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26 Cool Books About School Buses

Lots of little kids love the long yellow buses well before they are ready to board one for the first time. It is impossible to miss these bright, loud, clumsy vehicles with squeaky breaks. Equally interesting to young children is the mystery and excitement around what happens once they get inside the bus.

magic school bus

Mrs. Fizzle takes her student on an epic water-filled adventure on the magic school bus. In this imaginative story, the bus with the students aboard shrinks to the size of a raindrop. Then they travel high in the sky through the clouds to learn about where water originates. They follow the trail all the way back to the sink in their school. Along this memorable bus ride, readers learn valuable science lessons.


Best School Bus Books for Kids

Who is riding the bus? Are there seatbelts? Can you walk around while the bus is moving? Are there bathrooms? Who will sit next to me? Are there movies to watch? For kids who have never ridden a bus, the questions are endless. These children's books about school buses will answer all of their questions and more. Also, consider reading books about the first day of school to ease jitters about starting a new school year. 


the little school bus

If you have a little preschooler who has the jitters about riding a school bus, this gently rhyming book will ease all worries! A friendly bus and even friendlier bus driver picks up a group of children and drops them off safely at school. And for kids who wonder what buses do all day while the kids are at school? Well, this story answers this question as well. A bright, cheery read aloud.



the little school bus

Join fun cast of characters in this cumulative, rhyming book about riding a school bus. Perfect for preschoolers with a case of the bus-riding jitters. A fox in sox, a pig in a wig, and a goat in his coat all board the bus for a safe ride to school!




pete the cat the wheels on the bus

Pete the Cat is a best-selling series with the coolest kitty on the block. With Pete at the wheel, leading all his buddies in the popular sing-along, who wouldn't want to get on board? Funny school bus book guaranteed to give your child a few chuckles!



 axle annie

Talented illustrator Tedd Arnold delivers a fun, cartoonish book about a school bus with a driver appropriately named Axle Annie. There is no hill too steep for her to climb. The more challenging the slope, the more determined Annie becomes much to the chagrin of a lazy driver of a different school bus. A little drama, a lot of scheming, and plenty of action is packed into this fun book.




the magic school bus lost in the solar system

The Magic School Bus books are best-sellers that teach readers lessons about science. With popular Ms. Frizzle at the wheel, this special bus takes us on an out-of-this world adventure. A trip to the planetarium does not go according to plan, so the adventurous teacher turns a mishap into an experience of a lifetime. The school bus magically converts into a spaceship and takes the class to the moon. Packed with up-to-date scientific facts, this book about a school bus ride is a crowd pleaser.



my fun school bus lift the flap

An appealing board book shaped like a school bus perfect for inquisitive preschoolers. Charming, friendly animals ride the bus to school. Lots of flaps to lift and fun pictures to explore. Rhyming text helps young readers practice basic number, color, and shape concepts. 



mrs kormel is not normal

Dan Gutman's best-selling My Weird School series is a hit with kids starting down the path of reading independently. Short, funny chapter books with plenty of illustrations keep things interesting. In this edition, Mrs. Kormel is probably the most inept school bus driver ever. She gets totally lost and is super duper weird! It's not an easy job being a school bus driver, so maybe we need to cut her some slack. 



i'm smart

A hilarious, reassuring book for any kid who is a tad nervous about an impending school bus ride. This colorful picture book celebrates the importance and intelligence of a most important vehicle delivering kids to school. Readers are given an inside look at the day in a life of school bus. Lots of good, factual information in text that is easy to understand even amongst the youngest little readers.



it's your first day of school busy bus

Kids aren't the only ones nervous about the first day of school. Buses have a big job to do and they can find themselves even more jittery than the kids! Fortunately, this little school bus has an awesome driver at the wheel who will help him stay on track. A cute, simple school bus book just right for toddlers and preschoolers.



junie b jones and the stupid smelly bus

In this very first installment of the Junie B. Jones series, a spunky kindergartener has no interest in starting school. She is especially concerned about all the bullies she could possibly encounter on that awful school bus. A quick chapter book, with plenty of illustrations, that will tickle the funny bone of readers who may just share some of Junie B's anxieties about riding the bus.




itsy bitsy school bus

Toddlers will sing along to the tune of The Itsy Bitsy Spider in this clever twist. A group of adorable school buses are attending their first day of school. Their lunches are packed and they are ready to have a fun day of making new friends and learning new things. A cute school bus book for babies and preschoolers.




kindergarten bus

Ahoy, matey! It's time for the first day of school. But...arrghh...even a tough pirate bus driver has a bit of the first day jitters! It's his job to teach the kids all about the rules of the bus and how to get along with others at school. Will he overcome his nerves and help all the little mateys have a great first day of school? Full of pirate-speak, this creative book is sure to settle the butterflies and bring a little humor to anxious kiddos.



the magic school bus on the ocean floor

Kids may find themselves a tad disappointed when their real school bus isn't exactly like the one in this book. Nevertheless, they will enjoy this imaginative, entertaining children's school bus that takes a trip to the bottom of the ocean. The Magic School Bus series focuses on a different science lesson in each book, with marine life being the focus in this fun read.



i spy a school bus

This I Spy book is designed for beginner readers with fun, easy rhymes all about buses. An entertaining activity book will keep readers' eyes pealed to the pages searching for the well-hidden, cleverly disguised school buses. 




it's not a school bus it's a pirate ship

Imagination is a powerful tool to help cope with anxiety. In this case, a little boy has a huge case of nerves about riding the school bus for the first time. In order to overcome his fears, he pretends that the bus is really a pirate ship. This changes his whole perspective and he eagerly approaches the "pirate ship" with confidence and self-assurance.  




school bus safety

Sometimes kids simply need straightforward, easy-to-understand, facts about riding a school bus. This book has realistic photos on every page with short explanations about all the rules that need to be followed. Nervous kids will feel a whole lot better after reading this book and learning that there is nothing scary about riding the bus.



school bus safety

For kids who worry about riding a school bus for the first time, their anxieties often center around understanding and following the rules. (And also whether they will have a friend to share a seat!) Cute illustrations and rhymes teach kids everything they need to know. We're pretty certain little readers will feel a lot better about riding the bus after reading this school bus book.



i'm feeling school bus yellow

A school bus shaped board book full of color will get your little reader excited about the big first day. Geared toward toddlers and preschoolers, this book celebrates everything about beginning a new school year, including a ride on the big yellow bus. 



save the school bus

Uh oh! The Paw Patrol crew jumps into action to repair a broken down school bus. They rescue their friends from the disabled vehicle and use teamwork to get the bus back up and running. 



the bus for us

One of the greatest sources of anxiety for children riding a school bus for the first time is boarding the right one. They all look exactly alike! In this school bus book, a little girl named Tess relies on her friend Gus to help her. A colorful, upbeat story with a diverse group of kids will make every newbie feel better about their very first school bus ride.



school buses on the go

 A simple, non-fiction book about school buses is filled with colorful photographs. Kids will enjoy learning all the important parts of a bus and how they work. There is a helpful glossary of school bus terms in the back for kids ready to learn more before their first time riding one.



all aboard the bus

 Join these adorable cherubs as they board the bus for an exciting ride. Preschoolers and kindergarteners will love this chunky board book filled with their favorite Little People characters. There are more than fifty flaps to lift for kids to keep young kids engaged from beginning to end.



time for school little blue truck

Fans of the Little Blue Truck series will love this story perfect for kids getting ready to ride a school bus for the first time. Little Blue encounters a big yellow bus and wishes that he, too, could drive a whole bunch of kids to school. He quickly realizes that he doesn't have enough room and feels a bit sad. But then he spots a student who missed the bus and jumps on a chance to help out! Sturdy, colorful, and upbeat story about an endearing truck who always finds the bright side.


super bus

This tired school bus is ready to be put to rest in the junkyard. Newer, shinier buses are taking over the job of transporting children to school. Fortunately, a special somebody recognizes that there is still a lot of life left in the old, yellow bus before its put out to pasture. An uplifting story about second chances. As an added bonus, readers will love searching for the hidden buses throughout the story!



nimoshom and his bus

School bus drivers are more than just transportation workers shuffling kids to and from school. They welcome students with a greeting in the morning and wish them farewell after dropping them at the bus stop after school. This particular story is about Nimoshom, a grandfatherly figure who laughs, teaches, and protects his little riders every day. Along the way, he teaches them Cree, a dialect spoken by a people living in central Canada and a small population in Montana. Muted watercolor illustrations add a nice artistic touch to this interesting school bus story.


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Valuable Stories About Riding a School Bus

Lots of kids go through a stage of fascination with motorized vehicles. Things-that-go have a special appeal when they come to life in children's books. School buses, however, fall into their own unique category of interest for even the youngest of little readers.

This long, yellow mode of transportation symbolizes a major milestone in a child's life. When a child boards a school bus for the first time, they enter a whole new world of beginnings. Kids are likely to experience a wide range of emotions before their first bus ride, usually when they begin kindergarten. Consider reading the best stories about teachers to get them excited about meeting the special person who will be waiting for them when they get off the bus.

An excellent tool to calm their nerves and get them excited about their first ride is to read a pile of children's books about school buses. And when your child exits the bus after the last day of school, gather the best kids' books about kindergarten graduation to reflect on a successful year of school and riding the bus! Don't forget to read stories to younger siblings who are not yet old enough to ride a school bus to school. Children's first day of preschool books capture all the fun and excitement for little ones who are getting ready for their very first school experience.


school bus


The Coolest School Bus Toys for Active Kids

If you know a kid who loves school buses, you'll want to check out these awesome toys and accessories that would pair well with a picture book. It's always fun to pick a theme when giving a gift to a child, and for kids getting ready to start a new school year, school bus gifts are great. 

playmobil school bus

Playmobil School Bus

This classic school bus has lights that work in the front and back. It comes with four figures that bend and sit inside the bus. Kids will love putting the bus driver in the front seat and moving the kids around the bus as it transports them to and from school.


melissa and doug wooden bus

Melissa and Doug Wooden Bus

A solid wooden bus, perfect for preschoolers, comes with seven colorful figures. The simplicity of this toy encourages young children to use their imagination.




 little people big yellow bus

Fisher-Price Little People Big Yellow Bus

An iconic school bus toy with lights, sounds, music, and pull handle to reveal a fun storage area. This bus set comes with four figures, but there is seating for up to twelve. A super addition to other Little People sets.




die cast school bus

Die Cast School Bus

A six-inch die cast school bus that looks exactly like the real thing. The door opens and a stop sign that can be extended out. Add this to a collection of other die cast vehicles for hours of playtime.




popup school bus playhouse 

Pop-Up School Bus Playhouse

Kids will love crawling through the back secret panel to get on board this bus playhouse. There are so many ways this fun pop-up tent can be used. Kids can crawl inside to nap, read a book, or play with toys. There are two holes on top for them to peek out and interact with others.



school bus back pack

School Bus Backpack

Fill this darling school bus backpack with books about school buses for a fun first-day-of-school gift. This plush backpack is lightweight and roomy!




school bus



Helping Your Child Overcome School Bus Anxiety

A school bus is so much more than just a mode of transportation. When kids walk up the steps to board the bus, they enter a tight space with a code of social conduct that can be scary and overwhelming. There are lots of things parents can do to turn the experience of riding a school bus into a positive one for their kids. Here are some pointers for you to share with kids who have jitters- 

  • Find an old friend or make a new one. Riding is a whole lot more fun with the comfort of a loyal friend along for the ride. Pair up with a mate at the bus stop or seek out the company of another kid sitting alone on the bus. Having just one friend is enough to turn a lonely ride into an opportunity to laugh and chat before the school day begins.
  • Stay away from the mean kids. There is always at least one bully on every bus. The best advice is to stay away and avoid interacting with the mean group if at all possible. Of course, if your child witnesses another child who is a victim of the bullies, taking action is the right thing to do. But sometimes it's easiest to avoid these kinds of kids altogether choose a seat far away. Read the best children's books about bullying to help kids recognize this type of behavior and give them the tools to handle it.
  • Sitting alone is perfectly okay. Sitting quietly and looking out the window is a good way for kids to make that transition between home and school. A child who has the confidence and self-assurance to choose being along sometimes is off to a good start in life. Also, for some kids, constant socialization can feel overwhelming. Mentally checking out of the chaos can be a healthy and necessary habit.
  • Always make room for someone new. If your kid is friendly, self-assured, and outgoing, riding the school bus is just another outlet for having some fun. Encourage your social butterfly to welcome some of the shy and quiet kids into their fold. Save a seat for a new kid or invite a more timid child to sit nearby. A little invitation can go a long way in brightening another child's day.
  • Remind your child to follow the rules. There is no one to supervise what is going on behind the driver's back. This is a great opportunity for kids to practice good behavior without an adult watching. Staying seated, not leaving trash behind, and talking quietly are just some of the many important rules. Parents need to talk to their kids about the importance of these guidelines.   
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