11 Outstanding Kids' Books About Rocket Ships

 roaring rockets

Roaring Rockets

Part of the popular Amazing Machines book series for kids, this exciting story  takes readers on a journey into outer space. Bold pictures and rhyming text will capture the attention of toddlers who will love learning about the basic parts of a rocket ship. Cartoonish illustrations and characters add to the appeal of this book geared toward toddlers and preschoolers.



rocket ship


Cool Children's Rocket Ship Books 

The technology used to send rocket ships far into space has allowed for incredible exploration and discoveries that continue to push human knowledge about outer space to new limits. Children's astronaut stories are especially fun to read as they will give kids a sneak peak at the training, equipment, food, and other mission critical aspects of riding a rocket ship.

 Rockets are used for human spaceflight, to fire missiles, and to launch artificial satellite equipment. Kids' books about rocket ships capture the powerful, awe-inspiring machines that blast off and travel to unimaginable places.


rocket ship adventure!

Rocket Ship Adventure!

A large book made of thick board pages will stand up to hours of handling. This interactive book has die cut wheels and handles to give little ones the ability to steer the rocket ship. Readers will go on an exciting adventure deep into space where they will explore black holes and do their best to avoid asteroids from hitting the space ship. 



my rainy day rocket ship 

My Rainy Day Rocket Ship

An imaginative little boy goes on an amazing space adventure using items from around his bedroom. The stormy weather has forced him indoors, but that does not deter him from going to exciting places. Using a chair from his bedroom and a discarded cardboard box, the boys builds a rocket ship and sets out to explore the universe.



my big silver rocket ship

My Big Silver Rocket Ship

The ultimate gift book for kids who want a hands-on experience building a rocket ship. This large board book introduces children to all the parts and how they work together to send rockets into outer space. Removable puzzle pieces can be removed from the pages and used to build three dimensional rockets. Slots and tabs are used to hold the pieces together, which allows kids to build the model over and over again.




curious george and the rocket

Curious George and the Rocket

A counting concept book that incorporates a fun little story about outer space George, the ever curious monkey, is excited to board a rocket ship and explore the moon and stars. Toddlers will get an interesting lesson about space, astronauts, and technology.



bonnie's rocket

Bonnie's Rocket

An inspirational story, inspired by true events, about a little girl who is building a model rocket ship. She dreams of becoming an engineer one day and is learning how to put her thinking skills to the test. Bonnie is motivated by her father's experience as a real engineer for the Apollo 11 mission to outer space. Fortunately, he returns in time from his work to see Bonnie successfully launch her miniature rocket. 



the book of blast off

The Book of Blast Off!

A gorgeously rendered, hardcover picture book that serves as a great introduction for little kids interested in learning more about rocket ships. Some of the most important space missions are introduced, including Sputnik 1, Apollo 13, and Voyager 1. Children will learn about discoveries made by early thinkers, like Galileo, and about brave astronauts like Neil Armstrong and John Glenn. Readers are given a glimpse into the International Space Station and around new discoveries made about the universe.



how it works rocket

How It Works: Rocket

This magical board book takes toddlers on an adventure into outer space. Bold images set against a dark backdrop will engage little ones eager to learn about rocket ships. Die cut pages and easy-to-follow facts throughout this sturdy board book. Little ones will especially love looking for the tiny mouse hidden on every page.



elon musk this book is about rockets

Elon Musk: This Book is About Rockets

Kids will be inspired by this true story about Elon Musk which takes them back to the time he was a child. All of the hurdles he had to overcome never got in the way of his brilliant mind and curious nature. Readers will learn about his many ventures and discoveries that eventually fueled his desire to develop rockets.  



on the launch pad a counting books about rockets

 On the Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets

A fun concept book for preschoolers who will have fun finding the hidden numbers within the illustrations. Artwork depicting all the different parts of the rocket ship is accompanied by terminology for beginners.



astrid the astronaut the unlucky launch

Astrid the Astronaut: The Unlucky Launch

Astrid and the rest of the club members, The Shooting Stars, are working on designing their very own rocket ship. They have a guest member, Luke, helping them with the project. Even though Luke worked on the Space-E rocket launch, Astrid is not impressed with his contributions to the team's rocket. She must find the courage to speak up or risk a disastrous launch. 


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rocket ship


Reading Books about Rockets to Children is Valuable

There are so many good reasons to read kids' books about rocket ships from the time they are toddlers. Stories will inspire young minds to imagine what exists far beyond the planet Earth. They will dream about the stars and solar system, and may even think about becoming astronauts themselves one day. A simple book about the a rocket ship blasting off into space can plant a seed in the mind of children who may make a contribution or discovery of their own one day.

Children who are exposed to books about science and technology from a young age may take more of an active interest in these studies. Maybe they will become engineers or astronomers. Or perhaps they will develop an interest in learning about the solar system just by peering through the lens of a telescope. Reading good children's books about rocket ships will encourage them to learn and explore all the wonders that exist in other solar systems. 


rocket ship


Cool Facts about Rocket Ships

Kids who are fascinated with space exploration have so many resources at their fingertips to learn about missions that have resulted in incredible discoveries. Powerful telescopes can be credited with some amazing findings, but it's the technology built into rocket ships that is truly responsible for delivering images from faraway places in space that were never before discovered. Here are some pretty amazing facts about rocket ships for kids who are curious about how they work. 

  • In order for a rocket to escape the gravity of earth and make it into outer space, the ship needs to travel at a speed exceeding 7 miles per second

  • The fastest rockets can reach speeds of 15,000 miles per hour within a period of 8 minutes.

  • On July 16, 1969, the first rocket sent a human, astronaut Neil Armstrong, to the moon. The name of the rocket was Saturn V SA-506.

  • Fireworks are technically the very first rockets. They were developed in the second century BC by the ancient Chinese.

  • Rockets are launched from the ground by exhaust thrust, which is bigger than the weight of the rocket on Earth.

  • Fuel that reaches hot temperatures is responsible for powering the rocket. Most rockets use solid fuel to create the fire, but the biggest rockets rely on liquid fuel which gets even hotter. Liquid fuel is more expensive and much more dangerous to handle.

  • The materials used to build rockets and the cargo all need to be as light as possible to make launch easier. At the same time, all of these materials need to be incredibly strong to survive the thrust.

  • When rockets return back to earth, enormous parachutes are utilized to slow down the speed of descent.

  • SpaceX is the first company to develop a reusable rocket and launch system. The ultimate goal is to make travel to space more affordable, frequent, and accessible.


boy with toy rocket



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