14 Awesome Kids' Books About Ambulances

awesome ambulances

Awesome Ambulances

 A fantastic ambulance book perfect for preschoolers. The bold, cartoonish pictures and rhythmic text take children on a day in the life of this important rescue vehicle. There is a great picture dictionary in the back that introduces readers to all the parts of an ambulance. 


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Read Children's Ambulance Books to Aspiring Medics

Ambulances grab the attention of little kids whenever they speed down the road, heading to help people who are injured.  EMTs ride in the back, ready to spring into rescue mode as soon as they arrive. It's important for children to learn about the important role these emergency vehicles play in saving lives every single day. Be sure to check out stories about police officers to learn about how their vehicles are designed to rescue people, too.


<ambulances to the rescue

Ambulances: To the Rescue!

 This is a non-fiction ambulance book for children that is full of fantastic photographs. Kids will learn all kinds of interesting facts about the advanced technology built into these rescue vehicles. The book walks them through the most important job of an ambulance and everything they do to keep people safe while transporting them to the closest hospital.



ambulances machines at work

Ambulances (Machines at Work)

 Real photos fill this informative book about ambulances. Simple text explains all of the ambulance parts that the paramedics use to save lives of people in distress. This is a good non-fiction ambulance picture book for kids who are just starting to read independently. 




<emergency monster squad

Emergency Monster Squad

This is not your everyday ambulance picture book. The Emergency Monster Squad is called into action when other-worldly beings need help. What happens when a skeleton has a fracture, a zombie has chest pains, or a kraken mommy is ready to deliver her baby? A special group of EMTs jump into their amboolance and put their medical rescue skills to the test.



please don't dance in my ambulance

Please Don't Dance...In My Ambulance

 A cute book for toddlers about a child who dances his way through life. When he wants to learns about ambulances, he takes his fancy moves onto the vehicle where he learns a bit about what EMTs do. He watches them give someone some oxygen and put some medicine in their arm.  This is a light, fun, rhyming book that provides a simplified introduction to the work ambulances do.




avi the ambulance to the rescue

Avi the Ambulance to the Rescue!

Avi is an enthusiastic ambulance who wants nothing more than to rescue people in need of help. When his mom, the command car, doesn't believe that Avi is ready yet to handle a real emergency. So, while the other rescue vehicles get to work, Avi assigned the job of restocking supplies. Feeling dejected, Avi and his medic head out to do their job, but along the way they pass a kitten that needs rescuing. Avi's enthusiasm is restored in this ambulance book young children.




frederick the paramedic

Frederick the Paramedic

A skateboarder has been injured in an accident, so Frederick the Paramedic jumps into action. The first thing he does is inspect his ambulance to make sure he has everything he needs. Then he speeds over to the skateboard park, assesses and treats the patient. It is determined that he needs to go to the hospital, so off they go! A good introduction to the steps a paramedic follows when responding to an emergency.




ambulance in action

Ambulance in Action

A car has crashed into a tree and the passenger is injured. So Meerkat jumps into the ambulance, and turns on the siren to alert traffic to get out of his way.  The ambulance finally arrives at the scene where a fire crew has to remove the door of the car to free the passenger.  A good picture book about ambulances for preschooler and kindergartners.



baby's very first ambulance book

Baby's Very First Ambulance Book

Join a family of friendly critters as they jump into action. They zoom through town helping everyone who has an emergency requiring their services. This sturdy board book is shaped like an ambulance and even has wheels that turn! Toddlers will love exploring the bold pictures of the ambulance while also working on their fine motor skills.




avi the ambulance goes to school

Avi the Ambulance Goes to School

Avi the Ambulance has a lot to learn before he is ready to save lives. So just like everyone else, he heads to school where he learns all of the important skills. Most importantly, he needs to learn how to zip through traffic so he can transport patients safely to the hospital. A gentle introduction for preschoolers about a personified ambulance that is sure to be a hit.




bizzy bear ambulance rescue

Bizzy Bear Ambulance Rescue

An exciting, interactive board book for preschoolers who are curious about ambulances. Bizzy Bear, a paramedic,  jumps into action when he is alerted to a injured cyclist. Readers will love riding along in the ambulance and playing with all of the moveable parts, like spinning the driving wheel and turning on the flashing lights. A great first book for babies about ambulances!




ambulances on the move

Ambulances on the Move

All the technology and life-saving features of ambulances are covered in this vibrant picture book. Very detailed photographs give kids a glimpse at all of the equipment stored inside the cabin. Captions throughout the book point out all of the different medical tools the EMTs use to assess, treat, and transport patients to the hospital. 




ambulances amazing rescue vehicles

Ambulances (Amazing Rescue Vehicles)

 For kids interested in learning all about the technical components of an ambulance, this non-fiction book is a good place to start. All of this vehicles parts are explained in detail. There is also a helpful pictorial diagram for kids who want to know more about this rescue vehicle. Large photographs of different ambulance styles and colors are also interesting to see.



ambulance ambulance

Ambulance Ambulance!

The bold, bright pictures and very simple text  in this ambulance book will appeal to preschoolers. Kids follow EMTs as they ride on an ambulance to an emergency, load a patient on the stretcher, and rush this person to a hospital for care. Visually appealing and easy enough for toddlers to follow along.


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Why Read Kids Books With Ambulances 

Children who are fascinated with vehicles are naturally curious about the blaring sirens and flashing lights of ambulances as they speed through the streets. Ambulances play a critical role in transporting sick and injured people to the hospital. Grab the best stories about hospitals to read to little ones who want to know what happens to patients after ambulances safely deliver them to the emergency room. Doctors and nurses are there waiting to evaluate incoming patients, perform emergency surgeries, and other lifesaving measures. 

Little ones who are fascinated with all things-that-go will love the realistic photographs and exciting stories. You will want to include some children's books about garbage trucks for all the toddlers who run to the window when they hear the rumble of these large machines rolling up the street. And then don't forget to read some fun bulldozer stories that cover all the important work these trucks perform. 




Ambulance Toys for Kids

A great way to boost engagement in a book is to match it up with a toy of the same theme. Here are some of the best, most interactive ambulance toys that would perfectly complement a collection of picture books about ambulances. These ambulance toys all encourage kids to engage in imaginary playtime rescuing people in distress.



ambulance rescue play set

Ambulance Rescue Vehicle Play Set

A cute, little ambulance opens from the top to reveal all kinds of fun toys and medical accessories inside. This ambulance is great for hours of imaginary playtime and easily folds up to neatly store on shelf. The light turn on and off, and there is a siren children will have fun activating.



melissa and doug wooden ambulance

Melissa and Doug Wooden Emergency Vehicle Set

This sturdy set for toddlers and preschoolers includes four emergency vehicles and four figures. Toddler can practice their motor skills by placing the figures in the front seat and pushing the ambulance and other vehicles around.



toy ambulance with lights and sound

Toy Ambulance With Lights and Sound

Future EMTs will love playing with his friction-powered ambulance comes with a stretcher. The top is detachable and the doors open and close. Kids will love turning on the lights, blasting the siren, and pretending to race off to help people who are hurt.



playmobil ambulance

Playmobil Rescue Ambulance

Three bendable figures, a stretcher, and other accessories come with this ambulance toy. Kids will love activating the lights and sounds on this realistic emergency vehicle. The side door and back of the ambulance open and close so kids for more engaged pretend playtime.



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