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18 Touching Big Brother Books

the berenstain bears new baby

The Berenstain Bears' New Baby

The Berenstain Bears have added a new baby girl to the family and big brother has a lot to learn! Always funny while delivering an important message, the Bear family does not disappoint in this fun addition to the "new sibling" book genre. Big Brother has outgrown his big boy bed just in time for the arrival of a baby girl. He learns how to adjust to his new role and the change to his family with the guidance of Mama and Papa Bear.


big brother and baby

Best Books for Boys About Becoming a Big Brother

The role of a new big brother is a big, big deal! It comes with all kinds of responsibilities, like helping mom and dad take care of the baby. Brothers also have to learn to be more independent now that his parents are busier than ever taking care of a newborn. New big sibling books are chock full of reassurance that there is enough love and room at home for a new family member. Here is a collection of books we recommend reading to any little boy adjusting to his new role. For little girls, be sure to check out the best big sister books, too!


the new baby

The New Baby

Little Critter is beyond excited to take care of his new baby sister. He holds her, rocks her to sleep, changes her diaper, and pushes her in the stroller. Mercer Mayer always delivers a warm, reassuring message through the eyes of her endearing Critter. This book should be part of every new big brother's storybook collection.


baby belly

Baby Belly

Ok, if this cover doesn't sell you on this book, then let's just say there is plenty more cuteness overload on the rest of the pages. This wordless picture book is the perfect opportunity for a mom or dad to tell their own story. A little boy watches as his mommy's belly grows bigger and bigger with each passing day. Will his new baby brother or sister ever arrive?



roly poly

Roly Poly

A little polar bear is perfectly happy being an only child. He doesn't have to share his bed, his toys, or his food. Then one day a baby brother arrives, and everything changes. Will Roly Poly be able to adjust to being a big brother and having his whole life upended?



big brother peanut butter

Big Brother Peanut Butter

A yummy twist on the big brother, big sister book theme, this time the older sibling is focused on how he can be the best big brother ever. He asks his best friends, like Apple Pie and Cucumber, each who have plenty of experience navigating the world of big sibling hood. After lots of good advice, he finally figures out exactly what he must do.



what brothers do best

What Brothers Do Best

Brothers do so much for their little siblings, like push them on the swing and take them on fun visits to the library. This big brother has a big piece of his mom and dad's heart, but he is also equally loved by his baby brother. Munsinger and Numeroff have another winning story in this adorable board book that begs to be read over and over again.



there's going to be a baby

There's Going to Be a Baby

A charming book with the touch and feel of a classic. A little boy is eagerly awaiting the birth of his new baby brother or sister. He peppers his mom with kinds of questions which she gently answers in a reassuring manner.



olive marshmallow

Olive Marshmallow

Archie is a car loving, cowboy playing, rough and tumbling kind of little boy. Much to his dismay, that big bump inside his mommy's belly is a girl. All pink and frilly and fliuffy and did we say pink? Archie has seen pictures of the alien baby inside his mommy's belly, but when the bundle of joy arrives home, she now looks like a marshmallow. How will Archie ever adjust to having a little sister around?




on mother's lap

On Mother's Lap

A little Eskimo boy finds warmth and comfort snuggling on his mother's lap. He learns with the arrival of his baby sister, there is more than enough room on his mother's lap and in her heart for two children.



the baby is here

The Baby is Here!

Daniel Tiger can't wait to meet his new baby sister. He desperately wants to give her a special gift to welcome her into the world. When he digs through a box of his old baby things, he finds the perfect present for her.



you're a big brother charlie brown

You're a Big Brother, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown is so excited to be a big brother to his sister Sally! He is surrounded by his best pals Linus and Snoopy as he takes care of his sister. He is so proud of his role and loves his sister so very much that he accidentally refers to himself as her father!



i'm a big brother

I'm a Big Brother

It's will come as no surprise that this is a best-selling book for big brothers.  Sweet and simple with cute illustrations, this book captures all the good things about being a an older sibling.



the new small person

The New Small Person

Elmore Green is used to having his personal space and the undivided attention of his parents. All of that changes when a new baby comes home. Elmore wishes the little person would go away so things could return to normal. Then one day something happens, and he realizes having a baby sibling around isn't so bad after all.



how to grow a dinosaur

How to Grow a Dinosaur

A big brother dinosaur is bursting with excitement when his baby sibling finally hatches. His patience is tested when he learns that the baby dinosaur is not ready to do much of anything yet. Big brother cannot wait to teach him how to roar, play hide and seek, and everything about being a dinosaur. 



i used to be the baby

I Used to Be the Baby

A young boy is excited to welcome his baby brother into the family. He behaves as a good big brother should, from sharing his toys to being quiet while the baby is napping. He embraces his role as the older sibling, however sometimes he wishes he was still the baby of the house. His loving parents show him that he doesn't always have to act like the older brother.



big brothers are best

Big Brother's Are the Best

A sweet book that focuses on all the amazing things big brothers can do. Perfect for toddler boys adjusting to a new baby brother or sister, this simple and easy-to-understand book will help older brothers feel better about their new status. Boys will learn all the things babies cannot do when they are newborns, and the many ways they can help.



big brother peter


Big Brother Peter

Peter Rabbit has always enjoyed his status as an "only bunny". But all of that changes when his mother gives birth to three new bunny siblings. Peter experiences mixed emotions with this sudden change in the size of his family. Sensing that he is having a hard time, his mother gives him the very special job of naming one of the new babies. She has already chosen Flopsy and Mopsy for the first two babies. Will Peter be able to pick the perfect name for number three?



How to Be a Big Brother: A Guide to Being the Best Older Sibling Ever


How to Be a Big Brother: A Guide to Being the Best Older Sibling Ever

Becoming a big brother is a really big deal! Before a new baby arrives, there is a lot of preparation. A nursery is decorated, supplies are purchased, and work schedules are rearranged. One important step to remember is getting a nervous big brother ready to take on his new role. This helpful book contains a collection of stories from big brothers in all sorts of families. They share all the ways they help with the newborn sibling and provide reassuring words of wisdom for little boys ready to become older siblings.  


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