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31 Gentle Children's Books About the Dentist


doctor de soto

Doctor De Soto

A funny, classic, Caldecott honor book whereby the dentist has a case of the jitters, not the patient. Young children will appreciate the conundrum Dr. De Soto faces when his patient, who would ordinarily eat him for lunch, happens to have a toothache. Using creative problem-solving, the dentist manages to help the fox feel better without getting eaten. Young kids will giggle throughout this book about a dentist who may look a little different than their own.



Children's Books About the Dentist Ease Jitters

It is entirely normal and common for children to experience anxiety about going to the dentist. Heck, most adults share these same nervous and apprehensive feelings. If it is the child's first routine dental appointment, there will be lots of questions. What happens during the visit? What will the dentist do to my teeth? Will it hurt? Reading kids' dentist books will help! Kids will feel reassured knowing that the dentist is gentle and dental cleanings do not cause pain.

Also, the hygienist will talk to them about the importance of brushing their teeth to prevent cavities and avoid more trips than necessary. The dentist will also look for signs of loose teeth, which means a visit from the tooth fairyReading children's books about the dentist is an excellent way to answer questions and calm little nerves. We've provided some of our favorites by age to help you pick the best titles for your little ones.  


child at dentist


Best Toddler Dentist Books

Oftentimes preschool kids experience a strong fear of the dentist that manifests into undesirable behaviors. Crying, temper tantrums, and general uncooperativeness interferes with the dentist's ability to take care of the toddler. We suggest that you get ahead of the problem by reading some humorous, reassuring stories for preschoolers.


peppa pig dentist trip

Peppa Pig: Dentist Trip

Peppa Pig fans will enjoy this cute book about visiting the dentist. George is a bundle of nerves but Peppa is there for moral support. She teaches him that the dentist office can actually be a fun place to visit. A fun book for the preschool crowd.



 dentists and what they do

Dentists and What They Do

A simple, informative book perfect for toddlers getting ready for their first dental appointment. The dentist teaches young readers all about the importance of brushing their teeth. Kids also will learn about all the other ways they can take care of their pearly whites, and the importance of regular cleanings by the dentist. Sweet, gentle and practical book for kids preparing for a their first examination.



 daniel goes to the dentist

Daniel Goes to the Dentist

A comforting book for preschoolers who are nervous about going to the dentist. Daniel is anxious about his visit, but Dr. Plat does an excellent job of explaining everything. He gets his teeth examined, cleaned, and polished without any pain or problems along the way.




Informative, straight-forward book for toddlers getting ready to go to their first dental check up. Simple text explains exactly what to expect. Friendly characters and colorful illustrations make this an accessible, comforting book for young children with a case of the jitters.



madison goes to the dentist

Madison Goes to the Dentist

Join this adorable little girl as she brushes her teeth every night. She does a great job cleaning her pearly whites! Madison also visits the dentist and learns all about good dental hygiene. An excellent book for preschoolers who are learning to independently care for their teeth.



 we're going to the dentist 

We're Going to the Dentist

An interactive, lift-the-flap, spin-the-wheels book that turns a trip to the dentist into a fun experience. This is an especially helpful board book for preschoolers who are getting ready for their very first dental check-up. They will follow along as Nancy and Teddy show them what happens and why their dental cleanings are so important.


boy at dentist 


Dentist Stories for Kindergarten and Up

Going to the dentist for an exam...which could ultimately lead to uncomfortable procedures like getting cavities filled or having root one of those unpleasantries that we all must face. It can be especially traumatic for young children (sometimes requiring sedation!) who are anxious about their first, second, third, or quite frankly, every single visit. Reading is an effective way to prepare them for their next dental cleaning, cavity filling, or whatever else is in store! 


the berenstain bears visit the dentist

The Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist

The Berenstain Bears have been helping kids overcome everyday challenges for decades. Here Brother and Sister Bear visit the dentist. They learn all about the tools the dentist uses to clean their teeth and check for cavities. This book is sure to answer your child's questions and comes with a bonus page of fun stickers.



 just going to the dentist

Just Going to the Dentist

A classic Little Critter book that will help your child feel a lot better about going to the dentist. All of the basics are covered, from teeth cleaning to x-rays, and Little Critter learns that the dentist office is not a scary place after all. Mercer Mayer's illustrations are packed with enough detail for kids to discovery something new with every reading.



 curious george visits the dentist

Curious George Visits the Dentist 

Sometimes an accident requires a trip to see the dentist. Leave it to Curious George to bite into a fake apple and almost lose a tooth. The dentist manages to save his wiggly tooth, and of course, George manages to get into a little mischief along the way. A page of stickers is a sweet surprise at the end of the book



 pout pout fish goes to the dentist

Pout-Pout Fish Goes to the Dentist

Pout-Pout fish really wants to be able to smile. So, he swims off to visit the dentist for some help. Preschoolers will enjoy the silly vanity of a fish who is concerned about his pearly whites. A cute addition to a child's library that will help assuage fears about getting teeth cleaned and all the other hygienic activities. A bonus page of stickers is included.



 did dinosaurs have dentists

Did Dinosaurs Have Dentists?

An incredibly informative book about both dentists and dinosaurs.  A little boy wonders if dinosaurs had all the same oral hygiene practices as humans, like brushing, flossing, and getting braces. Eleven different dinosaurs showcase their dental care and cover important terminology related to their teeth.  Dinosaur lovers will also devour all the interesting information about the dinosaurs themselves. Terrific children's book for easing fears around visiting the dentist. 



 open wide tooth school inside 

Open Wide, Tooth School Inside

One of the most zany, creative books about dental care that will teach your kids all about the importance of taking care of their teeth. Full of facts and whimsy, this adorable book features 32 student teeth who are eager to learn all about brushing, flossing and preventing tooth decay. Learning about taking care of your teeth has never been so much fun! A perfect read to get children ready for an upcoming appointment with the dentist.



 sugar bugs

Sugar Bugs

A picture is worth a thousand words- a very applicable quote for this children's book about the perils of eating too much sugar. A family of sugar bugs moves into a little boy's mouth and they thrive on his diet of sugary treats. At the beginning, he thinks they are friendly critters, but after time, he notices some unwelcome changes happening to his teeth. A trip to the dentist office fixes the problem and the boy learns all about how to prevent cavities going forward.



 the tooth book

The Tooth Book

This funny, classic Dr. Seuss book pays respect to teeth and everything they do to help us. Kids will be in fits of giggles throughout but will learn that chompers require a lot of attention. Plenty of learning packed into silliness.


 the crocodile and the dentist

The Crocodile and the Dentist

It's quite a fright for a dentist who is presented with a crocodile who has a toothache. He wants to help his patient feel better, but the reptile's menacing appearance has him questioning whether he can get the job done. Likewise, the crocodile has a terrible fear of  the dentist even though he needs his help. Kids will enjoy reading about how each of these characters overcomes his fears and faces a tough situation with courage. 



no rushing when brushing

No Rushing When Brushing

Two valuable books bundled together may be just what you need to improve your child's dental hygiene. One of the stories focuses on the importance of good brushing. It explains why it is so important to take care of your teeth. The second story is a matter-of-fact description of what it's like to visit the dentist and why there is no reason to be afraid. 


why we go to the dentist


Why We Go to the Dentist

Sitting in the chair at the dentist surrounded by tools and equipment is an intimidating experience. And quite frankly, the experience of having teeth cleaned, mouth x-rays taken, and cavities filled is not exactly pleasant. This book does an excellent job of explaining why all of these things are necessary in order to keep our teeth clean and healthy. Real photographs on every page show children exactly what is taking place inside their mouths when they are in the dental chair.



 andrew's loose tooth

Andrew's Loose Tooth

In this silly book, even Andrew's dentist (who is quite unconventional!) can't pull out his loose tooth. Andrew's friends and family try everything, from pliers to the Tooth Fairy, but this tooth is most stubborn. Fantastically funny illustrations and preposterous tooth-pulling methods fill the pages until finally there is success. 



 let's meet a dentist

Let's Meet a Dentist

Whether your child is an aspiring dentist or just has an upcoming appointment, this helpful book with cartoon-like pictures will answer every question. Dr. Florez explains how every piece of equipment in her dental office helps her take care of patients. Readers will learn what to expect at their next visit, from X-rays to teeth cleaning.


 ruby jean goes to the dentist

Ruby Jean Goes to the Dentist

Just like a lot of kids, Ruby Jean is nervous about her appointment with the dentist. When the big day arrives, she is greeted by Dr. Bonic, the dental hygienist, and the rest of the friendly office staff. Ruby Jean does a fantastic job following all of the directions and she is rewarded with a special surprise at the end of her visit. A very reassuring story for any kid who has the jitters.



the tooth book a guide to healthy teeth and gums 

The Tooth Book: A Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums

This guide for children teaches them everything they could ever want to know about taking care of their teeth, and why teeth are so important. We need them to smile, talk, and eat! Readers will learn everything that happens when they visit the dentist. And parents will enjoy learning all kinds of fascinating trivia about teeth.


the night before the dentist


The Night Before the Dentist

This dentist book that is part of best-selling "The Night Before" series is about a little boy who does a great job taking care of his teeth. He has lost four teeth already and can't wait to show the dentist his gaps. A fun, rhyming book that is sure to make your child feel more comfortable at the next dental exam.


ollie and ted the dentist visit

Ollie and Ted: The Dentist Visit

 Going to the dentist for the very first time can be a scary experience. This reassuring book shares the story of Ollie's first dental exam and cleaning. Readers learn about the fun chair that reclines, why dentists take x-rays of their teeth, and the importance of brushing twice a day. The rhyming verse is fun to read out loud and the pictures are cheerful.



never take a shark to the dentist 

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist

A dental exam is not always a walk in the park for the dentist. Little patients may feel like they are the ones who are being tortured, but life isn't always easy for the dentist either! This humorous book looks at a the perils of cleaning a shark's teeth. There is also advice about other outlandish scenarios to avoid, like shopping for shoes with a centipede or holding hands with a lobster. The preposterous situations are made even funnier with the illustrations.



you wouldn't want to life without dentists

You Wouldn't Want to Live Without Dentists!

Before modern day dental technology, the only way to treat rotten teeth was to yank them out. Keep in mind that there was no anesthesia, no method for filling in cavities, and no effective toothpaste for preventing decay in the first place. Humorous cartoons with word bubbles add a light touch to this sensitive subject. There is also a lot of valuable information about how dentists today treat children without any pain or discomfort.



my dentist my friend

My Dentist, My Friend

 Presenting the dentist as an ally and friend is an effective strategy for easing a child's nerves. This reassuring book walks readers through what they can expect during a typical dental check-up. It is a very direct, realistic story with a warm, friendly dentist who makes the child feel at ease throughout the whole process.



elmo visits the dentist

Elmo Visits the Dentist

Elmo has a gift of making everyone feel better during tough situations. In this story, the Big Bad Wolf has a toothache and is afraid of going to the dentist. Elmo, along with Miss Stella, accompanies the not-so-scary wolf to a sort-of-scary dental visit. Fortunately, this story has a very happy, pain-free ending.  A solid, lengthy picture book for older kids who need to have a cavity filled or more extensive dental work.

 an amazing journey inside my mouth


An Amazing Journey Inside My Mouth

 Told in first person, Josh is a four year old child who is visiting the dentist for the first time. With his favorite GI Joe toy in hand, he heads into the office. Dr. Gentle gives him a warm greeting, and the hygienist, Linda Sparkle, explains everything that is going to happen. At the end, Josh leaves feeling proud of his white teeth and relieved that getting his teeth cleaned was not so bad after all.

child at dentist


Best Novels for Tweens About the Dentist

Chapter books for tweens about the dentist can take lots of interesting twists and turns. Scary storylines can tap into a reader's fear of the dentist. Funny novels can effectively intertwine a trip to the dentist with mishaps and silly escapades. And finally, some non-fiction chapter books give tween readers insight into a dentist's job and may even pique their interest in pursuing a dental profession in the future.


 demon dentist

Demon Dentist

A mystery chapter book for independent readers who perhaps don't exactly love going to the dentist. Something strange is happening and Alfie is determined to get to the bottom of it. The tooth fairy seems to have been replaced by someone sinister. Instead of coins, children are finding slugs, spiders, and other horrible things under their pillows. Alfie is convinced the creepy new town dentist is behind it all, and despite his apprehension, he musters up the courage to schedule an appointment and confront the evil-doer.



open wide katie 


Open Wide, Katie!

The Katie Woo chapter book series is great for independent readers ready to delve into short chapter books. In this cute story, Katie Woo take a trip to the local zoo and wonders how all the animals clean their teeth. When she visits her dental office, she is full of questions. Her dental hygienist does her best to respond. She also provides Katie with a secure and comfortable environment to have her own dental care performed.


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Reading to Kids About the Dentist is Helpful

Going to the dentist routinely for exams and cleanings is also critical. Unfortunately, it's pretty common that young children are highly uncooperative during these visits, even to the point that some need to be sedated. For this reason, it is a great idea to read to kids  about the dentist to help prepare them.

Aside from the obvious academic benefits of reading, books are good resources to teach them how to take care of their teeth.  Encouraging children to develop good oral hygiene from a young age will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Routines established in the morning when they wake up and before bedtime are crucial. As parents, we have a responsibility to assist and supervise until we feel certain our kids have mastered tooth brushing. This starts from the time the very first pearly white makes an appearance.

For instance, reducing the amount of sugar consumed is a wise habit. Eating a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables while minimizing the intake of sweets can help prevent cavities. The dentist will talk to kids about how they can prevent tooth decay by making good food choices. During the examination, kids will receive all kinds of valuable information to keep their teeth strong and clean.





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