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5 Tips to Get Kids Ready for Kindergarten

Starting kindergarten is an important milestone in a child's life. It is natural for parents to feel almost as jittery as their kids on the very first day. A few tears may even sneak up on mom and dad as they wave goodbye to their little one leaving the nest and turn them over into the welcoming arms of teachers. Parents will worry about whether they have done enough to prepare their children to succeed and wonder if there is anything they have forgotten. One of the best things you can do is read picture books about the first day of kindergarten to get started Then take a deep breath and review some of these tips that will help you and your child survive this big day. 


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How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten 

Tip #1: Attend all the orientation activities sponsored by the school.

Many times elementary schools will hold open houses for students to come and meet their teachers and explore their classrooms. This is a great  opportunity to find some familiar faces and make a few new friends. Kids will feel a warm welcome when they see a desk and locker with their name on it. They may even be able to bring their crayons, pencils, and other school supplies to set up at their stations.


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Tip #2: Tuck a little love note in your child's backpack.

Jot down a little something special that your child can read during the school day. Whenever something goes wrong, there is a hurdle to overcome, or your little one feels a little lonely, this note from you will help them feel better.


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Tip #3: Meet up with other children attending the same school.

Reach out to parents of other students and invite their children over for a little playtime before the first day of school. Making some new friends ahead of time will give your child a boost of confidence. Sometimes it's best just to give them space to get to know each other, so no need to plan or schedule an outing. A backyard, basement or playroom are all good environments for them to get to know each other.


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Tip #4: Don't let your child see that you are anxious.

It is perfectly natural for you to feel nervous about your child's first day. We all want our kids to have a positive experience at school. Parents who are prone to worrying may be flooded with thoughts of everything that could go wrong. Try to maintain a calm, cool, and collected exterior no matter what you are feeling inside. Your children will feed off of your emotions, so a relaxed disposition is what you need to show them.




Tip #5: Visit the playground at the elementary school.

During the summer before your child start, plan some time to explore the outside property of the school. Pack a picnic lunch and find a good spot to eat it, perhaps on a bench or under a tree. Encourage your child to play on the swings, go down the sliding board, and enjoy the other playground attractions. Becoming familiar with the outdoor areas will help children feel more at ease.



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Best Kindergarten Workbooks

Prior to starting school, children should have some fundamental reading, writing, and math skills. In fact, these academic skills were part of the very first curriculum established in the 1800s! Practicing ahead of time will give your child a boost of confidence before the first day of school. Here are some excellent workbooks to get your child started:


 Kindergarten Big Fun Workbook



 Get Ready for Kindergarten Workbook


Get Ready Kindergarten Learning Playset  



 200 Essential Sight Words for Kids Learning to Write and Read 


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