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23 Best Baby Books All About Sports

goodnight baseball

Goodnight Baseball

If a bundle of joy is born into a baseball-loving family, Goodnight Baseball is the book you must give as a gift! It's the perfect indoctrination to the game for even the tiniest of babies. Reminiscent of the classic Goodnight Moon, this baby baseball book captures all the excitement of visiting a ballpark for the first time. This sturdy book will endure years of reading.

toddler playing tennis

Read Baby Sports Books to Little Athletes

There are many, many reasons why you should give babies books about baseball, football, hockey, basketball, swimming, tennis and every other sport under the sun. The most important reason is that it can make story time a little more interesting for mom and dad who may have grown tired of reading typical baby books. Another pretty good reason is that baby books about sports are typically not the go-to choice for baby shower gifts, since people usually opt for the tried and true classics like Runaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon, so your gift will be a welcome surprise! Don't forget to grab some sports books for older siblings, too. Check out the best children's books about baseball to get started.


 little basketball

Little Basketball

A baby book about basketball that is perfect for budding little athletes getting ready for the courts! Short rhyming text introduces little ones to basic basketball terminology. Bold pictures will keep even tiny babies exploring each page. This is just one book in a series of sturdy baby sports books designed for lots of wear and tear.



 let's play soccer


Let's Play Soccer

This baby book about soccer is shaped just like a soccer ball, a perfect format for little hands to touch, feel, and explore. The cover is padded for an extra tactile element. And the pictures inside are photographic images accompanied by basic soccer terms. What a great little book to spark an interest in this sport.



 i am a zamboni machine 

I am a Zamboni Machine

Lots of babies have books about cars, trucks and things that go. Why not add an ice hockey baby book about a Zamboni to the mix? Shaped like a Zamboni truck, this book is a great addition for ice hockey loving families. Restoring rough ice to smooth perfection is a job not to be underestimated. Babies will enjoy learning all about this important work.


  little football

Little Football

We love this series of Little sports books! Simple football terms fill the pages of this bold, sturdy board book. Short rhymes about this American pastime teach babies all they need to know about the game- for now! If you are looking for a cute baby shower gift, pair this baby football book with a tiny jersey and a plush football toy.  Touchdown!


  my first tennis book

My First Tennis Book

This simple, appealing baby book about tennis has some good tactile appeal. Each page contains just one tennis term and an oversized image. Pictures of diverse children playing tennis are also included throughout. This baby tennis book has sturdy pages that will endure lots of exploring.



 baseball baby

Baseball Baby

A little life lesson sneaks into this adorable baseball book for toddlers. Follow an enthusiastic boy headed to the park for a fun day of baseball with his family. He may not be ready for the big leagues quite yet, but this spirited little boy teaches readers to never give up. This baseball book for babies is a home run!



 let's play football 

Let's Play Football

There are so many good learning elements packed into this football book for babies. Lift-the-flaps on every page to discovery something new and exciting about the game. Babies and toddlers will practice counting the football players. They will also learn important football terminology. But most important of all, this toddler football book does a great job of capturing all the excitement of a statement packed with fans ready to cheer on their favorite team!


goodnight hockey 

Goodnight Hockey

A spin on the  Goodnight Moon a bedtime classic, this hockey book for babies is a rhyming book perfect for families who dream of the ice. A cute cherub is lulled to sleep by images of an action-packed hockey game! While we love this book produced in partnership with Sports Illustrated Kids, we are not sold on the fact that this is a bedtime story! This toddler hockey book is brimming with loud excitement, adorable pictures of players taking the ice, nail-biting plays. 



 my first basketball book

My First Basketball Book

This basketball book for babies has one word on each page paired with a large, bold image related to the sport. The textured cover is a nice touch-and-feel element that will keep babies interested. We especially love the diverse collection of children that participate in the sport throughout the book. A nice addition to a baby's sport book collection!




 who was jackie robinson

Who Was Jackie Robinson?

It is never too early to start teaching a baby about the baseball legends, and why not start with Jackie Robinson? This succinct board book has bold, modern illustrations to keep the attention of the youngest, little readers. His amazing accomplishments on the ball field are covered in a simple sentence or two on each page. 



 spot plays soccer

Spot Plays Soccer

Toddlers will enjoy reading about a spirited game of soccer between the Red and Blue teams. Who will win the game? Join the team captain, Spot and Helen, as they lead their teams in a fun competition on the soccer field.





Babies are encouraged to live and grow through real life experiences, symbolized by balls, in this board book with an important message. Go outside, run around , play ball and learn all about life through the act of participating in physical activities.



 little hockey

Little Hockey

Cute riddles throughout this book teach tiny tots all the important hockey terms. Simple rhyming text paired with eye-catching hockey images make this hockey book for babies a real winner! A great gift for baby showers - just add a little hockey jersey and squishy hockey puck. Perfect for hockey loving parents-to-be.



 rosa plays ball 

Rosa Plays Ball

A wonderful board book about a diverse group of children who enjoy playing ball together. Lots of toddler books about sports focus on organized, competitive games. This refreshing story is about inclusivity, cooperation, and friendship- all centered around playing with a ball.



let's play soccer 

Let's Play Soccer

There's a lot for little ones to explore in this sturdy lift-the-flap soccer book for babies. Cute animals engage in a soccer game. All the basics are covered- from drills to the rules of the game- in easy-to-understand terms perfect for budding little soccer players.



 porcupine pete's sports corner ice hockey

Porcupine Pete's Sports Corner: Ice Hockey

An ice hockey book for toddlers about a game between the Turtles and the Hares. Packed with basic hockey terms, like puck and goalie, this is a great introductory book for the tiniest of readers! A shiny foil cover captures the slick, cold essence of a hockey arena..and more importantly, it grabs the attention of babies ready to learn all about this exciting game.



 unstoppable me

Unstoppable Me

One of the most valuable lessons learned in sports is believing in yourself. A lion's courage is put to the test when she wipes out time and again. With the encouragement of her best friend, she decides to give it one more try! A surfing book for babies and toddlers packed with some pretty valuable life lessons.  



 my first soccer book

My First Soccer Book

A great first soccer book for babies! A large photographic image is on every page and basic soccer terms are covered. Simple, sturdy soccer board book with eye-catching pictures make this a terrific book for newborns through toddlers.



 soccer baby

Soccer Baby

Soccer loving moms and dads can't wait until they can cheer on their child from the sidelines. Until that day comes, the next best thing is to read to their babies all about the game they love. In this adorable soccer book for toddlers, a little girl is overflowing with excitement. A cute rhyming story and colorful illustrations fill the pages of this soccer baby book.


let's play hockey

Let's Play Hockey

This hockey book for toddlers has it all! Lift the flaps to discover all sorts of fun hockey surprises. Practice counting all the cute animal hockey players as they take the ice. And learn the most important hockey terms like goalie and captain. Bright pictures will keep baby engaged for many readings!



 let's play basketball


Let's Play Basketball

Lots of tactile appeal in this book that looks and feels like a basketball- and just the right size for tiny hands! The photographic imagery creates a realistic visual experience in this basketball book for babies. Simple basketball terms on each page are the perfect building block for teaching your little one about this fun sport.



 take me out to the ballgame 

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Your bundle of joy may be too little to take to a real baseball game, so this baseball book for babies is the next best thing! Follow two teams of adorable animals as they compete on the baseball diamond. Strikeouts, hits, base-running, ball-fielding...this book has all the exciting elements of the game. 

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toddler playing soccer 

Sports Books for Toddlers Even Parents Can Enjoy

There is something really special about sharing our interests, hobbies and passions with our children, starting from the time they are little babies. For sports fans, it's a fun idea to fill a bookshelf with wide variety of books about all kinds of competitive sports and athletic endeavors. Tiny tots will learn important lessons about winning and losing in addition to some basic game fundamentals. Not only will this help to spark your baby's interest in sports, but it sure will make reading time a little more interesting for mom and dad. As toddlers grow older, include some more advanced titles, including kids' books about soccer that cover team dynamics and good sportsmanship. For older kids ready for picture books, here is a list of the best football stories that cover the rules of the game and provide loads of entertainment on the field.

Let's start by saying that reading to your baby, no matter what the content, has enormous benefits. The security and love a baby feels when in your lap is important, for starters. The tone of your voice, the annunciation of sounds, the formation of words, and hearing these words strung together into sentences are all critical in the language development of babies. Therefore, no, it is never too early to read books about sports to your baby! Heck, reading an encyclopedia to your newborn has some arguable benefits. So grab some of these sports board books and settle in for some action-packed, sports reading fun!


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