This classic fairytale, which has been enjoyed by generations of children, is about a sweet cookie that comes to life and runs to save himself from a hungry fox. We encourage you to read the original story first, and then add some fun spin-offs on this list below for more reading enjoyment. 


the gingerbread man

This oversized, padded hardcover book is just right for preschoolers ready to read about The Gingerbread Man! The vibrant illustrations and large artful font add a modern flair to this classic fairytale. The original story remains intact and follows a lively cookie who successfully runs from an old lady, a pig, a cow, a horse....and right into the path of a deceitful fox. Readers beware- the ending is not happy.



 richard scarry's the gingerbread man

This Little Golden Book was originally published in 1953. Richard Scarry's signature illustrations bring this classic fairytale to life. This edition, with it's vintage appeal, will create a sense of nostalgia for older generations who want to introduce this funny, action-packed story to young children. 



 gingerbread baby

A gorgeously illustrated picture book with a storyline that is a clever twist.  A young boy is making a gingerbread man cookie, but his impatience gets the better of him and he opens the oven door too soon. Much to his surprise, a gingerbread baby escapes and sends everyone on a wild chase to capture him. In a clever ending, the boy builds a gingerbread house to entice the baby to return home. The final page of this book is a full spread of the house with flaps to lift.


 the gingerbread man

A slightly abridged version of the original that works well as an introduction to the classic fairytale. Sunny, pastel illustrations lead the reader along the gingerbread man's escape route. He ultimately falls prey to sly fox, who gobbles him up with satisfying delight. This small Gingerbread Man book is a nice supplement to a child's bookshelf.



 the gingerbread boy 

Paul Galdone's funny pictures add a unique touch to his retelling of The Gingerbread Man.  An old man and old woman are lonely and without children, so they decide to make a gingerbread boy to keep them company. Much to their dismay, this creation escapes from the oven successfully evades capture until he falls into the trap of a wily fox. With tongue in cheek humor, the author lets readers know that the Gingerbread Boy's life ends the same as all his predecessors who ever left the oven.



 the gingerbread girl

An old man and woman, longing for some company, bake a gingerbread girl in this fun twist on the classic story. And just like her brother, she escapes out the oven door and leads a bevy of neighbors and farm animals on a wild goose chase. This smart cookies puts her candy embellishments to good use as tools to keep a very hungry fox at bay. Oversized cartoon-like pictures keep little readers entertained and engaged.



 the ninjabread man

 What a fun twist for kids who love a good action-packed, martial arts book. In this story, the sensei decides to reward his ninjas with his special ninja bread. He takes a peak inside the oven, and much to his surprise, a ninjabread man takes flight. A cast of ninja characters chase after this sword-wielding cookie in this sugary twist on The Gingerbread Man fairytale.



 the gingerbread man 2 what happened later

The Gingerbread Man suffered an unfortunate fate at the end of the original fairytale. In fact, some little kids may find the ending a little unsettling! This clever sequel may be just what they need to feel better. In this story, the sly fox develops a fondness for baking, perhaps to compensate for his poor behavior. In a well-paced rhyming read-aloud, kids will enjoy his escapades and a much happier ending.



 the gingerbread man loose in the school

A popular book teachers read at the beginning of the school year to introduce students to various staff members. In this story, a classroom of children bake a delicious gingerbread man. While he is cooling off, they head out to recess. Never one to miss out on fun, the Gingerbread Man races out to catch up with the kids on the playground. He needs a little help from the principal, the school nurse, and the art teacher, but he eventually reaches the children, who fortunately do not eat him in the end.



 gingerbread mouse

 Kids will fall in love with the whimsical little world full of sweets and candy. The story is about a mouse whose tiny home is ruined by a branch that has fallen. It's Christmas and she must find a new place to live. The clever little rodent finds just the place to call home for the holidays. A darling picture book to supplement your child's Gingerbread Man book collection.



 tough cookie a christmas story

The author of this story is the youngest grandson of Ernest Hemingway! He borrows the early elements of the original story which involves a fox chasing after the delicious smelling Gingerbread Man.  However, this is where the similarity ends. Much to the feisty cookie's dismay, the fox catches him but dislikes the little nibble he takes. He feels like a failure, but the fox and others rally around him to lift his spirits and find a new purpose in life. 



the gingerbread cowboy

Giddyup! A creative cowboy version of The Gingerbread Man takes readers on quite an adventure. The cowboy cookie maneuvers past the cattle, the rancher and the javelinas. But is he clever enough to get past the sleeping coyote? A rollicking fun read aloud that will have children worried about the fate of the runaway until the very last page.


 the gingerbread man loose at christmas

This sugary fellow with generous spirit is busy at school making a gift for a very special friend. When some winter weather rolls in, the snow and slush are no match for a very determined cookie! A jolly fun book to read at Christmas with a valuable lesson about the importance of giving gifts from the heart. 



 catch that cookie

Marshall knows that magic isn't real. When he bakes gingerbread men with his classmates, he is not worried about them running away. But when the time comes to retrieve them from the oven, he's shocked to find they have all disappeared. After a fun by exhausting day working to solve rhymes and riddles, Marshall and his friends finally find the escape artists. And he starts to wonder if maybe he is a believer after all. 


 the gingerbread pirates

These are not any ordinary Christmas cookies. They are gingerbread pirates who spend their nights defending themselves against a dangerous cannibal by the name of Santa Claus. Captain Cookie makes it his mission to protect his crew with the help of his gingerbread sword. A festive holiday book about a group of swashbuckling gingerbread men will be your child's new favorite!



 gingerbread christmas

Jan Brett's delightful illustrations and clever gingerbread story are sure to brighten the holidays of all young readers! Gingerbread Baby and his band of gingerbread instruments head to the center of town to perform at the Christmas Festival. All of the bystanders enjoy the music, but when their tummies start rumbling, the gingerbread entertainers know they are in trouble. Gingerbread Baby leads the way on a chase that ends at the perfect place to hide- a giant Christmas tree.


 ten tiny gingerbread men

A sparkling holiday book for preschoolers ready to practice counting. The cutest little gingerbread men disappear one by one as readers count down from 10.  Peek-through holes add extra fun to this charming book perfect for the holidays. 

 the gingerbread bear

 A woodsy twist on a classic. This time it's the Gingerbread Bear who escapes the oven and leads a chase throughout Woodlands National Park. Campers, forest rangers and woodland critters all put their heads together to come up with a plan to trap this not-so-ferocious cookie. Charming retelling of a classic perfect for outdoorsy types.

 the gingerbread girl goes animal crackers

Gingerbread Girl successfully outsmarted the sneaky fox in her first book. Now she's back in this sequel with a new challenge- keeping her feisty animal cracker friends under control! The classic refrain is just about the only common thread in this creative Gingerbread Man spin-off. Bold, oversized pictures with a retro feel are fun to explore in this story with a surprise happy ending.


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gingerbread men


Whimsical Kids' Gingerbread Man Stories

When children engage in imaginary play, there are no limitations to their creativity. The rules that apply to the real world don't exist in fantasyland. Reading books that fuel their ability to stretch the boundaries during childhood, especially around the holidays when Santa and other characters come to life, will help them become better thinkers, problem-solvers, inventors, and innovators as adults.

The Gingerbread Man is a classic fairytale about a cookie that is personified. His rudimentary shape is brought to life with a little icing for the face and body! The original story has been around for decades, and many other related books about The Gingerbread Man's adventures have been published. So gather your kids around the fireplace this holiday, read some of these entertaining books, and then make some of your own gingerbread man cookies! For more sweet Christmas reading, mix in some  books about candy canes, too!


gingerbread man


Fun Gingerbread Man Kits and Gifts

We love the idea of including a themed gift that matches the book you give a child. For a creative Christmas gift, pick a few gingerbread man books and select a cookie kit, a plush toy, or an ornament in the shape of this frisky holiday cookie.

gund gingerbread man plush

Gund Gingerbread Man Plush

Standing 9 inches tall, this super soft gingerbread man man stuffed toy is the perfect snuggle buddy. Give him along with a book as a special touch for little ones.



wilton gingerbread cookie kit

Wilton Gingerbread Man Cookie Kit

Eight pre-baked gingerbread men are all ready to be decorated. This kit has all the frosting, sprinkles, and candy you need for a fun afternoon of cookie decorating with your children.


gingerbread man christmas tree ornaments

Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree Ornaments

These darling 4-inch ornaments are the perfect accessory for a picture book about The Gingerbread Man. They well-made plush cookies with a ribbon for easy hanging.



 lego gingerbread house


Lego Gingerbread House

Almost 1500 pieces in this gingerbread house Lego set that comes with a cute gingerbread man and woman. Spend some quality time with your children building this charming gingerbread kit.



gingerbread man


Fun Facts About The Gingerbread Man

You're read the story and have probably even decorated your own Gingerbread Man cookies at one time. But here are some interesting tidbits about this feisty fellow you may not know-

  • Queen Elizabeth I (reigned 1558 – 1603) is credited with inventing The Gingerbread Man when she formed gingerbread cookies into the likeness of visiting dignitaries. 
  • John Dough was the name for The Gingerbread Man when the musical made its debut on Broadway on Christmas day 1905.
  • Ikea earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for making the largest gingerbread man. Displayed at their store in Oslo, Norway, the giant cookie weighed 1435.2 pounds.
  • The Brothers Grimm film turns The Gingerbread Man into a nightmare. A child's facial features are stolen by a muddy form who runs away chanting the familiar phrase "You can't catch me, I'm the Gingerbread Man!" 


gingerbread man


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