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16 Tender Big Sister Books

i am a big sister

I Am a Big Sister!

This sweet board book is the perfect story for a toddler girl who is a new big sister.  It reassures big sisters that they, too, need a lot of tender, love, and care in addition to the new baby.



big sister and baby


Books To Help Big Sisters Adjust To a New Baby

Being a brand new big sister is an exciting role for little girls, but it also comes with some insecurities and unknowns. How is a she supposed to behave? Will the new baby steal all of mom and dad's attention? Can she hold the baby, give bottles, and change diapers? What will life at home be like with the new little creature? There are so many questions addressed in older sibling booksthat will help. Here is a collection of books especially for new big sisters that will provide reassurance and answer all of these questions and then some!


clementine and the family meeting

Clementine and the Family Meeting

Clementine is a spunky girl who gets into a little mischief sometimes. So when she sees a sign in her house- Family Meeting!- she immediately goes into panic mode. The endearing redhead recounts all her mishaps, mistakes, and wrongdoings over the past few days. But she can't recall anything so terrible that would warrant a big sit-down with her parents and brother. When the time for the meeting arrives, Clementine learns that her perfectly square family of four is expanding. And one thing is for certain- Clementine is most definitely not happy about a new baby sibling disrupting her life.



Little Miss, Big Sis

Little Miss, Big Sis

A charming book perfect for any little girl who is learning the ropes to becoming a big sister. A rhyming story full of charm and whimsical illustration deserves a place on the bookshelf of every girl transitioning to her new role in the family.



just grace and the double surprise

Just Grace and the Double Surprise

Just Grace is a popular chapter book series that delivers a charming book about the arrival of a new baby brother. Mimi is Grace's best friend, and she is about to become a big sister! Grace is nervous, excited, and all of the other emotions that come with expecting a new baby, even if it is her friend's family, and not her own, that is expanding.



how to be a baby by me the big sister

How to Be a Baby....By Me, the Big Sister

A hilarious tutorial on exactly what is expected of a baby told through the eyes of a big sister. Equal parts nasty and sweet, a big sister provides very specific instrustions for her baby sibling. She matter-of-factly tells the baby everything he can't do and doesn't know now, like his gender, his age, what to do with books and other objects. And then she optimistically presents her prediction for his very bright future.



lola reads to leo

Lola Reads to Leo

The Lola series celebrates the joy of reading, so it's no surprise that Lola reads books to prepare for the arrival of her new baby brother or sister. She spends all her free time reading books to learn about newborn babies. Lola also delights in picking out all of her favorite stories that she cannot wait to share with the baby.



hello in there a big sister's book of waiting

Hello in There! A Big Sister's Book of Waiting

A simple, gentle, lift-the-flap, interactive book depicts a little girl who is overcome with excitement as her new baby sister will soon be here. She sings to the baby through her mommy's tummy and tells her everything she knows about the world. Meanwhile a cute little baby is nestled comfortably inside, taking it all in.



i'm a big sister

I'm a Big Sister

A best-selling book about being a big sister captures all the excitement a new baby brings to a family. Very simple text and adorable illustrations make this the perfect book for little girls anxiously awaiting the birth of a baby sibling.



mama's belly

Mama's Belly

A sweet little girl is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her little sister. In the months leading up to the baby's arrival, she is attentive to her mother and everything she needs. There are lots of tender moments shared between mother and daughter as they prepare for the new arrival.



babies ruin everything

Babies Ruin Everything

Lots of new big sisters will share the sentiments in a funny book about all the trouble caused by newborn babies.  A feisty little girl is quick to point out everything the baby cannot do- like throwing frisbees or whistling. But baby is quite effective at drooling on her toys, ruining her birthday party, and being a general disruption. Finally, big sister comes to the realization that maybe she can learn to be a better sibling to her new baby.



little big girl

Little Big Girl

An adorable girl named Matisse lives a big life despite her little stature. She goes on big adventures in the city, she makes very big messes, and she takes big naps when she is tired. When her baby brother arrives home, Matisse realizes that she is not so little anymore. And boy, she cannot wait to show him all the wonderful things in the world.



a baby sister for frances

A Baby Sister for Frances

A classic book that has stood the test of time! Poor Frances feels displaced with the arrival of her new baby sister. Her clothes are not cleaned, there are no raisins for her oatmeal, and her parents are always paying more attention to the baby. So Frances decides that she will take a drastic measure and run away, but she's sure to stay close enough so that she can hear how much her parents miss her. 


big sisters are the best

Big Sisters Are the Best

A darling story for toddlers who are adjusting to a baby sibling. The older sister learns all the ways she can help take care of the baby. She also learns that there are plenty of hugs and kisses to go around. The sweet illustrations capture all the emotions of an older sister who feels excited, nervous, worried, and happy about the arrival of the new baby.



flora's very windy day

Flora's Very Windy Day

Flora's Very Windy Day is a highly imaginative, artful story about the relationship between an older sister and her little brother. Flora would do anything to get rid of her pesty brother, Crispin. One windy day, she is presented with multiple chances to pass him along to a dragofly, the man in the moon, and even the wind. But now that her wish has become a reality, does she really want to say goodbye to her brother after all?



my brother the duck

My Brother the Duck

Stella has been eagerly waiting for the arrival of her baby brother. Yet when the newborn comes home from the hospital, she isn't convinced the baby is a human. He has a  strange little face, makes weird noises, and is dressed in a fuzzy, yellow outfit. Putting her science skill to work, Stella concludes that this supposed baby is, in fact, a duck! A humorous book for kids who are a bit surprised when a baby sibling doesn't exactly match their expectations.


bye bye baby brother

Bye-Bye Baby Brother!

Ruby's life is upended with the arrival of her baby brother. She once had the undivided attention of her mother, but the new baby is so needy that Ruby spends much of her time keeping herself occupied. One day her imagination gets the better of her and she dreams up a rocket ship to send the new baby off to a faraway place. Fortunately, her mother recognizes Ruby's despair and provides the much-needed reassurance and attention she's been missing.


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big sister with baby sibling


Picture Books Celebrating the Role of a Big Sister

New big sister books reflect characters that are experiencing the same emotional rollercoaster ride when a brand new member is added to the family. Older sisters have a lot of adjustments to make with the arrival of a new baby. In households with multiple siblings at home already, the youngest one will no longer be the baby. The entire hierarchy shifts and that can lead to chaos and confusion. We have gathered together a wide variety of books on this topic that we highly recommend. In addition to reading, there are many other ways for parents to help siblings adjust. Sharing stories about sisters adjusting to a new bundle of joy is the best strategy to ease anxiety and provide reassurance that life will be different, but better in so many ways. For little boys, make sure to check out the best new big brother books, too! 


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