22 Fun Children's Books About Bulldozers

b is for bulldozer

The bright, bold illustrations capture all the busy activity at the construction site. Preschoolers will love practicing their ABCs as they learn the names of all the vehicles at work. Bouncy rhymes make this a fun read aloud for young children who want to learn all about bulldozers and the work they do to build something new.


Best Bulldozer Picture Books for Kids

Lots of little kids go through a period where they are fixated with the work bulldozers do at construction sites. When there is a big demolition happening, these machines jump into action by pushing large mounds of rubble with their giant claws. While garbage trucks pull up the street every week, watching diggers hard at work is more of a rare occurrence. Since it's not safe for children to play on these machines, the next best thing is to bring the action indoors.The best bulldozer picture books include both fictional stories and non-fiction titles that cover all the important parts and mechanics of diggers. Grab some of these exciting choices and pair them up with a construction truck toy for the perfect gift.


big bulldozers

Part of Tony Mitton's Amazing Machines series, this fun bulldozer book is a great way for preschoolers to learn about construction sites. Join Rabbit, Bird and Mouse as they learn all the skills necessary to operate bulldozers. Bold pictures with lots of detail to explore will keep kids entertained through many readings.



goodnight goodnight construction site

Lull your child to sleep with this darling book about construction machines settling down for the night. This best-selling bulldozer book has perfectly rhythmic text and the cutest pictures of trucks shutting off their engines and finally letting their heavy eyes close as they drift off to sleep.




i'm a bulldozer

 This bulldozer book teaches a valuable lesson about hard work. Push McCallahan is the most motivated bulldozer in town. Every morning he is first to arrive at the construction site where he moves all the dirt and rock. Most other bulldozers would call it is day, but not Push! After he's done at the site, this hardworking machine heads out to build a road, pull tree stumps and fight fires. When the day is finally done, this lively bulldozer gets some rest before starting all over again the next morning.


bulldozer helps out

Poor little Bulldozer just wants to contribute in some small way. But all the other much larger trucks ignore his requests to help with a job on the construction site. Cement Truck is mixing, Digger Truck is scooping and Crane Truck is lifting. And Bulldozer is just watching. Finally, another truck takes pity and assigns him a job to remove a pile of debris. What he finds when he gently pushes a pile away will melt readers' hearts! A little of newborn kittens are uncovered and in need of Bulldozer's help. A sweet story about how the smallest jobs can be the most rewarding.



bulldozer's big day


Looking for a birthday gift for someone who loves bulldozers? This is the book for you! Bulldozer wakes up on his birthday and rushes to the construction site to see all of his friends. Much to his dismay, all of the machines are busy at work and seem to have forgotten his birthday. Feeling disappointed, Bulldozer gets busy with his own tasks. But at the end of the day when the whistle blows, his friends surprise him with a birthday treat that he will never forget.


bulldozer's christmas dig

On Christmas Eve, Bulldozer's friends are busy with lots of holiday tasks. Dump Truck is transporting garland, Digger Truck is hanging lights, and Crane Truck is lifting wreaths to display all around. But poor Bulldozer has only one thing on his mind- he doesn't have any presents to give his friends for Christmas. So he gets to work digging for treasure. After uncovering lots of junk, he finally discovers the best, most unexpected gift of all! A touching bulldozer book for Christmas that kids will want to read all year long.



three cheers for kid mcgear

Kid McGear is a small but mighty bulldozer who is out to prove she has what it takes. In this bouncy, rhyming read aloud, kids will be rooting for Kid when she needs to step in to help with a dangerous job. There is no cliff too steep or task too tough for Kid to tackle with gusto. An action-packed, lively bulldozer book that is a great addition for any kid fascinated with these hard-working machines.



bulldozer friends


Oliver and Annie are best friends who love to play together with their favorite bulldozer. They use their imagination to dig tunnels and build moats all around a castle. This bulldozer children's book, perfect for preschool readers, features diverse characters participating in creative play.


bedtime for little bulldozer

An adorable bedtime story for kids who love bulldozers, especially those who have a hard time settling down at night. For this sweet bulldozer, when he tosses and turns under the covers, his lights go on and his horn honks.  So he has another glass of oil and gathers together his favorite stuffed animals for some quiet reading time. This doesn't seem to work either, and his parents are getting frustrated. How will this antsy machine ever fall to sleep? Little ones will enjoy finding out.



;my favorite machine bulldozers

A solid, non-fiction book about bulldozers. It covering all the different kinds of bulldozers and the different ways in which these machines help to build roads and houses, as well as clear land and trees.



the gentle bulldozer

For bulldozer and his crew, their purpose in life has been made very clear. These machines were built to smash things on construction sites and clear the debris. But what if there is more to life? Young readers will love this gentle story about a bulldozer who, with the support of his friends, finds another, more satisfying calling.



bulldozer dreams

Bulldozers work hard all day clearing debris, so these big trucks are always tired and ready for bed. But, just like children, they have a nightime routine to follow after they shut off their engines. They need to take baths and eat their supper before they can finally settle in for a night of slumber. Kids who love bulldozers will enjoy this charming bedtime story.



bulldozer ultimate sticker book

For your bulldozer-loving kid, this sticker book will not disappoint. Photographic images of these huge machines fill the pages of this fun activity book. Children can practice their fine motor skills by placing the stickers in outlined areas throughout the book, or they can create their own construction site pictures using these realistic pictures on stickers.



digger dozer dumper


 A fun book for kids who love bulldozers and all other construction vehicles. Sixteen different poems describe each of the trucks, the kind of work each one does, and terminology for all of the useful parts. The illustrations, both cartoonish and whimsical, will keep kids of all ages engaged and entertained.



construction coloring book for kids

Kids who love bulldozers will be busy for hours bringing all of these vehicles to life with color. Almost 80 pages are filled with construction trucks, like cranes, diggers, dump trucks, and bulldozers! Don't forget to add a jumbo pack of Crayola Crayonsto your gift!



dozers don't doze


A darling bedtime story for little tots who like big trucks. The narrator of this story is a bulldozer who claims he doesn't need sleep. As it lists all kinds of other vehicles that require rest- like race cars, trains and tractors- this dozer's eyes get heavy as he continues to insist he doesn't need sleep. 



bulldozer's shapes


A sturdy board book for toddlers who will love learning their shapes alongside a bulldozer. First the truck circles around the construction site, then it clears away triangles of dirt, and finally it forms a perfect square for the new building. This is a fantastic concept book for kids with a fascination with bulldozers.


does a bulldozer have a butt


Disclaimer: This book is really more about butts than bulldozers. All the same, it's a super fun addition to kids who love these big machines. A bouncy rhyme explores the derrières of inanimate objects including crayons, scarecrows, and big machines, as well as those of animals and other living beings encountered in every day life.



foreman farley has a backhoe

A fun book set to the song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" will appeal to kids who love all kinds of trucks, but especially bulldozers! Foreman Farley is building a brand new school. What type of trucks will he need to get the job done? Toddlers familiar with trucks will have run calling out the names of the crane, the digger, the dump truck, and the bulldozer. Lots of repetition and colorful pictures make this book a winner for preschool children. 

midge the little bulldozer


Midge may be small in size but she is up for any job, no matter how big. Just the right length for preschoolers, the lesson in this story is reminiscent of "The Little Engine That Could". This hard-to-find edition is a great find for kids who already have a sizable collection of bulldozer books.



i spy with my little eye construction vehicles

 This book delivers hours of fun for kids who love construction trucks. In order to solve each of the sixteen puzzles, readers have to find all the bulldozers, cranes, diggers, and other trucks at the construction site. A great way to help young children practice counting and work on their problem-solving skills.


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Kids Love Books About Diggers

Unless you have worked on a construction site, chances are your kids will stump you with questions about how bulldozers work. These crawling machines with their gigantic claws push, dig, excavate and level debris in preparation for building something new. The tracks underneath give these trucks stability especially on rough terrain. Drivers use one joystick, not a steering wheel, to navigate bulldozers and a second joystick to control the blade. Reading books about diggers will teach your little ones more about how they operate and all the important things they do to get land ready for a new buildings. For kids who love big machines, they will love reading fire truck stories next!  

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