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25 Fantastic Children's Birthday Books

Happy Birthday to You!

A quintessential book for kids of all ages! A true Dr. Seuss classic that embraces celebrating everything that is unique about YOU  every single day of the year. Kids are taken on a wild birthday adventure in Katroo where the guest of honor is treated to a party like no other. Your child will feel like the most special person in the world every time you read this keepsake book together.



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Funny Kids' Books About Birthdays

This special day should be celebrated in a big way for every single child. It is the one moment that is exclusively about a very special child. And it's not tied to any specific accomplishment or milestone other than simply making it another rotation around the sun. Our kids are loved just for being their own unique selves and this is the one day of the year that we celebrate them! Reading children's birthday books is a fantastic way to get them excited. Be sure to also read the some fun stories about cupcakes, with stories of kids enjoying these treats at parties.

Family and friends gather together, gifts in hand, to sing and watch a little one blow out some candles. And let's face it, we all want to find the perfect gift that the child will enjoy, appreciate and play with the most. But here's an idea to really help your gift stand out...instead of a card, top off the present with a storybook. Start a tradition when a baby turns one  and continue for years to come. Write a personal message inside the cover. Now your heartfelt words will forever have a place on the shelf instead of getting tossed in the trash can with the rest of the cards. 

Happy Birthday from The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

A quite adorable  book that can be a stand alone gift, but would be the perfect present-topper. Small in physical size but packed with big wishes for a happy day. Colorful pages feature Eric Carle's artwork, like bright balloons, enticingly wrapped presents, and delicious cupcakes. The hungry little caterpillar shows up frequently throughout. This book is a sweet read for every child.



Scaredy Squirrel Has a Birthday Party

Scaredy Squirrel worries about absolutely everything and this day is no exception. He is absolutely terrified of parties so he takes extreme measures to assure that there is no big celebration. Unfortunately, his silly friends have other plans. Will he muster up the courage to enjoy his celebration or will he simply play dead and avoid the whole thing? Funny story about an anxious critter who fears the worst in every situation.



 A Birthday for Frances

Frances books are classics that have been enjoyed by children, perhaps because they see a little bit of themselves in her. Frances' little sister, Gloria, has an upcoming birthday. While her family and friends are busy making preparations to celebrate, Frances grapples with a bout of jealousy. She does a terrible job masking her feelings, and her behavior shows it. Downright petulent, Frances is not a character to be modeled. She does, however, get her act together and buy her sister a present...but when it comes time to give it to her, Frances again is not a stellar example of generosity. It's a great  book to use as a reference for "how not to behave" when your child needs to honor the special day of another. 



 When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree 

A one-of-a-kind  book that takes the expression "when life gives you lemons" to a whole new level. A little girl has begged for the latest techno gadget, but fortunately, her grandmother does not heed her request.  Instead, she shows up with, of all things, a lemon tree! A gem of a children's book with many lessons about patience, appreciation, and the value of gifts that give over and over again for many to enjoy.



 On the Night You Were Born 

A work of art on every single page in this beautiful book celebrating the birth of a baby. While this book is extremely popular as a baby shower gift, it is equally relevant as a birthday present. Poetic prose celebrates the very unique, special event that occurred on the night you were born. It was a joyful occasion that was embraced and celebrated by the entire world. If you want to share your love and appreciation on a child's special day, this book will convey your sentiments perfectly.



  There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Birthday Cake

This crazy old lady is as wacky as ever in this birthday edition! She swallows all the trappings of a big celebration...cake, balloons, confetti, candle, and more.  Perfectly rhyming story and funny illustrations make this children's  story a real winner. Best suited for toddlers and preschoolers.



 11 Birthdays 

Turning 11 years old should be reason to celebrate, except Amanda just wants to get the day behind her. She and her best friend Leo have had joint  parties for as long as she can remember. But this year things are different. Amanda and Leo are not on good terms and won't be celebrating together. When Amanda wakes up the day after her birthday, she's thankful to be moving on...or so she thinks. Playing on a groundhog day twist, Amanda repeats her birthday over and over again until she finally mends her friendship with Leo.



 Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

The pictures are so appealing that you want to reach out and eat the delicious treats right out of the book. Cupcake has a birthday coming up. She is trying to plan the perfect party, but none of the traditional birthday games will work for her food friends. Soup, Muffin, Donut and all the others have physical traits that prove challenging. Lots of yummy fun in this oversized hardcover book for the preschool crowd.



 When's My Birthday?

A joyous tribute that captures the essence and excitement through the eyes of young children. Have you ever met a child with a ridiculously long wish list?  Gigantic expectations for all the things that will happen on the big day? Well, this award-winning book depicts the unbridled emotions of children who are counting down to their very special day. 



 A Birthday for Bear 

Bear and Mouse are best friends who have opposing ideas about how to celebrate. Bear is a recluse who wants to spend his special day alone without any fanfare. But feisty Mouse has big plans to make this the most unforgettable birthday ever for Bear. An easy chapter book with plenty of illustrations perfect for emerging readers.



 Amanda Panda and the Bigger, Better Birthday

Amanda is a spirited Panda who is over-the-moon excited about turning six! She has made big plans to invite all the kids in her class to a blow-out celebration in honor of her big day. Much to her dismay, she learns that her sometimes arch enemy, sometimes best friend, Bitsy, shares the same birthday and also has a party planned. In a humorous story about jealousy and compromise, this book will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.


 Ten Rules of the Birthday Wish

A part ode, part how-to guide for children on how to get the most out of their birthday. The most whimsical characters join a young child as he established a list of ten rules that must be followed. All the essential traditions are included, with a few extra surprises, and an ending with the sweetest of dreams. It's a lengthy picture book- 48 pages- so probably better suited for the 5+ age group or preschoolers with respectable attention spans.



 Curious George and the Birthday Surprise 

Our funny little monkey has been snooping around again! When he comes across all the fun supplies for a party, he wonders who could possibly have an upcoming birthday. The man with the yellow hat has a surprise up his sleeve and George is determined to get to the bottom of it. Curious George is classic reading and this book does not disappoint.



 Big Red Lollipop

What is a girl to do when her mother insists she bring her little sister to a friend's party? Rubina is invited to her very first party, and she has no choice but to let Sana take along. Not only does her sister monopolize all the  games, she steals her big red lollipop favor.  Little readers will enjoy the surprising way this story ends. A highly regarded Junior Library Guild selection as well as winner of numerous other children's book awards. 



 If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon

Probably one of the most unique birthday party books for children we have come across! Imagine having your big celebration on the moon where everything floats, not just the balloons. Children will learn all kinds of interesting information about outer space and may get some big ideas for their next shindig! Such a fun, interesting, and educational book for kids.



 If You Give a Pig a Party 

Pig has an endless list of demands for his birthday party.  As she jumps from decorations to guest lists to wardrobe, little readers will be in fits of giggles. Somehow Pig's personality is both exhausting and endearing, perhaps not unlike the toddlers who enjoy her books! A really fun book to read ahead of a big celebration.



 The Night Before My Birthday

The Night Before series captures all the excitement and anticipation children experience. This  book delivers all the fun nervousness the night before guests are scheduled to arrive. All of the necessary preparations are made but there is inevitably a hurdle that must be overcome. Despite all the planning, we all can relate to a mishap or two when hosting a large group of people.  This is a happy, colorful picture book that kids will love to read the night before their own parties.



The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Birthday   

The Berenstain Bears can always be counted on to deliver a valuable message. In this edition, Sister Bear is turning six. Despite all her excitement leading up to her party, when the day arrives, she kind of falls apart. All the noise and a houseful of furry friends overwhelm Sister. Fortunately, her steady Mama and Papa Bear expertly help her navigate the day and teach her the real meaning of this special day.



 Froggy's Birthday Wish 

Froggy is beside himself. It is his big day and no one seems to know it. His parents are preoccupied and his friends all seem to be busy doing other things. Will Froggy's special day be a total disappointment? Little readers will enjoy the surprise ending to this funny book. 



 The Secret Birthday Message 

Eric Carle's signature illustrations are an appealing backdrop in this mysterious birthday book. A little boy named Tim receives a message, written in code, that takes him on a journey to the very last page where he finds his present. An intriguing  book that conjures up all the excitement and anticipation of receiving special, surprise gifts.



 Some Birthday! 

Patricia Polacco, a prolific and award-winning children's book author/illustrator, introduces readers to a very interesting family  gathering. An extended group of relatives head out to see the monster at the clay pit bottom.  One of the group, a little girl, thinks everyone has forgotten her birthday, but that is absolutely not the case in this suspenseful tale. A lengthy read that features a less than picture-perfect, albeit realistic, family situation. If you are looking for book that is all rainbows and unicorns, this is not the one. 



 Happy Birthday, Bunny!

A sweet, rhyming book about a little bunny who is eager to celebrate. Her family and friends gather around to sing, dance, and love their very special Bunny. She opens her presents and everyone eats cake. Simple story with soft pastel illustrations that will appeal to preschoolers and toddlers.



 Birthdays Around the World 

A fascinating look at traditions told through the eyes of seventeen children from different parts of the world. Turning a year older is marked by special ceremonies and festivals that are quite different from the familiar parties and cake. Children will also learn how to say Happy Birthday in all the various native languages. A joyous tribute to the diverse cultures and customs from around the world.



 Little Owl's Big Wait 

Will it ever be time for her party to begin? Little Owl is beginning to lose patience. She is excited to eat cake, open presents, and celebrate with her friends. Her mother is busy making preparations and sends Little Owl outside to play. Find out what happens next and what important lessons are learned. Perfect for little kids who have trouble with waiting.


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How to Pick the Best Book for a Child's Birthday

If you are  looking to create a special tradition for your child, a relative, or a little friend, we'd love to suggest giving books.  Here are some sweet tips we'd like to share in order to really make an impact with your gift-

  • Classics from Your Childhood- Give a collection of the picture books that made a lasting impression on you from your childhood. Make sure to inscribe a note inside sharing some thoughts about each book.
  • Books about Your Hobbies and Interests- Choose a different theme of books each year to give a child. Start from a little one's very first birthday and continue the tradition every year. Get creative when thinking about topics. Perhaps choose some books based on interests you want to share, like traveling, saving the planet, athletics, etc. This will give you lots to talk about with your child.
  • Timeless, Inspirational Birthday Books for Kids in Kindergarten and Up- Make it your signature gift to give a child a brand new bookevery year. Start on the very first one and continue every year. During the early years, the storiees may be about fun parties, presents, and all the typical festivities. As the child grows older, seek out books that are more profound and offer sage advice for another healthy, happy year.


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