17 Charming First Day of Preschool Books


Preschool, Here I Come!

A first day of preschool book full of happy, energetic children eager to learn. Told in a collection of poems, this story covers all the fun activities and "firsts" a child can expect to experience at preschool. A bonus page of stickers is included in this cute novelty book



Best First Day of Preschool Books for Jittery Kids

It is perfectly normal for kids to experience a case of the jitters upon the approach of their first day of nursery school. For many children, it's their first time in a school setting or away from their moms and dads for prolonged periods of time. This is a time for them to develop important social skills and learn how to navigate conflict without constant adult intervention. Reading children's books about bullying is a fantastic way to teach preschoolers about the importance of kindness toward their new classmates.

Reading first day of preschool books with positive messages about this big day is a highly effective way give your kids the burst of confidence they need. For a more reading suggestions, check out this list of the recommended first day of school books for kids of all ages.



Best Children's Books About First Day of Preschool

Simply telling your child "there is nothing to worry about " is usually not enough to ease their anxiety up the first day of preschool. Young kids may not always have the words to express what they are feeling or be able to articulate all the questions they have about school. That is why we love the idea of gathering a variety of first day of preschool books  that do as much showing as telling. And after this school year is over, gather together some first day of kindergarten books to prepare for the next step.


Alfie at Nursery School

Join Alfie as he embarks on his preschool journey. He colors, learns the alphabet, and plays with his friends. There are some valuable lessons explored about getting along with others in sticky social situations that can arise among nursery school children.



Lulu Loves Nursery

A sweet book about a timid little preschool girl. It turns out that Lulu loves preschool! In fact, so has so much fun playing in the sandbox and  dressing up with her friends that she forgets all about missing her mummy. A positively delightful story with a very happy ending.


The Night Before Preschool

A fun installment in Natasha Wing's best-selling "Night Before" series perfect for nervous preschool children. A little boy named Billy simply cannot sleep the night before his first day of school (nerves!)...and every single night after that (excitement!). Kids will relate to Billy every step of the way. Warm, detailed illustrations capture the mood of this reassuring story.




Rosie Goes to Preschool

Appealing, bold illustrations and a sturdy board book format will appeal to the youngest preschoolers. Rosie walks little readers through all of the important parts of her day and shows them her cubby, her table for work and snacktime.  Short, simple and to the point.



Maisy's Preschool

An imaginative, interactive preschool book that Maisy fans will enjoy. Follow along as Maisy participates in story time, plays with blocks, and makes lots of new friends. A fun pop-up awaits at the end of this book where children will feel like they are truly a part of Maisy's preschool class.



My Preschool

Author Anne Rockwell expertly covers all the ups and downs of a day in the life of a preschooler. Offering a realistic depiction of preschool, this reassuring picture book is a solid edition to your child's first-day-of-school reading collection.




The 12 Days of Preschool

A vibrant, cumulative book that will have kids singing along to the tune of "The First Day of Christmas".  A typical, action-packed day at preschool shows children all of the fun things they will be learning and doing at school. 


My First Day at Nursery School

A gentle book suited for preschoolers who are nervous about leaving their mother. A little girl starts her first day of nursery school and all she can think about is how much she misses her mommy. As the day progresses, she becomes more engaged at school, and before you know it, she is having so much fun she forgets all about least for a little while.


Bob and Flo

Two little penguins embark on their very first day of preschool. Flo is sporting a brand new bow in her hair and she proudly carries her bucket into the classroom. When this prized bucket disappears, can Bob save the day by helping her locate it? A darling preschool story with lots of appeal for young readers.



Pete the Kitty's First Day of Preschool

All the exciting moments are captured in this vibrantly illustrated book for preschoolers first day! Pete the Kitty is sporting a new backpack filled with his favorite snacks. He has a fantastic time painting pictures, singing songs, and playing with his cool new friends.



Open the Preschool Door

A welcoming, lift-the-flap book offers all kinds of fun surprises for eager preschool children. Little readers will be excited to discover the class pet, a smiling teacher, a fun playground, and all kinds of other special pictures of what makes nursery school so awesome.



 Pearl Goes to Preschool

Soft pastel illustrations grace the pages of this gentle book about a little girl preparing for her first day of preschool.  Pearl has already taken ballet classes, but her mother owns the ballet school and is always close by. Preschool will be different. Pearl is full of questions and receives all the reassurance she needs from her mom.




Preschool Day Hooray!

The preschool children in this oversized, board book practically skip off the pages as they head into their first day of preschool. Clever word play in short, rhyming verse describes all the sites and sounds of a preschool classroom. Crafts, puzzles, books, and lots of new friends fill the classroom buzzing with activity. The whimsical pictures of joyful children will give your jittery kiddo a boost of confidence before starting this next journey.



What to Expect at Preschool

 Is your child bombarding you with a million questions about preschool? This reassuring book will anwer all those questions and even the ones not asked yet. Kids will learn what preschool classrooms look like, the rules they will need to follow, what happens during circle time, what to do if they have to use the bathroom, and lots more. This comprehensive little book gives kids a behind-the-scenes look at everything they can expect before starting their own first day.



I Love You All Day Long

One of the most popular, tender stories that hits all the right notes for kids who have separation anxiety. This is the story of Owen, a little piggy who is conflicted about starting preschool. Like lots of kids, he is feeling a wide range of emotions from anxiety to excitement. His loving mother has all the right words that give him comfort and the confidence he needs to step into the classroom. The overriding message is that she will always be with him in spirit, through all the good and bad times, and will be waiting with open arms at the end of the school day.



Maisy Goes to Preschool

A little bit of Maisy goes a long way in getting your child excited about starting preschool. This confident, happy mouse feels right at home in her classroom. She exhibits no signs of anxiousness when she says goodbye to her loving mother. Bold, colorful pictures of a fun, activity-filled preschool classroom will help get your child ready for the first day. 


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Read First Day of Preschool Books Before the Big Day

Starting preschool is a big milestone! Most children share the same set of worries about the first day of school. Will the other kids like them? Will their teacher be nice? Will they know where to find the bathroom? Will they miss their mommy and daddy? The list of questions goes on and on! So we encourage you to gather together a wide variety of first day of preschool books all about what they can expect. 

After the preschool year is over, find some inspirational books about kindergarten graduation that share words of wisdom for kids of all ages moving up to the next grade level. Kids will most definitely have questions about what to expect the next year. So snag some children's books about school buses to get started with the next journey, too!


preschool class


Reading preschool books will familiarize a child with the classroom.

Even though not every classroom is exactly the same, most of them have some things in common. There are usually cubbies to store coats or other personal belongings. The classes are often divided into stations or activities. There is usually an area with a rug for story time. And there are almost always desks or tables for doing work or making crafts. After kids see all of the pictures in their preschool books, they will feel right at home when they walk into their own classroom.




Preschool children will learn some of the rules ahead of time.

One of the biggest challenges for little kids is following all the rules their preschool teacher establishes in the classroom. Taking turns, raising hands, sharing toys, listening during story time, and sitting still are just of the few "skills" that little ones need master before entering kindergarten.





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