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15 Stinky Kids' Garbage Truck Books


trash truck

An endearing story about a special friendship between a gregarious green trash truck and a six-year-old boy named Max. Imaginations run wild in this picture book that is based on the hit Netflix series. Perfect for preschoolers fascinated with trash trucks, the illustrations are adorable. As an added bonus,  the last page of the book is a gatefold with a real picture of the author's son with his favorite truck, the inspiration for this story.

Children's Books About Trash Trucks

The trucks with the dirtiest job have an interesting appeal for young children. Perhaps it's the importance of the job they do. Removing all the smelly garbage from trash cans left by the curb is not a job for just any truck. Even garbage truck toys seem to come to life when their giant mouths gobble up all the stinky waste with a lot of mashing, gnashing, crunching, and munching. In these children's books about trash trucks, readers will learn about what they do with all that junk after they haul it away. They will be introduced to a variety of characters who will take them behind the scenes on an excitingly trashy adventure! Kids who love things-that-go will enjoy reading all about bulldozers next.

grandma drove the garbage truck


Business owners wear many hats and have to be ready to get the job done no matter what. Such is the case with Grandma, whose business is in trouble when her three grandsons, who are the drivers, get sick. It's the Fourth of July, a day when the town must stay neat and tidy for all the people out and about celebrating. So Grandma doesn't hesitate to jump behind the wheel in this silly book about the important job of collecting waste. 



trashy town
An award-winning, extremely popular book for toddlers. Mr. Gilly has the very important job of getting rid of all the junk that accumulates around Trashy Town. He drives his big  truck to collect disposable items from the schools, restaurants, and every single house in town. A fun, rhythmic picture book for kids that love things-that-go.



i stink

The humorous title of this funny book says it all! This gigantic vehicle, equipped with 10 big tires and an even bigger appetite for trash, proudly embraces his identity as a smelly, waste-eating machine. He's often grumpy and lacking manners but this guy knows how to get the stinky job done.


i am a garbage truck

Toddlers love this board book that is shaped like a their favorite vehicle. Each page contains one simple sentence about how these trucks drive around collecting junk and taking it to the dump. Colorful and charming little book that is cute enough to use as decoration in the room of a vehicle-loving kiddo.



the wheels on the garbage truck


A twist on the well-known "Wheels on the Bus" tune, this is one big machine that looks fun to ride. A group of adorable, furry animals drive around all day doing a very important job. This story is equal parts stinky and sweet.



garbage truck coloring book

Grab this 50 page coloring book and a box of crayons for hours of entertainment. This fun book has a glossy cover and single sided  pages to prevent colors from bleeding through. Pair it up with a picture book about  and a toy for fun birthday gift.


smash mash crash there goes the trash


A favorite story for toddlers and preschoolers. A pair of piglets rise early to witness the arrival of their favorite gigantic machines on wheels. Your child will quickly memorize the rollicking, rhythmic text on every page of this colorful picture book. Every disgusting detail is humorously described, like buzzing flies feasting on the traveling buffet. A rip-roaring fun read aloud.



where does the garbage go

An informative, non-fiction book for children who want to know happens to trash after it is picked up. A step-by-step process explains all the places these vehicles go before reaching the final destination. Large, colorful, glossy photographs fill the pages in this very realistic book.



the little trash truck keeps the neighborhood clean

A zippy little story with cumulative, repetitive text that begs to be sung. Kids will enjoy pouring over the whimsical illustrations of clean and wholesome neighborhood. The friendly guy greets all the people he passes as he makes his rounds on the designated day each week.



buster the little garbage truck

A book about friendship and overcoming fears. Buster is young and who wants to grow up to be brave and strong, just like his father. The only problem is that he has a crippling fear of loud noises, which is quite upsetting for him. When Buster's best friend, Kitty, gets herself into trouble, he must dig deep to find the courage to help her.



the garbage trucks are coming today

In this bright book, a little boy named Winston is having an exciting morning. He eagerly waits with his family for the familiar rumble coming up the street. A cute book that captures the thrill little fans feel every day they watch cans being emptied from their window.


gus the garbage truck

Some jobs are just not meant to be done in a rush. Gus learns this lesson the hard way after being teased by others for his slow speed. When he decides to pick up the pace, Gus's technique turns into a very messy business. Lots of interesting facts about the collection process and what happens to all the trash once the trucks take it away.



vroom vroom garbage truck

A large, chunky board book perfect for babies and toddlers. Little readers will love following the bright, bold truck move across town making vroom vroom sounds. Children will also practice counting to 5 in this sturdy trash truck book.



trash trucks

Appealing collage artwork adds a retro feel to this colorful book about trash trucks. When the sun rises, they have already begun their very important job. They drive up and down the city street to collect all the trash, munching and crunching it to pieces in a satisfying manner. Kids will love reading about how their communities stay clean because of these giant machines. 


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Read to Children About Garbage Trucks

A key to developing a child's lifelong love for reading is by reading them books about their interests. And this starts from the time they are toddlers. While overzealous parents may want their child to read a diverse selection of books, it's not uncommon for preschoolers to develop a kind of obsession with a particular topic. For instance, some little ones become fixated with things-that-go, like school buses, trash trucks, and fire trucksWe encourage you to embrace this fun fascination and gather a collection of reading material about all of these interesting vehicles. This obsession will soon fade, but your child's passion for books will last a lifetime.  

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