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6 Interactive Garbage Truck Toys for Kids

 Toy Recycling Truck with Garbage Bin, Lights and Sounds

Matchbox Garbage Truck

Realistic sounds when the trash truck moves backwards and forwards, a horn to beep, and moveable parts to dump trash and recycling into the truck.


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garbage truck


Fun Garbage Truck Toys for Children

There is no doubt that children's books are at the top of the list for the best children's gifts. We don't need to tell you all about the lifelong impact of reading from a young age. Next time you are shopping for a birthday or holiday gift, buy the toy and pair it with a children's book about garbage trucks. This combination is sure to be a big hit!


 ride on trash truck for kids

Ride On Recycling Truck

A large recycling truck that kids ride and operate themselves. Comes with 9 recycling accessories and has fun sound effects and other interactive elements. 


Toy Garbage Truck with trash Cans

Trash Truck Play Set

A full set of trash truck accessories will provide hours of entertainment. Kids will work on motor and cognitive skills while playing with this adorable set of trash truck toys.

toy garbage truck with lights and sounds

Toy Garbage Truck with Light and Sound

This awesome truck is compatible with Lego building block kits. Has light and sound features and hand-activated lever for dumping garbage.

trash truck toy

Waste Management Toy Truck 

A cool light and sound trash truck with accessories. A large collection of cards with images of trash teach kids how to sort and recycle.

garbage truck birthday  party decorations

Garbage Truck Birthday Party Kit

Take your child's birthday party to a whole new trashy level with this kit that includes all sorts of garbage truck decorations.

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Fascinating Facts About Garbage Trucks

Trash removal is something we take for granted. Many of us drag our full trash cans out to the curb, and retrieve them once they've been emptied by the garbage trucks that routinely drive up and down the streets. Here are some tidbits for you to ponder next time you take out the trash-

  • Americans throw away trash to fill 63,000 garbage trucks every single day.
  • Each person produces about 4.5 pounds of waste every day.
  • Sanitation jobs are considered highly risky, with 90 deaths per 100,000 workers.
  • A diesel-powered garbage trucks costs about $250,000.


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