23 High-Flying Kids' Books About Airplanes

airplane flight


Airplane Flight

A fun, oversized lift-the-flap takes little readers on an exciting adventure. Succinct, rhyming text walks readers through all the interesting parts of an airplane, starting with the cockpit. Kids will love learning all about how airplanes work by peaking under the flaps. Shaped like an airplane, this board book is a must-read for toddlers getting ready for their first flight.




 Best Children's Airplane Books 

Long before many kids take their first ride on an airplane, they develop a fascination with these flying machines. We've searched sky high for the best kids books about airplanes that will teach them everything they want to know. We especially suggest grabbing some of these vibrant, exciting, reassuring stories to prepare a young child for a momentous event- a very first ride on an airplane.  




Fantastic Airplane Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

There is no better way to prepare your toddler for a first airplane ride than to read a bunch of fun books about planes. Toddlers excited about their upcoming trip will learn all kinds of cool things about riding on airplanes. We've put together a list of the best airplane books for the youngest little readers, full of colorful illustrations and stories that they will want to read over and over again! 


 maisy goes on a plane

Maisy Goes on a Plane

This is one of our favorite books for preschoolers getting ready for their very first airplane ride. Join Maisy as she learns about the entire process from checking in at the airport, making her way down the aisle to find her seat, and even using the potty on the airplane. This adorable book will answer the many, many questions your toddler will ask about airplanes.




 my first airplane ride

My First Airplane Ride

A little boy is excited about his first airplane ride that will take him to see his grandmother. Cute illustrations and rhyming text walks young readers through the entire process. The story covers everything from arriving at the airport, passing through security, watching airplanes take off and land through the window, boarding the plane, and more.



 good night planes

Good Night Planes

Coax your little loved one into a night of sweet dreams about airplanes with this adorable board book. Toddlers will learn all about the different people who work in the airplane industry- like pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants.




 amazing airplanes

Amazing Airplanes

We love this simple, informative book about airplanes for toddlers and young children! Follow a crew of animals and passengers as they prepare for their flight. Pilots, stewards and baggage handlers are all bustling around as the flight is getting ready for takeoff. Little readers will love learning about the cockpit, landing gear, and all the other mechanics of an airplane explained in terms they will understand.



 planes board book


Toddlers will learn about all the different uses of airplanes. Simple, bold illustrations and basic text walk little readers through a variety of planes and their functions, like carrying travelers, dusting crops, and writing messages in the sky. A solid, introductory board book for babies who love airplanes.



 bizzy bear airplane pilot

Bizzy Bear Airplane Pilot

Toddlers will love this sturdy board book about Bizzy Bear who takes the helm of an airplane for the day. Join Bizzy in this fun, simple story as he makes his way through the airport, flies the airplane, and lands this plane safely at the final destination.



 the little airplane

The Little Airplane

Your preschooler will be drawn to Lois Lensky's charming, classic book about Pilot Small and his joyride on a red airplane. Available in both an abridged board book version and a lengthier picture book which goes into more detail about the mechanics of flying a plane.



 where do jet planes sleep at night 

Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night?

 After a long day flying people around the world, even airplanes need to take a break. Preschool children will enjoy reading about the bedtime routines of their favorite aircraft carriers. Jumbo jets, helicopters and Air Force One all turn off their engines and lay down with their parents under the stars. They drift off to sleep listening to stories about flying off into dreamland, of course! 


away in my airplane

Away in My Airplane

Margaret Wise Brown, author of Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny, delivers an adorable airplane book for babies and toddlers. Lots of repetition in text that sweeps across the pages like and airplane doing loops in the sky. The pictures of a darling little pilot in an old-school airplane add to the charm of this picture book.


i am an airplane 

I Am an Airplane

Shaped just like an airplane, this sturdy board book for toddlers will quickly become a favorite. Each page features a different airplane accompanied by a short explanation. Told in the first person, every plane introduces itself. A variety of airplane shapes, sizes and capabilities are presented in this cute book.





Kids' Airplane Books for Kindergarten and Up

Kids who are ready for a more in-depth look at airplanes will surely enjoy this entire collection. Some of these airplane books for kids take an peak inside the engine of an airplane, explore the aerodynamic body of the plane, and take a close look at how airplane wings help the plane fly. And some of these children's books about airplanes take readers on a fun adventure, flying above the clouds to distant places. We promise you will find something your child will enjoy! So buckle up and enjoy a ride with these exciting airplane picture books.


the big book of airplanes

The Big Book of Airplanes

Children fascinated with airplanes will devour this book cover to cover.  Every type of aircraft is covered in tremendous detail accompanied by photographs. Readers will learn about military planes, commercial jumbo jets, and even space shuttles. This book is chock full of interesting facts about all the ways airplanes are used for travel, farming, defense, and exploration. 



richard scarry's a day at the airport

Richard Scarry's A Day at the Airport

Your airplane-loving kid will enjoy pouring over all the detailed pictures and captions at this very busy airport. Not only will they learn about airplanes, kids will also explore the control tower, runway, and the airport terminal. A page of colorful stickers add a fun touch to this book about life at an airport.



 angela's airplane

 Angela's Airplane

Robert Munsch is a master storyteller, literally and figuratively hitting all the right buttons in this action-packed book about an unintentional airplane ride. Angela seems to have lost her father at the airport. She searches for him everywhere and eventually boards the airplane in an attempt to find him. When her curiosity gets the better of her, she pushes some buttons that send the plane into the air. Readers will be relieved when they find a happy ending on the last page.



violet the pilot 

Violet the Pilot

Violet is a heroine who showed remarkable genius from the time she was a toddler. Her particular gifts involved building things that could fly.  She cleverly names all of her aircrafts, and despite being teased as school, Violet soldiers on with her imaginative inventions. An inspiring book for kids who love airplanes.






We consider this informative book to be one of the most comprehensive airplane books for children and adults alike. Over 1000 aircraft carriers are featured with mind-blowing photographs and interesting facts about each of them. This should be your child's go-to aviation guide that delivers hours of entertainment and knowledge of all machines that fly.



 wood wire wings

Wood, Wire, Wings

Emma Lilian Todd may not be a household name. But she was an important engineer during the early 1900s who refused to give up on her dream of designing an airplane. This biographical picture book details her life and her refusal to give up despite many failures. She was a brilliant woman with many patents whose contributions tell a valuable story.


the noisy airplane ride

The Noisy Airplane Ride

If you are looking to prepare your child for what to expect on their first airplane ride, this book offers an angle that takes many little ones by surprise. There are a lot of loud noises, and some of them may sound scary and dangerous. This helpful picture book explains all the different sounds and physical experiences kids can expect when riding on an airplane.



on the plane activity book

On the Plane Activity Book

More than 60 pages of airplane and airport related activities will keep your little traveler busy! Seek and finds, puzzles, quizzes, matching games and drawing tasks are just some of the fun things to do in this airplane activity book. Perfect to keep kids occupied while waiting in the airport and while flying high in the sky.


planes fly

Planes Fly

 Go on an exciting ride through the sky with this rhyming book about airplanes. Kids will learn about all the different parts of the plane and what to expect on a flight. The retro-style illustrations do a fantastic job of capturing the essence of flying, especially the surreal landscape below when the airplane is soaring high. Kids will enjoy examining the diverse passengers boarding the plane, and identifying the various emotional state of young children through older, more experienced travelers.


little smokey

Little Smokey

An inspiring airplane book about finding one's identity. Little Smokey wants to be a hero like  other airplanes that fight forest fires. All the other planes jump into action by spraying water or dropping fire retardants on the blaze. It's not until the biggest, most challenging fire ever starts spreading that Little Smokey finally finds a way to show her worth. This wonderful book also includes information about wild fire prevention and safety.


The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot July 25, 1909 

The Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with Louis Bleriot

A Caldecott Medal winner tells the story of a tenacious Frenchman who built the first airplane to traverse the English Channel. After many failed attempts, Louis Bleriot finally completed his mission. This historically accurate account of a remarkable event is captured in succinct verse and illustrations that elicit a sense of awe and nostalgia.



going on a plane

Going on a Plane

The cutest siblings, Tim and Rosie Tripp, are excited to go on their very first airplane ride. This story does a fantastic job of relating the entire experience to little ones. Kids learn what to expect from the moment they arrive at the airport, like checking their suitcases and going through security. This helpful book also covers all the rules that need to be followed, such as staying in assigned seats, and safety measures. It's a solid choice to read before a child is ready to board an airplane for the first time. 


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Kids' Books about Airplanes: Adventures at Home

            “Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.”                   -Mason Cooley

There is something pretty special about watching an airplane fly high above the clouds. Watching from down below, kids may feel wistful about a trip upon which the passengers are embarking. Where are they going? What exciting place will the airplane land? Reading children's books about airplanes can take them on imaginary trips until the day comes when they can go on a real adventure.  


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Fun Airplane Toys and Gifts for Kids 

Giving airplane-themed gifts to kids is guaranteed to inspire hours of imaginary play and inspire dreams of traveling to far away places. Consider purchasing a few of your favorite airplane books for children and pair them with a cool airplane toy. Here are a few suggestions that are popular amongst kids who love these high-flying machines.


melissa and doug wooden airplane set

Melissa & Doug Wooden Airplane Play Set

 High quality, nine-piece wooden play set perfect for preschoolers. This airplane toy appeals to young children who love flying the passengers to exciting new places. Along the way, kids will practice their sorting, eye hand coordination, and fine motor skills.

transport cargo airplane toy

Transport Cargo Airplane

This airplane opens up to reveal a helicopter with landing pad and fleet of cars. The airplane is friction powered, so kids can push it along a flat surface and watch it roll away.



lego city stunt plane

LEGO City Stunt Plane

A great LEGO 59-piece starter set for kids who love airplanes. The cockpit opens, the tailfins are decorated, and a pilot come with the set. After building this plane, little ones will have fun playing with this toy for hours.


bump and go learning airplane toy 

Bump 'n Go Learning Airplane Toy

An adorable musical airplane with lots of interactive buttons for auditory fun. Toddlers can push one to hear the ABCs, the 123s, and several different melodies. They will also love listening to the realistic airplane sounds and pushing a button for flashing lights.



diecast fighter jet set


Diecast Fighter Jet Set

 This sturdy, metal military jet set is a great addition to your child's airplane collection. They have a pull-back feature that will send this jets flying across the flooer. These toys also make great birthday party favors if your child has an airplane-themed celebration.



bolt airplane buckle toy

Bolt Airplane Buckle Toy

A plush airplane with all kinds of features to help build fine motor skills. Kids can practice using a zipper and five different buckles on the underside of the plane. The bold colors and soft plush material will grab the attention of toddlers. This airplane toy can be clasped to car seats and strollers for on-the-go fun. 


lego jet plane 

Lego Jet Plane

This really cool Lego set, with 215 pieces, is fun and challenging for kids 7 and older. This is a 3-in-1 kit with instructions for a jet, helicopter, and powerboat. There are so many features to build, like retractable wheels, rotating blades, multiple engines and more. 


musical airplane with light and sound


Musical Airplane With Lights and Sound

A darling airplane toy for babies and young toddlers offers lots of stimulation. With the simple push of a button, little ones will be delighted to watch the airplane move and play realistic sounds. In addition, lights can be turned on a off. The cute, little pilot, which can be detached from the airplane, doubles as a rattle for an added bonus.


delta plush airplane with sound

Delta Plush Airplane With Sound

A super soft, plush airplane that makes a cool motor sound when toddlers squeeze it. The colors and embroidery resemble details little ones are accustomed to seeing on real airplanes. This is a great gift for kids getting ready to go on their first plane trip, or for any young child who loves these flying machines.


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