6 Interesting Facts About Kindergarten

Lots of fortunate kids have the opportunity to develop school skills before they walk through the threshold of their classroom. Daycare, preschool, and even informal playgroups are all great opportunities for kids to socialize, learn to share, and even practice their ABCs. All of these experiences are fantastic building blocks for when children are ready to start real school- kindergarten! So as you are busy shopping for books about the first day of kindergarten, lunch boxes, school supplies, and new shoes, here are some mind-blowing facts to share with your little ones about this next chapter. 




Fascinating Kindergarten Trivia

National Kindergarten Day is an actual holiday.

April 21st, the birthday of German educator Friedrich Fröbel, is the day to celebrate. In 1837, the trailblazing teacher established the very first activity and play institute, and named it Kindergarten!

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The term Kindergarten is simply beautiful, though you may not have ever thought about what it means.

In German, "kinder" means children and "garten" is garden in English. So, the definition of this term is "garden of children". Perhaps this is why so many people incorrectly (and subconsciously) misspell the word as "kindergarden"!



The very first class in the US opened in 1856.
Margaretha Meyer-Schurz opened the school's doors in Watertown, Wisconsin where she instructed the entire school day in German. Elizabeth Peabody established the first English-speaking kindergarten four years later in 1860.

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Approximately 3.5 million children in the United States attend every year.
45 states are required to provide a program and 11 of these states mandate that districts offer full-day instruction.

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Most states require that children are 5 when they begin.
Keep in mind that classes will have a mix of kids just turned 5 and others who are almost 6. Also, some parents hold their children back a year, so they may even turn 7 during their year. As a result, expect your child's classmates to be a diverse group in terms of academic, emotional, and biological maturity. No matter the age of your child, there are some helpful tips to get your child ready for kindergarten.

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