17 Fantastic Kids' Books That Celebrate Teachers

lila greer teacher of the year 

Lila is the new kid in class. Even before she moved, Lila worried about a lot of things in her life. The overwhelming changes, including a new bedroom, new friends, and new school, were enough to set her into a what-if frenzy. On the first day of school, a compassionate teacher recognizes her anxiety and knows just what to do and say to set things right in Lila's world.  




Best Picture Books for Teacher Gifts

Teachers are some of the most influential individuals on a child's academic, social, and emotional development. These special people provide the educational foundation upon which kids think about their future and dream about what they want to do with their lives. Even more importantly, teachers play a valuable part in building the confidence and self-esteem of a child who is going through transitional periods of growth and maturity. For all of these reasons, the best kids' books about teachers recognize the devotion and commitment of these amazing professionals. 


why we need teachers 

Beautiful illustrations capture the sentiment and impact teachers have on students for the rest of their lives. Lovely prose about all the ways teachers lead and inspire pupils to go out and make their make in the world appeals to readers of all ages. This picture book is a wonderful end-of-year gift for all teachers who have made a big impact. It is equally enjoyed by little ones who will reflect on the ways their favorite teachers helped them along the way.



 a teacher like you

An emotional tribute to all teachers and the many ways they influence their students. Inclusive messaging with pictures of diverse little students, this valuable teacher appreciation picture book is a great gift for all types of educators. This uplifting book celebrates all the learning experiences, from math to music to sports, that teachers enable through patience and innovation.



  mrs spitzer's garden

 A tender story about a lovely teacher, Mrs. Spitzer, who plants a garden at the beginning of the school year. She lovingly tends to the seeds until they bloom into beautiful flowers. This thought-provoking analogy to the blossoming of students over the course of a school year offers a lot of room for conversation. A wonderful book that gives readers room to think and compare their own experiences to the flower garden.



 i love my teacher

Todd Parr's whimsical book about teachers is just right for toddlers. Simple sentences convey all the ways teachers brighten the lives of their students. They bring joy into the classroom, help kids make new friends, and provide a loving environment where little ones thrive. A great board book to read before a child begins preschool and to stock a teacher's bookshelf.



miss nelson is missing 

A simply hilarious picture book about a class that goes haywire every time they have a substitute teacher. Readers will laugh at the antics that occur when the students try to take advantage of Viola Swamp, a substitute like none they have had before. This strict disciplinarian does not put up with any of the practical jokes or goofing off the kids typically save for their substitutes. After a full week with Ms. Swamp, the kids are eager for their much-sweeter teacher to return.



 thank you mr falker

 Beloved children's book author, Patricia Polacco, draws on her own experiences as a child who struggled in school. A bright student with artistic ability, young Trish could not make sense of words printed on pages. The letters were jumbled up and she could not read like the other students in class. Fortunately, her astute teacher diagnosed her dyslexia and dedicated his time to helping her overcome this reading disability. 



 my teacher is a monster no i am not

Bobby thinks he has the worst teacher in the world. She is always cranky and doesn't let him have any fun. When he spots her at the park one weekend, he is challenged to rethink his perception of the monstrous teacher. Funny pictures depicting a misbehaving little boy will garner lots of giggles. And little readers may just be open to understanding life from a teacher's perspective.



 the teachers i loved best

A beautiful and loving gift book featuring a diverse group of teachers who have all made a big impact on the lives of their students. Captivating portraits of teachers reflect the wide range of disciplines they teach, including academics, drama, art, music, and athletics. A rhyming tribute that pays homage to every educator and the valuable inspiration they bring to their students.



 substitute creacher

The students in Ms. Jenkins' class have finally met their match. The loud and boisterous kids have gotten away with a lot of mischief and misbehavior. But all of their wrongdoings come to an immediate halt when a frightening, one-eyed substitute creacher replaces their regular teacher. He scares them with stories of what happens to young kids who do not follow the rules. And the most disturbing of all is the account of his own experience as a chronic offender of classroom rules.



 because of mr terupt

The first installment in a popular chapter book series about a revered fifth grade teacher. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a student, each of whom is dealing with a personal struggle. On the surface, these kids appear to have nothing in common. However, Mr. Terupt is a gifted teacher who creates a nurturing and supportive classroom environment. Unlikely friendships develop, allowing each student to face their obstacles with courage.



 how to get your teacher ready

A jubilant and excited group of students present a guide for teachers to stay on track with the many activities that take place throughout the school year. Adorable cherubs have all kinds of advice to dispense for a teacher who surely would have difficulty staying organized without their help. In a creative reversal of roles, these little students lay out a calendar of events (picture day, field trips, 100th day of school, and more!) and address all the other things that need to happen before the first day of school.



 because i had a teacher 

A New York Times best-selling picture book that has been a favorite end of year gift for teachers for many years. Soft, pastel-illustrations provide a tender touch to this moving tribute to educators everywhere. Simple yet powerful words communicate the many ways teachers inspire their students to believe in themselves and dream of a bright future.



 i want to be a teacher 

A colorful book about teachers perfect for kids learning how to sound out words. This Level 1 reader, about a little boy who wants to grow up and teach, is full of fun pictures with reading cues. A positive, upbeat story that features a classroom bustling with fun activity.



 thank you teacher

A mostly cheery and slightly teary farewell to a fabulous teacher who has made a big impact on the student in her class. Smiley, cartoonish kids describe all the ways the teacher was a bright light throughout the long school year. From exciting science lessons to quiet reading time, the students learned a lot. And for this, they have a very special teacher to thank.



 what teachers can't do

A fun book for kids who may not think their teachers have much of a life outside of the classroom. Lots of age-old adages about teachers, like the fact that they collect apples and need help cleaning the chalkboard, play out in this charming story. A cute story is a nod to all kids who have a hard time thinking about their teachers as regular people.



 a letter to my teacher 

This cute story is about a little girl who could never sit still. Instead of quietly listening and doing her work, she bounces around and misbehaves. Although not intentional, she disrupts the entire classroom with her antics. Fortunately, the keen teacher recognizes that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Once her reading struggles are identified and the right support is provided, the little girls thrives and eventually becomes a teacher herself. A true story based on the author's experiences conveys a common occurrence in classrooms all around the world.


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Why Read Children Stories About Teachers

From the moment a child steps into a classroom on the first day of school, the little person transitions into a student who is learning all day long. Teacher spend long hours creating an environment that is welcoming and comfortable. They also put a lot of thought into making sure the room is conducive to concentrating, doing work, following lessons, and interacting with peers. The illustrations in the best children's books about teachers reflect how they instruct their students throughout their lovingly designed classrooms. What looks like a fun and colorful place is actually a well-designed, educational workspace. These special people are leaders who change the world by educating future generations and giving them the foundation they need to fly. The illustrations in the best children's books about teachers reflect how they instruct their students throughout their lovingly designed classrooms.

 Picture books also do a fantastic job of reflecting the character of good educators. Wisdom, patience, and kindness are some of the most common personality traits educators who devote their lives to making a difference in younger generations. They teach the most important skills that kids need to continue growing academically. But just as important as the knowledge they share is the way they make their students feel. These stories show all the ways kids grow emotionally in the classroom based on the things their teachers do and say. Although frequent compliments can temporary boost a child's confidence, the best teachers focus on building self-esteem over the long run through hard work.

When grown children think back upon the teachers that had the most impact on them, there is not usually one specific thing or event they can reference. Rather, it's an overall assessment of how they felt on the very last day of class. The entire year may have been filled with highs and lows, successes and failures. Without those experiences, the children will not thrive. But on the last day of school, marked by kindergarten graduations and other ceremonies, kids who are genuinely stronger overall, both academically and emotionally, have someone very special to thank. The best children's books about teachers capture this sentiment through pictures and text for readers young and old.




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