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56 Funny First Day of School Books for Kids

first day of critter jitters 

All the critters are harboring their own personal fears about starting school. Simple text and cartoonish art speak to the preschool and elementary school audience. Join Snake, Sloth, Bunny and more on their first day of school and a big surprise- the teacher has first day jitters, too!



first day of school

Funny Children's Books About the First Day of School

The first day of school is a a big deal for lots of kiddos! There is so much preparation that goes into leading up to the big day: shopping for supplies, selecting outfits, buying new shoes, getting haircuts, picking out snacks at the food store, and all the other rituals that families do to get their kids ready. Lots of these activities are covered in preschool, but kids who are moving up to elementary school may be nervous about starting the new academic year.

For kids who are embarking on their "real school" journey into kindergarten reading about what they can expect will help tremendously. These stories are written from the perspective of little ones who are anxious about attending a larger school with lots of older kids.
There is a lot of nervous excitement- and reading funny picture books about the first day of school can help answer questions and get rid of the nervous jitters. And don't forget to read school bus books for little ones who are getting ready for their first ride. 


 kindergarten here i come

Whimsical illustrations paired with a charming little poem make this story a real winner for kindergartners-to-be.  All the fun milestones that happen in kindergarten classrooms are covered. Plus a bonus sheet of stickers provide a little extra entertainment.


fancy nancy jojo's first day jitters

The first day of preschool is not so bad when you have a big sister to guide you. Fancy Nancy helps JoJo, who has a case of the jitters, feel better with lots of preparation. Readers will love this lift-the-flap book with surprises to discover on every page. Lots of new, frilly school supplies and accessories give JoJo the boost she needs to approach her first day with excitement.



school is cool

 A bouncy, upbeat book hits just the right mark for preschool and kindergarten children about to start a new school year. Zippy rhymes and colorful, mixed media illustrations give this book a charming, whimsical sentiment. Kids will learn a bit about what to expect on their very first day in this jubilant, read-aloud.


the giggles are coming

We all succumb to a case of the giggles now and again, especially during inopportune moments. Often they sneak up on us when we are feeling a little nervous, and trying to suppress them only makes things worse. That is exactly what happens to a couple of best friends on their first day of school. Right when the teacher starts talking, the kids erupt in uncontrollable laughter. Although this may be the behavior you want your child to mimic, reading about it is sure to make your kids giggle.


 first grade stinks

Now that kindergarten has set such a high bar, will first grade ever measure up? One little girl sure doesn't think so. Less recess and more work doesn't sound fun at all. A delightful read-aloud for all the kids who must face reality now that school is getting serious. 


 back to school splat

Our favorite kitty is ready to tackle school head first.  He is most excited about show-and-tell because he has so many summer adventures he wants to share with his classmates. What ever will he talk about when it's his turn in the spotlight? A funny and clever story for every kid who has a hard time leaving summer adventures behind to focus on school.


dad's first day

One of the funniest first day of school books that will tickle the funny bone of little readers. This is the story of Oliver and his dad. They have a wonderful summer playing together. But the time has come for Oliver to return to school, and his dad has a case of the jitters. He doesn't feel well, drives like a slow-poke to school, and won't leave Oliver alone in the classroom. In fact, the teacher ultimately has to carry him back out to the car. He finally feels better when he returns at the end of the day to find Oliver with a big smile on his face.


 the pigeon has to go to school

Leave it to Mo Willems to keep kids laughing out loud. Why the heck to pigeons have to learn the ABCs and 123s? His backpack sure is heavy and what if the other kids don't like him? All of the questions and worries around the first day of school are handled with humor.



a letter from your teacher on the first day of school


For a lot of little kids, the scariest part of starting school is meeting the teacher. This is especially true for children who were especially attached to their teachers from the previous school year. This helpful book reads like a letter written expressly for your child from a teacher who is ushering them into an exciting, new classroom. This reassuring story is about all the ways a teacher supports a child academically and emotionally at school. 



 bear's school day

Bold illustrations and simple text work well together in this charming story for preschoolers. Follow bear on a typical school day that includes storytelling, singing, and all of the other fun activities that make learning fun.

never not ever

 Pascaline observes all the other animals heading off for a day of learning, but she steadfast in her decision to stay home. Her parents tug at her feet and try to coax her into cooperating. When she lets out a scream, the parents magically shrink into bite-sized bats. They slip under Pascaline's wings and accompany her to school. This fascinating book opens up a conversation with your children about how you will be with them, at least in spirit, for all of life's challenges.

sophie's squash goes to school

A humorous book about a little girl with a two unusual best friends. Named Bonnie and Baxter, they are little squash that she lovingly planted and nurtured in her back yard. She insists on taking them with her on the first day of school. They are comforting companions who help her feel better. But when a little boy sits next to Sophie and follows her wherever she goes, Sophie is faced with a choice. Maybe it's time to leave her beloved vegetables behind and make a real friend. 



 the king of kindergarten

Take a lead from this little boy's parents! Bolstered by his parents unwavering support, a confident little boy gets dressed, eats a big breakfast, and is ready to tackle his first day as a kindergarten. He has a fantastic day at school and cannot wait to return for many more days of action-packed learning and adventure.



 my first day at nursery school

Going to nursery school is a big deal, especially for little tykes who are venturing out on their own for the first time. Lovely illustrations and a soothing storyline told from the viewpoint of a little girl will help ease the fears of all little kids anxiously anticipating this big day.



curious george's first day of school

George has never been so school before. Needless to say, he is ecstatic when he is invited to be a special guest in the classroom. The students are learning a lesson about combining paint colors- and you can only imagine the trouble this leads to for George. A big mess, a crazy chase down the hallway, and lots of laughs as our curious monkey once again gets into a bit of trouble.



daniel's first day of school

The Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood series is inspired by Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. In this adorable picture book, Daniel is nervous about his first day of school. All of  his worries quickly disappear when his teacher gently explains what is going to happen during the school day. Daniel relaxes and enjoys the best first day ever.



back to school with the berenstain bears

You can always count on the Berenstain bears to deliver a comforting message and some good lessons! This back to school book does not disappoint. Sister is a full of first day jitters, so Mama comes to the rescue. She takes Sister to visit her teacher and the problem is solved!



pete the kitty's first day of preschool

Cool backpack- check! Yummy snacks- check! Pete the Kitty is all set for his very first day of preschool. Little ones will enjoy this sweet book that covers all the basics, like meeting his teacher, singing new songs, painting colorful pictures, and so much more. 


all are welcome

Bright illustrations and simple rhyming text convey and very powerful and important message. Children from every background are embraced in a school that celebrates diversity. They share and learn about each other's traditions in a warm, inclusive place. 



second grade here i come

Every single school year is different, and second grade is no exception. Join a rollicking group of children as they navigate spelling tests, sports practices, homework, recess, and finally a barbecue to celebrate the end of the school year.


llama llama misses mama

No list of back to school books would be complete without Llama. Illustrations capture all the excitement, fear, sadness, and myriad of other emotions children experience when going to school for the very first time. Rhyming text carries the reader through Llama's first day and how he successfully makes it through.


amelia bedelia's first day of school

A silly book about a girl who mixes up everything! She takes everything literally (like actually gluing herself to her seat!), and moves through her first day in a generally confused manner. Endearing Amelia will show kids that they will learn from their mistakes all the while making lots of new friends in school.


if i built a school

Kids will let their imagination run wild as they read about a little boy with big ideas. Wouldn't school be so much better with books that come alive, tubular transportation systems, and furry animals wandering the hallways? Captivating pictures and a rhyming story work together to make this a super fun real-aloud book. Maybe real school won't be exactly like what is depicted in this book, but a kid sure can dream.


i love you all day long

Perfect for preschoolers or kindergarteners getting ready for their very first day of school. Little piglet is experiencing some separation anxiety. Owen is having his doubts about going until his mother gently explains that she will love him throughout the ups and downs of his school day. She will be there for him no matter what happens and will embrace him with open arms at the end of the day.


wemberly worried

Wemberly is a worrier by nature. She lives her life truly filled with fear that anything and everything will go wrong. Spilling her juice, finding snakes in the radiator, shriveling up in the bathtub- her imagination runs wild with worries. So when it is time to start school, she is as nervous as can be. That is, until she finally meets a fellow worrier and finally learns that life is too fun to worry all the time!


snoopy goes to school

Snoopy is the perfect furry friend to ease first day of school jitters! He will be the first to attest that human school is much better than dog obedience school. In real school, Snoopy joins Charlie Brown's classroom. He takes a test, participates in show-and-tell, and has a whole lot of fun!



the day you begin

Going back to school and stepping into a new classroom for the first time can be really scary. This is particularly true for kids who don't quite feel like they fit in. This is a gem of a book for every single child, but especially for those who look or feel a different than everyone else. The author delivers an incredibly important message of courage for every child who feels afraid and alone on the first day or any day of school, for that matter.



first day jitters

Children are filled with a whole lot of emotions on the first day of school that can be summed up with one word- jitters!  Cuddle up with your favorite munchkin and read this delightful story to the very end for a big surprise.



how to get your teacher ready

Kids aren't the only ones who have to do a lot of preparation for the first day of school. Adorable cherubs have all kinds of advice for their teacher on how she can get all her ducks in order. There is quite a lot  for the teacher to do, but no worries because the students will make sure she stays on task!



school's first day of school

Kids aren't the only ones who get a case of the first day jitters. Frederick Douglass Elementary School is anxious about welcoming an incoming group of new kids for the school year. He is worried about what the kids will do and whether the kids will like him. A unique, creative perspective on the first day of school that kids will find funny and comforting.



 is your buffalo ready for kindergarten

This super-silly book about a buffalo with a case of the jitters will tickle the funny bone of every little kindergartener.  If he follows the rules, shares his toys, and behaves, he will have a great day. This sweet book introduces readers to the basics of kindergarten and what they can expect on their first day.

brown bear starts school

 Brown Bear experiences all of the same worries as most kids approaching the first day of school. He is worried that the others won't like him. He is concerned he doesn't have the right clothes. And he sure is anxious about hearing the teacher and following all of the directions. Rest assured, Brown Bear not only takes care of himself, but also manages to lend a helping hand to his classmates.



the school book

Primary colors and bold illustrations draw in little readers eager to learn about school. Uplifting, inclusive, and cheerful, this book is a real winner when it comes to introducing children to life in the classroom.


pirates don't go to kindergarten

For little kids not ready to to make the jump from preschool to kindergarten, add this book to your reading list! Here's the story of Pirate Emma who decides to head back to preschool to find  her old captain and crew. She plans to stir up a mutiny against kindergarten, so prepare for a rough year.



david goes to school

Let this humorous book be your child's guide on how NOT to behave in school! True to form, David seems to do everything wrong. He doesn't wait his turn, he chews gum, he joins in a food fight, and basically misbehaves the entire school day. Kids will laugh at the pictures and laugh even harder watching how much trouble David is instigating.



if you take a mouse to school

Our favorite mouse appears in yet another charming book about all the fun activities and important learning that happens in school. Mouse's day begins with a very important task- packing his lunchbox. We join him on his journey in school as he learns some math problems, does a science experiment, and even writes a little book. This back to school story is sure to get your child excited.



enemy pie

 In a perfect world, kids could go off to school and never encounter a single bully. Unfortunately, that simply has never been the case, and never will be! What we can to for our children is give them the coping skills to deal with kids who are not so friendly. We highly recommend this book for it's creative solution to the problem. In this case, a father bakes his son an Enemy Pie, and tells him that a secret ingredient will turn his enemy into a best friend. Your kids will enjoy this story of friendship transpire.



clifford goes to kindergarten

Wouldn't the first day of kindergarten be so much easier if you could take your dog with you? Emily is lucky to have Clifford by her side as she sings songs, plays games, and makes new friends.



my first day of daycare

For many kids, school starts well before kindergarten. The tiniest of toddlers often face their own case of nerves when they have to go to day care for the first time. This cute, reassuring book will help comfort them. The story walks readers through many of the common activities and fun that happens in a day at daycare.



miss nelson is missing

This 1977 classic still resonates with kids going to school day. The students in Room 207 have enjoyed taking advantage of their easy-going teacher. They show zero respect for kind Mrs. Nelson and then one day an evil substitute shows up in her place. After enduring the witchy new teacher, the students soon begin to regret how poorly they treated Miss Nelson.

dear teacher

Humor is a fantastic tool to get nervous little kids excited for school. In this funny story, a little boy writes a series of letters to his teacher explaining the many ridiculous reasons why he can't attend school. When the teacher finally responds with a detailed letter outlining all of the fun things going on at school, the boy decides maybe he should go after all.



every cowgirl goes to school

Just like every other little girl, this cowgirl has high expectations for her first day. Unfortunately, things just do not go as planned.  Instead of getting to sit next to her best friend, her desk is squeezed between a couple of rough girls, a strange picture of a cow appears on her desk, and the day just does not go as planned. Can our sweet cowgirl turn the day around and make some new friends?

 monsters love school

Ah, summer is over and these crazy monsters must go to school. Readers will laugh out loud at their crazy antics and enjoy pouring over the colorful pictures. These silly monsters learn to read, write, and all about their history. Going to school has never been so much fun!



ready or not woolbur goes to school

Woolbur is not like all the other students heading off to his first day of school. All of his classmates are nervous, but Woolbur can't wait to get started.  He marches to the beat of his own drum and isn't afraid to try new things. His can-do attitude rubs off on his friends at school and soon everyone else is having just as much fund as Woolbur.



froggy goes to school

Froggy is not in the least bit nervous about starting school. He gleefully hops to the bus stop and all throughout his school day. Froggy's signature sound effects coupled with his positive outlook make for a winning read-aloud!



the recess queen

Every child encounters a bully on the playground at one time or another. This engaging book is the perfect prescription for how kids can handle this kind of conflict without adult intervention. When a new kid appears on the playground, she takes a novel approach by befriending the bully. The surprising outcome will have kids rethinking the way they can handle tough social interactions.



maisy goes to preschool

Maisy introduces toddlers to a day in the life of a preschooler. She is full of confidence, ready to spend some time away from her mommy, and excited to engage in all of the fun activities. A perfect story to get any little kiddo ready for the first day of nursery school.



pete the cat rocking in my school shoes

Life is good for Pete the Cat! He brings his rockin' sense of style to school as he slickly moves between the lunchroom, the classroom and the playground. Who knew school could be so groovy? It's no surprise that Pete the Cat is an award-winning book series. If you have a kid a bit jittery about starting school, grab a copy of this book and all worries will melt away.




For many young children, it is so very important to fit in at school and not have any traits or characteristics that will draw attention.  The same is true for our little protagonist, Chrysanthemum. She always loved her name until her classmates made fun of her unique name. Everything turns around for her one day when a lovely music teacher, Mrs. Delphinium Twinkle, joins the school. She shows Chrysanthemum that her name is a gift that she should proudly carry.



the kissing hand

Chester Raccoon is nervous about starting school and leaving his mother for the first time. This is a heartwarming story of a mother's unconditional love for her child. It's a love that is always present with the child even when he is separated physically from his mother. Whether your child is going to camp, preschool, or kindergarten for the first time, this book is a must-read to ease separation anxiety.



thank you mr falker

A best-selling book by Patricia Polacco addresses the learning challenges that can really affect a child's self-esteem and ability to thrive in school. A little girl has had trouble reading all through her elementary school years. Her classmates call her stupid and she starts to wonder if they are right. When she reaches fifth grade, she finally has a teacher who recognizes her intelligence and talents. He gets to the root of her problem and helps her overcome her trouble with reading. School is stressful for many children, especially those who learn differently than the crowd. Here's a great book for kids who want to know they are not alone.



how i spent my summer vacation

Summer vacation takes on a life of its own in this action-adventure book. A little boy is asked to share how he spent his summer vacation with his class. His crazy story involving stampeding cattle and wild cowboys makes everyone else's summer seem quite lame by comparison.



click clack quack goes to school

Farmer Brown is going to be a special guest at the local elementary school.  All of the farm animals, thinking they will be joining him, practice good behavior in preparation for their visit. Much to their disappointment, the animals learn that the invitation has not been extended to them. So Farmer Brown heads off for the school alone, or so he thinks. 



little rabbit goes to school

Little Rabbit is excited to start his first day of school. He is not nervous since he has brought his favorite toy, Charlie Horse, to keep him company. Throughout the day, Charlie Horse disrupts story time and music class. Maybe Charlie Horse isn't ready for school after all. Little Rabbit comes to this realization and decides he can get through school without his buddy by his side.



i am too absolutely small for school

Lola does not understand why it is necessary to go to school. She already can count to ten, so what more does she need to learn? Her very patient big brother Charlie helps Lola get over her fears and take on the first day of school.

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first day of school

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We searched high and low for the funniest back to school books for kids starting a brand new year. For some, a return to the classroom brings feelings of positivity. But for others, the thought of school creates stressful, anxious feelings that are not so welcome. For kids who are socially challenged or on the autism spectrum, this milestone is even more difficult. There is no better way to ease first day of school jitters than to read! Parents can also follow these tips about getting kids ready for a new school year to help avoid any road bumps that can make the transition to the next grade level more difficult. And when the school year ends, make sure to celebrate this accomplishment in a big way. Here are the best books about kindergarten graduation that make wonderful gifts for little students moving on to first grade.


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