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26 Blazing Kids' Books About Fire Trucks

the little fire truck

Jill is a brave little firefighter at the wheel of her trusty fire engine. She and the rest of her crew efficiently put out fires and rescue people all over town. This zippy book introduces preschoolers to some new terms and tools used by firefighters. The illustrations are charming and the last few pages are filled with some extra material for kids eager to learn a little more.



fire truck

Best Fire Engine Picture Books

Since fire truck books are written for little ones, they are exciting, action-packed stories with happy endings. Smiling firefighters rescue kittens from trees and save people from burning building, usually illustrated with a few orange flames dancing in a window. After you finish reading, consider taking some treats to your local fire station to thank the heroes who sacrifice so much for the greater good. Kids will appreciate talking to the brave people, learning all kinds of interesting facts about firefighters, getting a tour of the station, and maybe even taking a peak inside a real truck. 

Preschool children are particularly enthralled with fire engines and the brave firefighters that drive them. They are young and naive at this age, and have very little understanding of the grave danger and enormous losses suffered as a result of fires. Their interests mostly revolve around the bright, flashing lights and roaring sirens, almost like an attraction at an amusement park. Children's fire truck books for toddlers are fun, exciting, and upbeat stories that are perfect for this age group.


 i am a fire truck

This novelty board book has all sorts of fun, movable parts like a cool ladder and wheels. Toddlers will love learning basic fire engine terms and looking at all the bright pictures of firefighters in action.


touch and feel fire engine 

Toddlers will work on their fine motor skills by touching all the interesting textures throughout this fire engine book. Bold, red photographs of real fire trucks are on each page. Simple fire truck terminology is just right for little ones ready to expand their vocabulary.


good night fire engines

This exciting bedtime story is perfect for toddlers who love fire engines. The book takes little readers on a tour through a real fire station. They will learn about all the preparation that takes place before firefighters are ready to board the fire engine. When they are finally ready, these brave heroes hop aboard the truck with a trusty Dalmatian by their side. 


the little fire engine

The people of Tinytown have nothing to worry about with Fireman Small on call. When the alarm rings, this brave hero hastily puts on his suit and jumps onto the fire engine. He adeptly puts out the fire and saves a little girl. Just like all the Lois Lenski books, this fire engine story gives toddlers an easy-to-understand introduction to a very important profession.




the wheels on the fire truck

After just a couple of readings, toddlers will memorize this fire truck version of Wheels on the Bus. A sturdy board book with bright colors features cute animals who are headed out to save the day. Driving the truck, with lights flashing and siren blaring, this crew is prepared to put out fires and rescue critters all around town.


curious george's fire truck

This  book features Curious George, the beloved monkey who always manages to be in the center of everything. This time he is enjoying time visiting firefighters at the station when the alarm bell sounds. Not wanting to miss out on the action, George hops aboard the truck and heads out with the rest of the rescue heroes. Once they arrive at the scene, readers are encouraged to help everyone get ready by adjusting the ladder, the fire hose, and other removable pieces. 


fire truck

This one may quickly become your child's favorite! It's the story of Matt, a boy whose obsession with these shiny red vehicles consumes his entire day. In fact, his very last word before his goes to sleep is "fire truck." When he wakes up one morning to find that he has transformed into a fire engine, Matt knows exactly what he needs to do. This imaginative child zips around the house rescuing his stuffed animals and putting out pretend flames. Readers will enjoy all his escapades while practice some counting skills along the way. The author delivers a charming story with retro-feeling illustrations and wholesome fun.


fire truck tales

Three sturdy board books are tucked neatly inside a fire truck box. The first book is all about being a fireman, the second book takes readers on a tour of the first station, and the third is about a helpful fireman rescuing a kitten. This fun set looks really cute displayed on a bookshelf or table in a child's room. 



brave little red

Little Red and his best friend, Spot, live at the fire station. Every time the alarm sounds, the two jump into action and race to the emergency.  Toddlers will love pressing the buttons to make sounds with each page in the book.  The red handle is a nice touch for toddlers on the go who want to take this book with them.


fire truck



let's meet a firefighter

Firefighter Jim is here to explain everything there is to know about his job. In clear, concise words, he teaches a group of preschoolers all kinds of interesting things when they visit the fire station. They learn about how the special equipment, likes hoses and ladders, helps firefighters put out the flames. The illustrations are adorable in this colorful book all about firefighters




big frank's fire truck

For kids with longer attention spans, this lengthy story about firefighters provides a comprehensive look at the many facets of the job. Firefighter Frank walks readers through a typical 24 hour shift. He begins with filling the engines before heading over to school to give a fire safety lesson. His day picks up when he is alerted to a car accident, after which he heads to the scene of a wildfire. Finally, after all his work is done, Frank retires at home with his family. Kids will learn new terms and many of the responsibilities of firefighters.




my little red fire truck

An oversized book that is chock full of fun, interactive parts. This concept book gives young children a chance to operate a fire engine with many wheels to spin, tabs to pull, and other engaging elements. This engaging book is more of a stimulating, educational toy than a story to be read out loud. The pages are thick and sturdy so little fingers can explore them for hours without ruining the book.



richard scarry's a day at the fire station

 Richard Scarry's picture books are filled with so much humor, intricate details, and whimsical fun that kids never tire of them. This imaginative book captures all of the frenzy at Busytown Fire Station on a day that Drippy and Sticky are supposed to paint it. With Smokey and the other firefighters rushing about to rescue people and put out fires, there are too many painting mishaps to count! This fun book can be read cover to cover like a story, but kids find real entertainment in carefully examining all the mini-escapades happening simultaneously on each page.



the berenstain bears visit the firehouse

The Bear family heads to the fire station to learn all about what firefighters do every single day. The story gives a lengthy and informative look at all the equipment on the fire trucks and how it is used. Readers are also given a behind-the-scenes tour of a firehouse and learn all sorts of new vocabulary and terms. 




pete the cat firefighter pete

Super-groovy Pete the Cat and his schoolmates are excited about their field trip to the fire station. The best part about this event is when the cat-mates all get to slide down the pole and try on all the gear. The firefighters tell the students about their job, so when the alarm sounds, Pete is ready to hop aboard the truck and get to work. This cool cat learns how to use the fire hose and saves the day alongside the other firefighters. 



fire engines

Little ones are introduced to all the parts of the fire truck. A short, concise explanation of how the firefighters use the equipment accompanies each illustration. The attractive, bold illustrations are uncluttered and keep the readers' focus on the components of the fire truck.




fire truck vs dragon

An intense rivalry between a ferocious dragon and a fearless fire truck plays out across the pages of this fun book that is more like a cartoon. Each of these animated characters is driven by sheer determination to overcome the other. It's an epic battle of fire vs. water at every single event, from birthday parties to campfires. The grand finale ends with a surprise twist and an unlikely friendship.



ultimate spotlight firefighters

A three-dimensional, interactive book that is filled with lots of little-known facts. Kids will enjoy all the different ways to engage with this novelty book, like lifting flaps and pulling tabs. The coolest feature is the pop-up of a burning building with firemen rescuing people unable to escape the flames on the own. There is a lot of knowledge packed into this book that is appropriate for preschool and up. 




the fire engine book

This Little Golden Book Classic was first published in 1950. Kids will feel like they are transported back in time with the old-school style illustrations. The large pictures bring the star of the book- a shiny, red fire engine- to life in this exciting story. Little ones will enjoy comparing the features of this fire engine, like the bell on the front, to modern trucks.Each page contains only a phrase or sentence text, so it's just the right length for kids with short attention spans.



machines to the rescue fire trucks

This is a fantastic non-fiction, introductory book. The pages are filled with real photographs of fire engines that capture all of the intricate details. Leveled text is just right for kids starting to read independently. There is an interesting diagrams labeling all of the parts on a firetruck that kids will find really interesting.




flashing fire engines

A  lively fire engine book with a bouncy rhyme that adds to the charm. Three helpful, furry firefighters jump into action when a dog needs to be rescued from a fire. The action and excitement of the fire engine zipping toward the emergency is captured in the bold, cartoonish illustrations. The whimsical pictures jump off the page and invite readers to engage in the action. 




fireman small

 Fireman Small's job is never done! He spends all day long putting out fires and rescuing people who need help. But just when he is ready to collapse into bed for a night of sleep, the alarm sounds. No matter how tired he feels, Fireman Small finds the energy to keep going. The catchy refrain repeats over and over, so soon preschoolers will be reading along. The watercolor illustrations have so much whimsy and detail for kids to enjoy. 



the too little fire engine

A vintage fire engine book originally published many decades ago is back in publication. This endearing story is about are very little fire engine that wants to do big things. He has mastered putting out tiny sparks and even small trash can fires. But is this enough to prove he is ready to take on larger jobs? Retro illustrations add to the charm of this timeless story about a fire engine with lofty ambitions.




i'm brave

 This book is extra fun when the special sound effects are read with enthusiasm! A fire engine picture book with brief text is brought to life with the vibrant red tones. The brave fire engine, equipped with a hose and a tank full of water, musters up the courage to put out blazes. A great first book for toddlers who love fire trucks.




flash the little fire engine

Poor little Flash desperately wants to be effective at his job of rescuing others and putting out fires. It is his very first day at at fire station, and try as he might, Flash just can't seem to help out in any meaningful way. Every single time the emergency alarm sounds, Flash finds that he is either too slow or too small to help. Then one day a big fire starts right in the middle of the town, and it appears that Flash is the only one who can make it on time. Will this be his chance to prove his worth? An inspiring story for little ones who will relate to Flash's struggle of fitting in with the big guys and girls.


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 Fire Truck Books Kids Love to Read

Once kids reach kindergarten, they start to develop an awareness of the important role firefighters hold. The rescue people in danger, contain fires from spreading, and ultimately put them out until there is not a single spark. The vehicles they drive are especially fascinating with their flashing nights and blaring sirens.These books give kids a glimpse at all the important things they do. Every single square inch of these vehicles are thoughtfully and purposefully designed. There are hidden compartments and doors hiding all of the equipment so that it's protected but easily accessible in case of an emergency. 

Many times firefighters visit preschools and daycare centers to give kids a lesson on fire safety. While the information session is interesting, the main attraction is the opportunity that kids get to hop aboard a fire engine and explore. After this experience, you should begin reading about these brave men and women to your little ones. Firefighters, much like police officers, are heroes who put their own lives on the line for others. They devote their time to rescuing people from harrowing situations at the peril of their own safety. Children's books about firefighters introduce young kids to the critical role these people play in our communities. Kids will learn about what they wear to protect themselves in extreme heat. They will also read about all of the equipment on their trucks that they need to put out fires as quickly and efficiently as possible. After learning all about these emergency vehicles, reading to kids about ambulances is next on the list!

fire truck


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