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33 Amazing Potty Training Books for Toddlers


If Leslie Patricellii's illustration is not enough to make you giggle, then pick up this book and you are guaranteed to laugh your way through with a toddler on your lap. Baby always thought there was only one place to poop (in his diaper!) until one day, a new possibility emerges....


Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

Teaching toddlers to use the toilet can be a difficult and frustrating process. Some children learn quickly and others take their good old time! While your toddlers are sitting on the potty, provide some good reading material to encourage them to stay put until the deed is done. Some funny and informative suggestions include kids' books about poop or perhaps even funny children's books about farting since both of these are common topics during the potty training phase.

Parents plan games around toilet time, implement reward systems for successful trips to the bathroom, and hit every public restroom that toddlers wants to explore in an effort to get their little tyke out of diapers.

Consider reading some children's books about underwear to show a toddler how much fun it can be to swap out diapers for big kid underpants. The proud characters in these stories will encourage your own little one to use the potty and show off brand new, colorful underwear.

Reading books about the ups and downs of mastering the throne is another way parents can encourage their tots along this arduous path. Check out the best toddler potty training books that will help you cross the finish line.


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Favorite Kids' Books About Potty Training

It's a challenging period of time but the reward is worth it. Getting rid of the expense and mess associated with diapers is such a great hurdle that parents want to overcome as quickly as possible.  Here are some of our all time favorite potty training books that will help encourage toddlers to do the deed on the throne. Chock full of humor, a little poopy talk, and some etiquette tossed in for good measure, these books are big hits with little ones beginning their journey.



Dinosaur vs. The Potty

Dinosaur is way to busy having fun to take a break to go to the bathroom. He's sure had a lot to drink and yet he is adamant he does not need to go! Or does he? Is he dancing around or perhaps did he wait a little too long to take a restroom break? Funny and true to toddler form, this is a book that all little kids and their parents will enjoy reading together. And maybe, just maybe, it will break down your toddler's resistance to eliminating diapers.



Big Girl Panties

Little girls love to celebrate milestones in their lives. Going shopping for big girl panties is a BIG deal. All the fun colors and characters on big girls panties are sure to entice even the most stubborn tyke to use the toilet. Join this cute cherub on her quest to graduate out of diapers! 




Big Boy Underpants

Toddler boys want to be just like their daddies. And that includes getting rid of diapers and wearing big boy underpants. This fun celebration of growing up and going to the bathroom is a great addition for every little boy about to head down this path.



Time to Pee!

Talented author/illustrator Mo Willems puts his cartoons to work by instructing toddlers how the centerpiece of the bathroom works. Both funny and educational, this story will coax even the most resistant toddlers into getting the job done in the right place.



No More Diapers for Ducky!

A little peer pressure never hurt anyone! Ducky wants to play but Piggy is busy taking care of business privately. Ducky comes to realize that perhaps he, too, should lose the diaper and start doing things like a big boy.




Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty

An adorable spin on Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this little Goldilocks needs to find just the right toilet and just the right underwear. Will she be able to accomplish both of these tasks? Little girls will love to follow along and maybe they'll just get enough encouragement from Goldilocks to do it themselves.

Dino Potty

A friendly dinosaur in some orange briefs is ready to introduce your toddler to a new contraption- a toilet! He provides easy-to-follow directions about the process, from start to finish. Thick, cardboard pages are easy for little fingers to flip through. Simplistic text with friendly, colorful pictures will appeal to little ones.




Poop or Get Off the Potty!

Peeing in the commode is one thing, but pooping is a whole other milestone that requires some additional training. A hilarious and celebratory book about twins who provide plenty of instruction about this big event!



Daniel's Potty Time

Your child's favorite little tiger is here to teach you all about the importance of visiting the latrine before you leave the house- even if you don't think you have to go! Young children don't always listen to their parents advice, but when Daniel the tiger tells them to do something, hopefully they will take his advice.



I Need to Wee!

If you tiny tot is not allowing enough time to make it to the toilet, this is the book for you! A fuzzy blue bear really, really, really has to go, but lots of things keep getting in the way. Will he make it in time? Read this silly book to find out how his friends come to the rescue.




Duck Goes Potty

This award-winning picture book is filled with colorful illustrations and a simple story about a duck who learns to take care of business all by himself. Adorable book perfect for encouraging toddlers to be independent in the bathroom.




This Cowgirl Ain't Kiddin' About the Potty

Riding horses and wearing diapers just don't mix! A pretend little cowgirl refuses to use the loo and doesn't seem to be too bothered by the load she is carrying. That is until she meets a real, live cowgirl and sees that she wears big girl underpants. Suddenly our stubborn girls changes her mind!



P is for Potty!

Elmo is here to save the day and help your toddler with this very important task! Lift each flap for a little how-to instruction from our lovable red friend. This adorable book will teach little ones all the responsibility that comes along bathroom hygiene.



Princess Potty Time

Princesses most certainly do not wear diapers!!! Join a sweet princess in this interactive spin-the-wheel, lift-the-flap book that will teach your little girl everything she needs to know about this private matter!





Superhero Potty Time

Have you ever seen a superhero wearing a diaper? I don't think so. Little boys love this sturdy board book that educates them all about getting the job done like a whiz!



A Potty for Me!

Karen Katz delivers yet another adorable lift-the-flap book, this time with a focus on peeing and pooping on the toilet. A busy little toddler doesn't seem to have time to relieve herself properly. Wearing a diaper sure is convenient when you are having fun! Follow along until this cute cherub finally has success mastering this milestone.



Everybody Potties!

Toddlers will love to grab this book and sit on the toilet for awhile. Lots of animal friends will celebrate the positive behavior of tossing the diaper aside like big girls and boys.



Peppa Pig: George Goes to the Potty

Peppa Pig is a supportive big sister. When George is learning how to be a big boy for the first time, she is right by his side to give him encouragement. This chunky board book is perfect reading material for your Peppa-loving, diaper-wearing toddler.


The Run

We all have been there. Waiting on the other side of a bathroom door while some is taking their good old time! Chock full of humor, this storybook is a keeper! A little boy seems to have lost all sense of time sitting alone while reading a book. Suddenly the animals in the story start racing across the page....to get in line to use the same lavatory occupied by the boy! We love this silly, imaginative book.


Once Upon a Potty

A bright, simple, repetitive story for girls will help you along this journey. There's a little bit of education about a little girl's anatomy. Plus this handy book takes readers through the steps of removing a diaper and sitting down properly to take care of private matters. 





Where's the Poop?

Young children will get a kick out of this engaging, lift-the-flap book about all the creatures and where they poop.  Reader learn that all of the animals feel much better after they've done the deed in their respective places. Colorful and interactive book that may finally do the trick!




The Potty Train

If you have a choo-choo loving toddler in the midst of trying out underpants, this may be just the book you need. A toddler has hopped onto the potty express where he learns to poop all by himself. Bold, engaging illustrations and subtle humor make this book a winner.




Even Firefighters Go to the Potty

One of the biggest obstacles is to get a busy toddler to take a break from playing to actually sit down and go. In this hilarious, lift-the-flap book, we learn that even people with very important jobs have to take a break to pee and poo from time to time. 



Potty Animals

Consider this an all-inclusive potty etiquette book for toddlers. A group of the cutest, preschool animals each has a unique challenge when it comes to bathroom duties. Wilma waits until the last moment and sometimes misses. Freddie is scared to flush. And Wilbur won't wash his hands when he's done. No matter what you child's  shortcoming, it's covered with humor and a gentle nudge in this adorably illustrated title.


Potty Superstar

An encouraging book for active toddlers who a sick and tired of wearing their diaper. A sturdy, tabbed board book introduces readers to Ella. She loves to run, jump, and climb, but the uncomfortable nappy gets in the way of her fun. She is ready to get rid of it and learn proper bathroom hygiene. A celebratory book, despite a few accidents, is filled with humor and bright illustrations.


We Poop on the Potty!

 A little bit of poop humor may be just what your toddler needs to finally master a new skill. This celebratory book about a very stinky subject is both informative and encouraging for little ones ready to sit on the toilet once and for all. A diverse group of little kids teaches readers all about the animals who poop in the wild, and all the people, big and small, who poop in the right place.


The New Potty

Little Critter is a very helpful big brother. His little sister is training to use her brand new pink portable toilet. Sometimes she makes it on time, and other times she misses. Her brother is there every step of the way, offering encouragement as only a sibling can. Lots of funny moments in this classic Little Critter book.


Potty Professional

Margo Pargo isn't about to let her age stand in the way of learning how to properly use the loo! When her mother informs her that she is not quite ready to go it alone (perhaps a little bit of reverse psychology?), this little girl sets out to prove her wrong. She grabs her favorite snack (goldfish, of course!), a sippy cup full of water, and gets down to business. 


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Potty Training Books Reinforce Patience as the Key

That transition period from diapers to fully potty trained can feel like an eternity at times. Going out to public places can feel like an overwhelming hassle, so much so that it's simply easier to just stay home. Rest assured that your toddler will get the hang of it one day, and we like to think that reading children's potty training books will speed up the process.

 Kids learn by emulating others...so looking at pictures of toddlers using the loo and reading all about this seemingly arduous process will surely help! Another pro tip is to read children's books about hand washing and germs in addition to toddler potty training books to remind little ones about the importance of lathering up with warm, soapy water after going to the bathroom.


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Tips to Potty Train Your Toddler

  • Keep in mind that the age to begin potty training varies greatly from child to child. The range is anywhere from 18 to 36 months. It's better to wait until your child is showing signs of readiness rather than push the issue too soon. By doing so, you'll reduce the amount of time it takes to complete the process.
  • Watch your child's behavior for potty readiness cues. Signs may include a child who promptly wants a diaper changed after pooping or expressing an interest in the toilet. Toddlers who verbalize that they are about to pee or poop in their diaper are also signaling that they are ready to be trained.
  • Remember that it is normal for a toddler to take a few steps backwards and have frequent accidents. Parents may feel frustrated by this behavior and especially volume of dirty laundry that is generated. Just remember that this is normal. Accidents often occur when toddlers are preoccupied or distracted playing.  Just keep moving forward and try not to get discouraged.
  • The length of time to cross the finish line varies from child to child. Some toddlers master the toilet almost immediately with zero accidents once they are diaper free. Others may take an entire year before parents can breath a sigh of relief and ditch the diaper bag. Just remember that all children will eventually get there!



 Potty Training Books for Parents

Reading books for toddlers is a good way to start them on the path to a diaper-free lifestyle. The lucky parents have success early on in the process and can finally get rid of the cumbersome bag full of diapers, wipes, and creams. But if you have run out of tricks and your child still refuses to use the loo or has frequent accidents, it may be time to seek some expert guidance. Here are some good books written by pediatricians, child psychologists, and parenting gurus that you will find helpful at this point in your journey to an easier lifestyle with your tot.



Oh Crap! Potty Training: Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to Do It Once and Do It Right

If you have had it and are out of ideas to coerce your kiddo into saying goodbye to diapers, this guide provides the steps you need to take to get the job done once and for all.  Written by a social worker and self-proclaimed Pied Piper of Poop, this book is both firm and funny in its delivery. Very popular amongst parents who are looking to get started a little earlier than normal and move on with life.

 Potty Training in 3 Days

This incredibly useful guide is like a boot camp. The program outlined in this book was developed based on 1000s of cases reviewed by the author, an early education expert about all things bathroom related. It's a best-seller that has received rave reviews from parents of the most stubborn toddlers. 



The First-Time Parent's Guide to Potty Training

If this is your first rodeo with a toddler, you are not alone. This best-selling guide is written expressly for parents who are brand new to this whole experience. In addition to providing a helpful step-by-step program, the author offers some sage advice for backsliding. This is something that can take new parents by surprise. While discouraging, regression and accidents are quite common. There are plenty of tips on how to handle these incidents and finally declare your household diaper free.


The Complete Guide to Potty Training

The author of this handy guide is the founder of The Potty School. In addition to providing step-by-step instructions, this comprehensive book includes an in-depth "Ask a Parent" section that addresses every possible scenario that could arise. There is also a good amount of information about obstacle that arise like backsliding, stubbornness, and fear of the toilet.



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It's All About the Fun, Right-Sized Toilet!

Finding a portable potty with lots of character and color is critical for training success. Kids usually don't train well on regular sized toilets. Little bums easily fall through big seats, making it hard to relax and concentrate on getting the deed done. Besides, toddlers don't always like the isolation that comes with being alone in the bathroom. Lightweight, plastic potties can be easily moved from room to room so there is no need for toddlers to be alone! Check out some of our favorites that may provide the necessary motivation!

My Size Potty Lights and Songs

Your toddler will love this realistic-looking toilet that plays songs when the handle is pushed. The removable potty topper can be placed on an actual toilet when the child is ready to make this transition.


My Carry Potty

One of the biggest challenges for a toddler is leaving the comfort of home. Recognizing this challenge, a parenting expert developed this award-winning travel  toilet. No more anxiety or accidents when on the go with your little one who is still learning!



 Reasons Why a Toddler Resists Potty Training

Potty training can feel like a frustrating game of tug and war. Just when a parent has the upper hand and seems to be making progress with their toddler's toilet habits, the little tot takes control and yanks back on that rope. The harder the parent pulls on it, the more resistant the toddler becomes to using the latrine. Understanding why your stubborn child is not cooperating will help everyone involved, minimize the level of frustration, and help you get there faster.


  • Problem: Using the potty takes time away from a more interesting activity. Going to the bathroom can feel like it takes forever for toddlers with very short attention spans. Just five minutes seems like an eternity for little ones watching a show, playing with toys, running around on the playground, or doing anything at all that is more interesting than disappearing alone to relieve themselves.
  • Solution: Encourage your toddler to go to the bathroom before engaging in a new activity. Don't start a television show until your child has at least attempted to use the toilet. If friends are coming over to play, plop your little one down to do the deed before anyone arrives. Always hit up the bathroom at home before heading to a playground or playdate. Try to use transition periods between activities wisely, even if your child isn't showing signs of having to go.
  • Problem: The potty is too far removed from everyone else in the house. Little ones like to be around mommy, daddy, siblings, and anyone else who is around. Bathrooms can feel like miles away from all the activity. Toddlers who are afraid of missing out may be more prone to accidents. Also, sometimes little ones feel anxious being alone in the loo or separated from their mom or dad.
  • Solution: Buy a training potty that your toddler can move around the house. It's normal for your child to still want some privacy, so it can be placed behind a couch, a curtain, or a corner a little further away from things. As long as the child can still see everything going on, the process will be easier.
  • Problem: Diapers are actually quite comfortable. When a child wets a diaper, it causes very little, if any, discomfort. The technology built into diapers allows for all the moisture to be absorbed so the toddler's bottom doesn't feel wet. There is not a lot of motivation to go to the toilet when the diaper is, oftentimes, not considered a nuisance.
  • Solution: Remove the diaper. The first time diaper-free little ones wet their pants may just be their last. Wet underpants don't feel good. Neither does a pair of pants that are soaked in urine and causing chafing on the legs. So don't wait until your child is fully trained to take the diaper away. You may have more laundry in the short term, but it will speed things up quite a bit.


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