15 Cute Kids' Books About Cupcakes


Pinkalicious Cupcake Cookbook
Fans of Pinkalicious will adore this hardcover book filled with kid-friendly cupcake recipes. The best part of this delicious picture book are all the fun pictures and instructions for decorating cupcakes with fancy icing. Kids will have fun turning their favorite desserts into whimsical works of art.


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Sweet Children's Cupcake Books

There is something about cupcakes that make them a universally appealing treat, especially for little kids. Perhaps it's the colorful icing decorated with sprinkles that is spread across the top. Or maybe it's the huge variety of the cakes themselves, with desirable options for every palate. Cupcakes are easy to make at home with just a few ingredients, so kids can easily lend a helping hand in the baking process. These treats are also fun to buy at gourmet bakeries where fancy toppings are piled high on top of each one. These baked goodies are frequently served up at birthday parties, school celebrations, and picnics. Children's birthday books are also fun to read, as they share stories of kids enjoying cupcakes as part of the celebration. It's no surprise that these these tasty morsels star front and center in a wide selection of children's books about cupcakes.


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Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes
Nancy is hard at work in the kitchen baking cupcakes for a bake sale. She is doing her best to follow the recipe, but she makes a few mistakes and worries about whether anyone will buy her treats. A fun, easy-reader for kids who are fans of Fancy Nancy.



If You Give a Cat a Cupcake

A fun circular romp that all begins with a cat who wants a cupcake. Part of the best-selling If You Give book series, this story begins with messy sprinkles, followed by a jump in the pool, a ride on a boat, a trip to an amusement park, and eventually back to another request for a yummy cupcake. Sparse text and engaging illustrations work well for preschoolers who love a good cupcake story.





Peanut Butter & Cupcake!

Pictures of deliciousness jump off the pages of this large, hardcover book about a group of food friends. Peanut Butter is longing for some companionship, but his best friend, Cupcake, is preoccupied playing in her sprinkle box. So favorite sandwich spread tries to find some other fun foods. Hamburger is buys walking his hot dogs and Egg is trying to mend his cracks. Eventually, Peanut Butter finds his forever companion in this tender story.



Operation Cupcake

Learning about physics has never been done like this before. A couple of mice have their eyes on a vanilla cupcake with creamy, strawberry frosting. Ordinarily, the clever rodents can easily snag some tasty tidbits without any trouble. But this treat is encased in a glass dome. And to make matters more complicated, a cat and dog are nearby. After some careful planning, the hungry mates devise a contraption to safely transport the cupcake to their mouse house. The sidebar contains more scientific details about the physics applied for kids who are curious to learn more.




It's hard to feel special sometimes when a plain old cupcake is surrounded by gourmet varieties. Such is the saga of Vanilla Cupcake, a seemingly boring option compared to fancy flavorful types topped with interesting treats. Fortunately, a friendly pal named Candle comes along and the future seems much brighter. An endearing story with room to talk about lots of relatable experiences. 



You Are My Cupcake

A sturdy board book perfect for new babies filled with all the sweet and silly nicknames parents call their little ones. Cupcake, pumpkin, and cutie pie are just a few examples of the terms of endearment. A candy-colored book featuring a sweet cupcake is a great baby shower or newborn baby gift, especially for parents who love to bake cupcakes!




The Cupcake Caper

 The Boxcar children are facing a brand new mystery to solve. Their favorite local bakery, owner by Mama Tova, has been robbed. This popular shop usually has a line wrapped around the building with hungry customers eager to buy some delicious cupcakes. The villains who break in to the store are interested in getting their hands on the secret recipe. Fortunately, the super-sleuth kids follow clues to a local baking competition. They put their taste buds to the test and reveal the recipe-stealing culprit.




Pete the Cat and the Missing Cupcakes

Pete and his friends are movin' and groovin' while they bake cupcakes for a big bash. He is excited to play music at the party and share his delicious treats with all the guests. But when his back is turned, someone gobbles down a bunch of the cupcakes. The cool cat figures out who did it and finds it in his heart to forgive. 



Pinkalicious and the Cupcake Calamity

Mr. Swizzle has bought a machine that everyone needs- a cupcake maker! The entire town is excited to try the delicious treats. All of the ingredients are put into the contraption according to the instructions, but no cupcakes come out the other end. Pinkalicious decides to take a look inside and what she discovers would delight anyone who loves cupcakes. 





Cupcake Cookbook for Kids

 A fantastic cupcake recipe book with fabulous baking tips to make perfectly delicious treats. Once kids are through with the baking part, they will have a hard time deciding which of the many creative decorating ideas to finish off their creation. Easy-to-follow instructions for making everything from scratch will empower young bakers.




Cupcake Cousins

Willow and Delia are excited to attend their aunt's wedding, but the cousins believe they are too old to be flower girls in the ceremony. So instead, they put their baking skills to the test and volunteer to make cupcakes for the party afterwards. There seems to be some forces working against them, like a meddlesome little brother, a pesky dog, and a malfunctioning blender. But when a real catastrophe strikes, the girls are challenged to come up with a solution that will save the wedding day.




Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

 Birthday parties can be challenging to plan sometimes. When the guests are actual food items, coming up with fun games to play takes the difficulty to a whole new level. As Cupcake and Blueberry Muffin brainstorm, it seems like all of their ideas will fail for one reason or another. Their pal Donut melts outside and Soup gets a bit Games like musical chairs or limbo presents problems for just about everyone. Just when Cupcake is ready to give up, Blueberry Muffin has a brilliant idea that will definitely make readers laugh.




Camilla the Cupcake Fairy

A sparkly, fairy book about a magical cupcake who has some difficulty with her wand. Camilla is finally old enough to start using a magic wand to whip up delicious cupcake frosting. Like anyone who is trying something new, this darling cupcake fairy has a lot to learn. After lots of mistakes, she finally figures out how to make the most delicious frosting. A sweet story that with a little lesson about practice and perseverance. 



The Cupcake Club: Peace, Love, and Cupcakes

The first book in The Cupcake Club book series is a sweet tale about how baking cupcakes is a path to friendship. Carly, who just moved to a new school, tries to make new friends with the other fourth graders. She comes up with the clever idea of starting a cupcake club, and invites others to join her in baking lots of treats for a big party. When a jealous classmate attempts to ruin their fun, Carly and friends have to figure out how to save the club through kindness and inclusion.


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Delicious Kids' Books About Cupcakes

Kids who love sweet treats will devour these books about little cakes decorated with colorful icing and fun sprinkles. Grab some first birthday books for babies with stories about tots enjoying their very first cupcakes. Whimsical pictures of colorful treats dance across the pages in this collection of mouth-watering stories. Woven throughout are tales of baking competitions, new friendships, dilemmas, mysteries, and more. There are simple stories where sweet cupcakes come to life. They are personified desserts that befriend items from other food groups. Lots of these books are about characters who will go to great lengths to eat cupcakes, and others share stories about school bake sales and small businesses all centered around this delectable little cake. The best kids' books about cupcakes have recipes in the back to follow after reading the stories. 

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More Fun Food Books for Kids

It's always fun to read about food shenanigans in children's picture books. All the most delicious snacks spring to life and dance across the pages, certain to make tummies rumble from start to finish. There are almost always kid-friendly recipes in the back for a little experimentation in the kitchen. Kids' books about cupcakes include some of the best to try. Here are some additional book recommendations for kids who want to read about their favorite foods.

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