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23 Fun First Day of Kindergarten Books

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten

Annie approaches school with a special kind of confidence that may rub off on your child after reading this book. Instead of trepidation, Annie is full of spirit and finds adventure around every corner, especially in her classroom. Sometimes her behavior gets her into a little trouble, but she saves the day when she rescues some classmates who get lost in the hallway.



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Picture Books Prepare Kids Starting Kindergarten

Chances are your child has some experience going to school previously, perhaps in a preschool or daycare setting. Certainly it was a good stepping stepping stone that gave your child a taste of independence and a strong start academically. There is something pretty special- notably different- about starting "real" school. Maybe it's a first-time, full-day school experience or riding the school bus. Perhaps it's the bustling hallways filled with kids up through the fifth grade. Kids are all over the map in terms of their readiness to start kindergarten. Emotional maturity, academic readiness, social skills, separation anxiety, and all kinds of other things affect the level of success they have on their first day of school. Kids will naturally feel nervous about making new friends and even encountering a bully. Reading first day of kindergarten books is one of the best ways to prepare your child for this big day.


The Night Before Kindergarten

A must-read for any child with a case of the jitters. This fun book captures all the nervous energy and excitement that often keeps kids up the night before their first day of kindergarten. Lots of activities are covered, from gathering school supplies to saying goodbye to parents, all set to the Night Before Christmas poem.



 On the First Day of Kindergarten

A fun, cumulative read-aloud that highlights all the exciting parts like riding the school bus and making new friends on the playground. This charming book touches upon the sad feelings when a child says goodbye to mom and dad. But these feelings are soon replaced by all the wonderful things waiting for them at school. 



Kindergarten, Here I Come! 

If you buy just one book to get your child ready, make it this title! Rather than reading like a story, it's a collection of adorable poems each covering an important event, ritual or milestone that occurs during the kindergarten school year. A bonus page of stickers is some added fun.



 Jumping Into Kindergarten

Here is a great book that takes a more skills-based look at what your child can expect to accomplish their first year of kindergarten. Children are implored to ask a lot of questions and apply what they learn to everything they do.



 Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come

Children will relate to Henry's unbridled enthusiasm that stalls out when the day finally arrives. His excitement is replaced with apprehension. A gentle, reassuring book especially for kids feeling a bit jittery.



Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten 

All 26 students (one for each letter of the alphabet) are gearing up for their first day. Meanwhile, Miss Bindergarten is bustling around getting the classroom ready in preparation for her new students. Rhyming story with engaging illustrations will get your child excited about starting school.



 Clifford Goes to Kindergarten

It's pretty customary for kids to bring something comforting with them to provide a sense of security when going to new places. Emily Elizabeth's idea, while somewhat disruptive, brings quite a bit of laughter to her classroom. Join Clifford the Big Red Dog on his visit to a very special class.



 The King of Kindergarten

A confident little boy, boosted by the support of his loving mother, moves through his first day with excitement and enthusiasm. For jittery kids, this may be just the right book. Nothing goes wrong, there is not a thing to's all fun, friendship, and happiness on this very big day.



 Amanda Panda Quits Kindergarten 

Well, sometimes the school doesn't live up to your expectations. That's exactly what happens to Amanda Panda. She gets so exasperated, especially by an annoying classmate, she decides to skip right on up to second grade with her brother. With the help of a friend, Amanda eventually learns to cope with her challenges. A humorous look at what happens when things don't go according to plan.



Monkey: Not Ready for Kindergarten 

Awe...poor Monkey is full of questions and a has a case of the jitters. He worries about making friends, getting on the wrong bus, disliking his snack and a myriad of other things that could ruin his first day of kindergarten. With the support and reassurance from his family, he musters up the courage to get through it.


How to Be Kind in Kindergarten

A darling little book filled with poems centered around kindness. Every page features a unique poem with a hint or two about sharing, helping, including, and being a good friend to others. The illustrations capture the sweet connection between schoolmates who are kind to each other all year long. 


Kindergarten Rocks!

Starting school is so much easier when you have a big sister in third grade to lead the way. Dexter is excited to embark on this new journey, but like most other new kids, he has a lot of questions. With his sister's help and his stuffed dog tucked safely in his backpack, Dexter is ready to face this new adventure.


Planet Kindergarten

Kids will be ready to blast off into the whole new world after reading this book. Lots of action and excitement packed into this space-themed picture book that elevates the first day of school to another stratosphere. Perfect for little space enthusiasts who need to shake off some first day of kindergarten jitters.


 The Queen of Kindergarten 

MJ is ready to start her first day of big kid school. Thanks to the love and support of her family, she has the confidence she needs to thrive at school. MJ proudly wears her mother's special tiara to symbolize her strength, kindness, and mad soccer skills! She is ready to make some new friends and learn exciting new things with all of her friends.



Mom, It's My First Day of Kindergarten!

An excited little boy realizes that his mother needs some comforting. He is ready to go to "big kid" school, but his anxious mother is filled with worry and doubt. An a humorous reversal of roles, he provides her with needed reassurance that everything is going to be just fine!



1, 2, 3, Off to School!

There are so many fun details to explore in this book about all kinds of critters going to school. Pom, who is getting ready for her first day, visits all of her forest friends to see what they do in school. The frogs are making artwork, the wolf pups are reading books, and the sloths are taking a nap, of course! Kids will discover something new every time they read this story, including some surprise appearances by fairytale characters. 


Teaching Mrs. Muddle  

A very clever story about a wise teacher, Mrs. Muddle, who has quite an unusual style of instruction. When she greets a classroom of nervous students for their first day, they are taken aback by her quirky mannerisms and confused state of mind. She makes one mistake after another, like mixing up name tags and leading kids to the wrong part of the building. Soon enough, the kids realize they need to take charge of the situation. And in this silly reversal of roles, the students do the teaching and end up learning more than they could have imagined.

Mary Had a Little Lizard

A fun, wordless picture book about a lizard who wreaks havoc in a kindergarten classroom. The little guy slips into Mary's backpack one day. When they arrive at school, the lizard cannot believe all the excitement. He nibbles on someone's lunch, makes a huge mess in the paint area, and even gives the teacher a big scare. Find out what happens when this troublemaker is sent to the principal's office. This creative twist on the classic rhyming song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, offers up some fun entertainment.

Kindergarten Hat

Carlos has a lot of hobbies and interests. He loves to play soccer, build forts, and work in his garden. But when he moves to a new town just in time to start school, he is not so sure about himself anymore. All the normal insecurities plague him. What if the other kids don't like him? Will he be able to find his teacher? Fortunately, a special lady wearing the most unusual hat greets Carlos and his classmates with open arms. He quickly feels at home and enjoys this first day of kindergarten.



 Countdown to Kindergarten 

 An anxious little girl about to start a new school  year gets some bad advice from a first grader. This older child share some important rules, like you cannot bring your pet to class. But there is one tidbit shared that does not make her feel better. Apparently you are not allowed to ask anyone for help in kindergarten. So if you are the one kid who cannot tie a shoe, what do you do when your laces are untied? As the girl counts down until her first day, she is filled with trepidation. This sweet book reassures readers that there is no reason to be afraid. 



KINDergarten: Where Kindness Matters Every Day

Every teacher should follow Ms. Perry's lead by instituting a kindness pledge in the classroom. The inspiring teacher in this story sent a letter to all of her prospective classmates and asked them to think about kindness before starting kindergarten. Throughout each day, she asks the children to give examples of kind acts they witnessed by other students. All of the students, including an especially shy boy named Leo, became actively demonstrated kindness toward others.



 I'm Going to Kindergarten! 

A bouncy Little Golden Book follows a confident, happy girl on her first day. The bright illustrations capture the essence of a classroom that is filled with opportunities to learn and explore. The little students learn about the importance of raising their hands and keeping their energy in check! A great addition to your list of back to school books for five year olds.


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Best Stories to Read About Kindergarten 

Millions of kids all around the country get ready to start their educational journey, usually when they turn five. This momentous occasion dates back to the 1800s when the first kindergarten program was established in the United States. Whether your child is nervous or excited, outgoing or shy, confident or timid, reading children books about kindergarten is one of the best tips for getting gets ready for the school year. All of their feelings will be validated by the characters in these stories. The many questions about what they can expect will be answered. And all of these major milestones will be celebrated throughout the pages of these humorous, reassuring, and informative picture books. And before you know it, the first year will coming to a close and it will be time to celebrate kindergarten graduation


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