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16 Gentle Books for Siblings About a New Baby


A tree-hugging, outdoorsy little girl spends hours playing by her maple tree, planted in her honor when she was born. In fact, her parents named her Maple just like her beloved tree. The best thing about her tree is that Maple can be as loud as she likes and no one complains.  One day Maple's baby sister arrives and boy is she noisy. The big sister and her favorite tree know just the trick to calm the loud baby.



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Children's Books About New Baby Siblings 

A new baby that joins a family is a wonderful blessing who is showered with gifts, visitors and sometimes all of the attention from mom and dad. For an older sibling who may have been the only child up until this point, a new baby brother or sister may not be welcomed with open arms. Picture books for new big sisters share all the ways a newborn is a blessing, and how much her love and help are needed in caring for the tiny baby. If there are multiple siblings at home, this addition to the family requires even more sharing, self-sufficiency, and another layer of chaos to an already busy household. It can be a tough pill to swallow for siblings with the introduction of a this tiny, crying baby who has completely disrupted things at home. Stories about becoming a big brother are especially beneficial for boys who could benefit from a little advice and humor. Reading books about a new baby sibling can help!


my new baby

My New Baby

An adorable and simple book answers all of the questions a toddler has about a new sibling baby. For any toddler who asks a million questions about what life will be like with a newborn, this sweet book does the perfect job addressing them.




a kid of their own

A Kid of Their Own

Even animals on the farm have to adjust to new members of the family! Clyde is a rooster who is accustomed to making all the rules and getting all of the attention.  Once day a goat and her son arrive, and much to the dismay of Clyde, this kid is now the center of attention. This relatable story is just the right read for a child who is struggling with jealousy and his or her place in the family upon the arrival of a new sibling.



you're getting a baby brother

You're Getting a Baby Brother!

Charming, rhyming and humorous book sets the perfect tone for older siblings anticipating the arrival of a new baby. Cute illustrations and a dose of reality about what life is like with a new baby.



you and me

You and Me

A Spanish/English bilingual book about the special bond between a sibling and a new baby.  The love between the two is strong but the challenges of a newborn are real!



it's a moose

It's a Moose!

A broad definition of family is celebrated in this humorous book about a newborn baby who doesn't exactly look or behave as expected. With four feet and preference for twigs over milk, this baby moose is the talk of the town and the envy of all the neighbors. Everyone wants a new baby moose. That is until he starts growing and outgrowing all of the new baby comforts of his home. 


the new kitten

The New Kitten

A little kitty named Cherie has a perfectly charming life and is showered with love and attention from her mom and dad. One day everything changes when her parents arrive with Cleopatra, and brand new baby kitty to joing their family. This new kitty gets into all sorts of trouble and takes up space in their home. Is there really room for her? 



ana and andrew and the new baby

Andrew & Ana: The New Baby

Ana and Andrew are expectantly awaiting the arrival of a new baby sister or brothers. Their mother's family comes all the way from Trinidad to help the growing family. The older siblings learn the importance of the new baby's name and the story it tells of African American culture.


 babies don't eat pizza

Babies Don't Eat Pizza

Whimsical, lighthearted, silly, and informative best describe this book perfect for older brothers and sisters learning to adapt to a new baby at home. Little kids will enjoy flipping through this adorable book, soaking in the illustrations, and giggling at all the things babies do and do not do!



i love my little brother

I Love My Little Brother

A common fear shared by older siblings is having to part with the love and devotion of their parents. The arrival of a new baby can ignite feelings of jealousy and resentment in children who are accustomed to enjoying the undivided attention of their mom and dad. This reassuring picture book reminds children that love is not finite, and in fact grows as families expand.



waiting for baby

Waiting for Baby

A sweet and simple conversation between a pregnant mother and her toddler covers all the excitement and nervousness around a new baby's arrival.



you were the first

You Were the First

This lovely tribute to first born children is a gentle reminder that their milestones hold a special place in the hearts of parents. If little one's are afraid of being displaced by a new baby, You Were First is a valuable book to read together. First smiles, first cuddles, first kisses and lots of other firsts cannot be taken away by the addition of a new family member.


 wolfie the bunny

Wolfie the Bunny

Sometimes the best method to ease the nerves of an older sibling is through humor. This is a silly book about a bunny family that adopts a baby wolf into their family. The only problem is that Sister Dot is the only one who seems to recognize the true identity of this new baby.  She's worried that baby Wolfie is going to eat her family, but in a surprise twist, Dot ends up saving Wolfie from danger. Sibling rivalry, unconditional love, and lots of other important topics are covered in this unique, funny book about the arrival of a strange, new baby.





When new babies finally arrive, they bring with them a level of chaos, stress, and confusion. David Wiesner, the winner of multiple Caldecott awards, delivers a humorous and unique spin on the arrival of a new member to a family of robots. In this case, baby arrives as a bunch of parts in a box. Mom and dad robot are completely flummoxed so big sister applies her knowledge of engineering and brings baby robot to life.


 welcome to the family

Welcome to the Family!: A Celebratory Journal for a New Big Sister or Brother

An excellent way to prepare an older sibling for the arrival of a baby is through the prompts and activities in this journal. Big brothers and sisters can draw pictures, write journal entries, and jot down anything they want to share with the new baby. There is always a lot of preparation before a new baby arrives, and now the older sibling has something very important to contribute as well. 


you're the biggest

You're the Biggest

 An adorable keepsake book for toddlers who are adjusting to a newborn brother or sister. There are just a couple of short sentences on each page prompting siblings to think about their role. Charming illustrations capture the tender moments shared between a big and little fox. There are blank pages so that gift-givers can write personal notes inside.


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big brother and baby

Why Read Books for Siblings About a New Baby 

Older siblings will often require even more attention than usual during this so-called "transition." Just when mom and dad are at their breaking point with sleeplessness, constant feedings, diaper changes, and all the other new baby demands, the older child may just take a step or two backwards in their own behavior. As frustrating as this can be, it's pretty normal and fortunately pretty temporary. Some children can also feel quite neglected when a tiny new person joins the family, taking all the time and attention of exhausted moms and dads.

Older siblings, who may only be toddlers themselves, sometimes can't express everything they are feeling using their words. They may feel neglected,  fearful, confused, exasperated....any every other emotion under the sun. Jealousy in toddlers  can rear its ugly head, leading to moodiness and defiance. These feelings are especially hard to process when, in most cases, these children excitedly anticipated the arrival of their new baby sibling. And now that the baby is here, well, it sure isn't what they expected!

After a few weeks (or months...), things will eventually settle down and the child will adjust to a new routine at home.  Fortunately, there are many things parents can to do help a sibling adapt to a new baby. A best way of all is to read stories that help little ones understand their feelings and learn some coping mechanisms 


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