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33 Unique Books for a Baby Shower Gift

the wonderful things you will be

The Wonderful Things You Will Be

All of the unlocked potential new parents see in their newborn babies is perfectly captured in a most lovely picture book. Packed with humor, yearning, and wistfulness, this beautiful work will be read from the time a child is a newborn through every milestone.

Unique Books for a Baby Shower Gift

Giving books as a baby shower gifts is a most thoughtful and practical gesture. First time moms especially receive so many presents, large and small, for their bundle of joy, and it can be a little overwhelming. With limited space and a whole lot of bulky stuff, sometimes some really good baby shower books make the best gifts of all. Also, if there is a big brother or big sister, consider picking up some children's books for siblings about new babies. These stories will help big brothers and big sisters feel included in all of the changes a new baby brings into a household. When trying to find the best books for new babies, we tend to gravitate toward the beloved classics that absolutely should be gifted to a new mom.  Books like Pat the Bunny, We're Going on a Bear Hunt, and Where's Spot? come to mind as some of the popular gifts for babies. We'd like to share with you some unique books that make great gifts for new babies. They are touching, inspirational, heartwarming gems that every new mom will cherish!

Remember to include a thoughtful inscription inside the cover. Here are some wonderful ideas about what to write in baby shower books that include inspirational quotes and words of wisdom.


baby shower

Best Baby Shower Book List

It's always good to look for unique titles so the mom-to-be doesn't receive multiple copies of the same book at a baby shower. With so many amazing  books for baby shower gifts, there is no reason to stick with the most popular books typically purchased for new babies.  Here is a list of some favorite picture books perfect for growing families. It is a compilation of heartwarming, inspirational and humorous works that are both art and entertainment.


the crown on your head

The Crown on Your Head

Nancy Tillman's beautiful book captures the essence of what makes children so special. A symbolic crown represents the unique qualities every child possesses. A poetic read that helps parents convey exactly how they feel about their child in a heartfelt way.



if kisses were colors

If Kisses Were Colors

This is a love story between a mother and her baby. A precious book filled with beautiful paintings and lyrical verses  proclaiming a mother's love for her newborn. The cover of this book is so enchanting it should be displayed as part of the baby nursery decor.



sometimes you fly

Sometimes You Fly

This is the quintessential book to give to a family about to embark on the journey of a lifetime- raising a child. An inspirational picture book takes the reader through some important milestones like first birthdays, graduations, and a myriad of triumphs and tribulations in between. At once tender and funny, this may just be your favorite baby shower book to give to every new mom.



day dreamers

Day Dreamers

Moms will enjoy coaxing their new babies into sleep with an absolutely stunning picture book that celebrates imagination. Readers will fly into a fantasy world in the clouds, encounter mystical creatures, and go on a journey without boundaries that only dreaming allows. Amazing artwork and lyrical verse make this book a winner at baby showers.


when i carried you in my belly
When I Carried You in My Belly

A special bond between a mother and her daughter begins in the womb. All of the endearing traits of are passed to baby, like singing songs and a caring, gentle disposition. Both funny and heartwarming, this lovely book is a wonderful addition to a newborn girl's book collection.



king baby

King Baby

Let's face it, when a new baby enters a room, everyone tends to stop what they are doing to adorn the wee one with kisses and cuddles. The adorable star of this book is quite the smartypants and realizes all the power he holds. He is obliging in all of his baby giggles and snuggles, but he also becomes quite the demanding "king" with needs that become difficult to meet.



take heart my child

Take Heart, My Child: A Mother's Dream

A beautiful lullaby a mother sings to her baby about her unconditional love. A mother shares her own wishes and dreams with her child, and hopes that her baby's every desire comes true. Most importantly, through it all, is the mother's undying love for her child.



mustache baby

Mustache Baby

It's always fun to add a little spice to the book pile at a baby shower! Here's a funny story about some concerned parents who welcome a baby with a full-grown mustache into the world. They are optimistic when examining the style and decide their baby will be a "good guy". But soon the mustache takes on a new twist, more along the lines of a villain!Full of laughs and reallly the perfect baby shower gift for fathers who have a mustache of their own.



on the night you were born

On the Night You Were Born

On the night you were born, the entire world celebrated the blessings of a new baby. A lyrical masterpiece and joyous illustrations perfectly capture the joy and elation one feels when a new little person is born. Nancy Tillman is an accomplished children's book author who has a gift of conveying deep emotion with simple words and phrases. A beautiful book perfect for baby shower and new baby gifts.





Bedtime is the best time for tired moms and their newborn babies. This good baby shower book captures exactly how everyone feels after a long, exhausting day. All of the gentle creatures settle into their unique beds for a night of rest. There is one critter who is not where he is supposed to be...let's find him so everyone can finally rest peacefully.



the boss baby

The Boss Baby

When a new baby arrives home, everyone bends over backwards to meet the baby's every need. Hunger, thirst, name it....whatever this baby wants, this baby gets. As a family tires over a particularly demanding baby, they begin to slack on their responsiveness. Well, this is one baby who will not have it. Funny and witty, Boss Baby will have new parents laughing and perhaps relating to the chaos a new baby brings into a household.



wherever you go

Wherever You Go

When a new baby is born, a door leading to possibility opens wide. New parents wonder who their baby will become and what adventures will be pursued. It is a magical experience to welcome a new baby into the world and usher them into a lifetime of learning and exploration. Follow bunny and his friends as they venture out into the world, over and around obstacles, and explore everything life has to offer. A whimsical picture book with inspiring verse perfect for bedtime reading.



thank you and good night

Thank You and Good Night

Books about bedtime make the best bedtime reading books. Some little animals are getting ready to settle in for the night, but first they must say thanks for their friends, the day and the night. Wish you baby sweet dreams with this endearing book about a pajama party, best friends, and appreciating the important things in life.





The journey to parenthood is often filled with trials and tribulations that can test the strongest of souls. An endearing elephant couple yearns for a baby to grow their family, but things don't go as planned. After many obstacle and deep disappointment, their dreams of a new baby come true. This book is a sweet gift for a mom who had to overcome her own challenges before her miracle baby came to be.



julius the baby of the world

Julius: The Baby of the World

If this is the second (or third) time around for the mom-to-be, think about giving a book the older siblings can enjoy. Big sister Lilly is less than thrilled with the new addition to her family. She has a long list of reasons this new baby Julius is not living up to her expectations. Kids will laugh their way through this Kevin Henkes gem.



your baby's first word will be dada

Your Baby's First Word Will be DADA

Can't you just picture Jimmy Fallon coaching his baby to say Dada? This adorable book features a variety of animals encouraging their young ones to utter Dada as their very first word. A very funny addition to a new mother's (or perhaps more importantly, father's) bookshelf.



dream animals

Dream Animals

Beautiful rhyming text and lush illustrations work together to make this a gorgeous bedtime time. Adventures in Dreamland await little ones who are carried away on their special furry and feathered friends. This cover of this book is so captivating the book can double as nursery decor. 


i've loved you since forever


I've Loved You Since Forever

There is a bond between a parent and child that transcends time. This is a beautiful tribute inspired by Hoda Kotb's adopted baby girl. Captivating pictures and touching verse make this book a lovely baby shower gift.



when the world was waiting for you

When the World Was Waiting for You

This adorable book perfectly conveys all the anticipation surrounding the arrival of a new baby. Follow a cute bunny family as they engage in all the pre-baby preparations and lovingly welcome friends and family to visit their newborn. 


i'll never let you go

I'll Never Let You Go

The title of this amazing book perfectly sums up how new moms feel about their babies.  Unconditional love is the theme of this sweet picture book that belongs on every new baby's bookshelf.



silly lullaby

Silly Lullaby

Sandra Boynton has produced another winner with her Silly Lullaby book for babies. Charming, funny, and imaginative, it's a bedtime story that explores all kinds of ways to say goodnight. The bedtime routines may be unconventional and unpredictable, but we guarantee they will be entertaining.



i prayed for you

I Prayed for You

A mama bear has prayed for her baby bear every single day.  Simple verse conveys the everlasting and unconditional love between a mother and her child. New mothers will appreciate this endearing and touching addition to their book collection.



a book of sleep

A Book of Sleep

We love the unusually beautiful and captivating illustrations of an owl on a starry night. He moves through the darkness observing all of the other creatures falling into a deep night of rest. A perfect bedtime story for babies and newborns.



everywhere babies

Everywhere Babies

Babies will love looking at all the babies...doing all the things they themselves do every single day. Napping, crawling around, exploring! Really cute pictures compliment this sweet little storybook.



wishes for little one

Wishes for Little One

A very special baby shower book and keepsake all in one! The whimsical illustrations perfectly capture the special bond between a mother and her baby. A lovely poem fills the pages, too. But the most special part of this book are the words of love and well-wishes written by all the guests at the baby shower. 



be brave little one

Be Brave Little One

When new moms gaze at their babies, they are filled with hope, dreams and aspirations.   In this touching, poetic tribute to babies and young children, "be brave" is the mantra.  Through all of life's challenges and obstacles, we will be cheering them on by the sidelines and wishing them all the bravery they need to succeed.



i love you to the moon and back

I Love You to the Moon and Back

A mama and her cub spend a loving day together splashing, climbing, hugging, and kissing bear-style. Told in gentle, sweet verse, this story is sure to be part of new mother's favorite bedtime reading.





A new mother is filled with awe upon the arrival of her baby and dreams of all the possibilities that await. This beautiful book puts into words what every mother wishes for her child- to live life to the fullest. The verse is poetic, wistful, and incredibly complex despite the simplicity of the words. 



llama llama red pajama

Llama Llama Red Pajama

Llama has a touch of separation anxiety and turns bedtime into a drama every night. After his mama tucks him in, he wimpers for her to return. She provides the loving reassurance that her baby llama so desperately needs.  A fun read aloud with short, rhyming verse and vibrant illustrations.



if animals kissed good night

If Animals Kissed Good Night

This is a most adorable bedtime story about all the different ways animals say good night to their babies. A kiss is always part of the routine, but sometimes it looks a bit different than the human way of doing it. Told in perfectly rhyming verse, this heartwarming book is the perfect way to send a little one into dreamland.


i love you like no otter

I Love You Like No Otter

 A darling, USA Today bestseller filled with animal puns as an expression of love. Cute parent and baby pairs against pastel-colored backdrops fill the pages of this board book. Sturdy pages will stand up to little baby fingers exploring the pictures. Want to make this an extra special baby shower book gift? Add some plush animals to match the characters in the book.


lots of love little one

Lots of Love Little One

 Parents can never tell their new babies "I love you" too many times. This sunny book featuring lots of lovable elephants is filled with the cutest rhymes. It speaks to the unconditional love a parent feels for a child every single day. Include a stuffed elephant with this book to make an adorable present for any new parent or mother-to-be.


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baby shower cookies


Choosing Baby Shower Books

Giving soon-to-be parents a gift of carefully selected baby books is one of the most thoughtful gestures. When all the other trinkets and toys are tossed to the side, books still have a valuable place in the home. It's no wonder, then, that people love to buy lots and lots of books for expectant families. So how do you make your gift stand out from all the rest? Below we are sharing some helpful tips to keep in mind.


baby crib


Select picture books for older children.

It's natural to gravitate toward traditional board books when choosing some titles for a gift. But here's an idea to consider. Pick out a few books geared toward older toddlers instead. Help the parents build a library that their child can grow into once the newborn books are cast to the side. These books can still be read to little babies who will benefit from listening to longer stories. Even more importantly, the child will have some reading material on the bookshelf for years to come. 


child reading


Place the books inside a practical basket or cute storage bin.

When pulling together a pile of books to give as a gift, lots of people buy a beautiful basket to hold them. A baskets stuffed with gifts, wrapped in celophane, and tied with a bow definitely gets an A+ in presentation. There is a certain wow factor with a beautifully decorated gift basket, but at the end of the day, the recipient only really wants the contents inside. And you have wasted your money on a basket that could be put to better use. So here's a thought. Swap out the basket for a more pragmatic storage bin that is more functional. It can be used to store toys, clothing, and other baby supplies around the house.


toy box basket


Select baby books about parents' hobbies and interests.

To make your gift stand out from the rest, you are going to have to think outside the box. Most people will gravitate toward giving typical baby books, and oftentimes they are the classics that parents receive in duplicate. A really fun idea is to go in a different direction entirely and choose books based on what you know about mom and dad. Are they big sports fans? Find baby books about football, baseball, golf, tennis, or whatever other athletic endeavor they enjoy. Huge health nuts? Grab a sturdy board book about yoga, fruits & vegetables, or exercise. Do the parents love to travel? Search for some books about their favorite places. Trust us, there is a baby book for every exotic place out there. You get the picture!



parents reading to baby


Select a theme and add matching accessories.

Take your gift-giving game up a few notches by putting together a gift of baby books centered around a theme. For instance, purchase a few books about dogs, toss in a stuffed dog, and add a onesie with a dog on it! Or, find some books about frogs, add a soft blanket decorated with froggies, and toss in a plush frog. Gifts that stick with a central theme are so fun to pull together and make a big splash at baby showers.


little girl and stuffed bear


Suggested Baby Shower Gift Books

Baby showers are the happiest of occasions. A mom-to-be is excitedly anticipating the arrival of a beautiful child. All of her wonderful family and friends come with arms full of brightly wrapped presents with the hopes of providing mom with all the essentials, keepsakes, and contraptions she needs. Guests show up with decked out strollers, fancy high chairs, and for those helping new moms plan for the future, the latest and greatest toddler potty trainers.

When trying to figure out the perfect baby shower gift, there are many different points of view. For those of us who take a practical approach, we purchase a supply of diapers and wipes and top them with a bow. Some of us like to go for the flashier gift, so we splurge and buy the latest stroller, which is usually the biggest, most expensive present at the shower. 

And then some go for the adorable outfits. We just can't help indulging in the outrageously adorable, miniature couture despite the fact that the wee one will outgrow the outfits before we even receive the credit call bill. Lastly, a truly thoughtful few arrive at the shower with a keepsake they hope will be cherished forever. It may be a lovingly knitted blanket, a cross-stitch for the wall of the nursery, or some other hand-made, personalized item that is not a gift of functionality but of the heart.

The one gift that everyone will agree upon, no matter where they fall on the gift-giving spectrum, is a pile of the most unique baby shower books. We hope our list helps you pull together the most educational, thoughtful and useful gift a new mom can receive. 

We encourage you to steer clear of the beloved classics that will most definitely be given to a new mom.  Books like Love You Forever,  Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, and Guess How Much I Love You come to mind as some of the go-to book gifts for babies. Think outside of the box and choose some unique books that make great gifts for new babies. They are touching, inspirational, heartwarming gems that every new mom will cherish!


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