29 Magical Kids' Books About the Tooth Fairy


How to Catch the Tooth Fairy

The traps are delicately set using dental floss and drool. They are designed to catch the tiny pixie who has cleverly evaded every child who has ever lost a tooth. In this tooth fairy book that is part of the best-selling "How to Catch" series, kids are more determined than ever to capture the winged creature once and for all.  Creativity abounds in a beautiful, rhyming picture book full of whimsy and magic.



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Mystical Children's Books About the Tooth Fairy

There is something really special about a child's imagination. The ability to believe in the most impossible, magical events is a gift that should be nurtured while it lasts. The idea that a tiny little fairy buzzes around the world retrieving teeth and replacing them with a little gift is simply magical.

Children's tooth fairy books share important lessons for little ones about about taking care of their pearly whites. Be sure to include children's books about the dentist to reinforce the importance of good dental hygiene! If kids' teeth are beautiful, healthy, and cavity-free, there may be something extra special under their pillow next time they lose a tooth. Reading kids' books about brushing teeth is another way of reminding little ones to brush thoroughly. The tooth fairy will be pleased when she finds a perfectly healthy tooth under the pillow!

Here is a collection of the best tooth fairy books for kids who are anticipating a special visitor soon. Whimsical stories will capture the imagination of kids patiently waiting for their first wiggly tooth!



The Tooth Fairy's Tummy Ache

 An award-winning Tooth Fairy book that answers a lot of questions and opens the door for valuable conversations with your children. This is the story of Ellie, a little girl who is distressed upon misplacing her first lost tooth. Afraid of missing out on a visit from the Tooth Fairy, she  places a popcorn kernel under her pillow. This deception leads to unforeseen consequences that are greater than the Ellie could have ever imagined. An endearing book about the Tooth Fairy with a very important lesson about telling the truth.



The Night Before the Tooth Fairy

Clement C. Moore's poem is the inspiration for this book about a cherubic boy with a wiggly tooth. He just cannot wait to meet the Tooth Fairy, and his frustration mounts as his stubborn pearly white is hanging on by the strongest thread. A delightful rhyming story for every little kid on the cusp of losing a tooth for the first time. 




Ebony Talks to the Tooth Fairy

 Ebony is starting to lose her teeth and this raises a lot of questions. This darling girl wants to know when she will finally get to meet the Tooth Fairy. And when this day finally arrives, she wonders what they will talk about and if she will receive money in exchange for every single lost tooth. Warm illustrations and expressive characters bring to life this charming Tooth Fairy book for children.


You Think It's Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?

 This is not your ordinary Tooth Fairy book about a delicate little lady fluttering easily in and out of dark bedrooms. In a humorous action-packed story, readers are presented with a more realistic portrayal of all the challenges and obstacles faced by this superhero of sorts. A bright, and feisty fairy with fiery red hair relies on brains and bravado to avoid ferocious pets. And as for wings? Nope, this gal has a futuristic flying machine to whisk her around the globe. Lots of humorous situations and funny pictures in this unique story about the Tooth Fairy.



The Berenstain Bears and the Tooth Fairy

 The Tooth Fairy should deliver equitable coins for every child who loses a tooth, right? Sister Bear is quite confused when the money under her pillow is less than what her friend received. Mama and Papa Bear have some explaining to do that may just help parents who are faced with the same line of questioning from their own kids. You can count on The Berenstain Bears to always teach a valuable, practical lesson, even when it involves the tooth fairy.



Pete the Cat and the Lost Tooth

Pete the Cat has gotten himself into a sticky situation. The Tooth Fairy has asked him to step in and take over for her, but this groovy kitty makes a big, big mistake. He has lost a tooth and must find it before the sun rises. This silly cat has a brand new appreciation for the difficult job of a tooth fairy! A fun I Can Read book for kids learning to become independent readers. 



The Underhills: A Tooth Fairy Story

The magical whimsy of this darling tooth fairy picture book is abundant on every single page. April and Esme, two tooth fairies in training, are staying with their grandparents while their parents are off retrieving a molar. When they learn of a baby tooth that needs to be picked up, the girls realize that the day has come for them to fulfill their destiny. The story is sweet and children will get carried aways to the teeny, tiny world of a fairy family through the detailed pictures.




Letters from My Tooth Fairy

A special friendship between a little girl and the tooth fairy spans the duration of 6 years. This is the time between the first lost tooth and the last. In addition to losing all her teeth, Natalie experiences a lot of challenging moments. Some are trivial, like an awful school picture due to missing teeth, to more serious troubles involving friendships. The tooth fairy not only delivers shiny new coins, she is also a pen pal, sounding board, and advisor who dishes out words of wisdom. A tooth fairy book for kids who can may have an imaginary friend of their own.




Tooth Fairy's Night

 A vivid picture book for beginner readers. This charismatic little fairy wears cool sneakers as she sets out for a night of hard work. She has some close calls, successfully averts dangerous situations, and gets the job done before all the little kiddos with fresh gaps awaken for the day. Cute story with delightful pictures to aid in the reading process.


The Tooth Fairy's Rules

Children will learn about the importance of dental hygiene in this tooth fairy book. Losing any old tooth is simply not enough, especially if it's evident that the child did not take good care of it. This helpful book will guarantee to have your children brushing multiple times and flossing every single day. The tooth fairy's reward is worthwhile, and parents will sure appreciate the results.


The Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez

 Two legends with their own traditions collide in this tooth fairy book. Miguelito, a Mexican-American child, has lost a tooth. The problem is that both the tooth fairy and El Ratón Pérez show up at the same moment and are faced with an intriguing challenge. Which one of them has dibs on the little white tooth? A fun picture book that shows a little creativity and a lot of compromise goes a long way. 



The Tooth Fairy Kit

 What a magical gift to give a child who is about to lose the first tooth. This tooth fairy kit includes a beautifully illustrated children's book with answers to all of their tooth-related questions. There is also a pretty little pillow with a pouch to tuck in lost teeth, and a place for the tooth fairy to leave surprises behind. Finally, there is a log for kids to record dates and little anecdotes about every tooth that falls out.


Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy

Peppa Pig looks so adorable with a gap where her baby tooth used to be. She is so excited for a special visitor who will come to get her tooth and leave a little surprise behind. A cute Tooth Fairy book for preschoolers who are nervous about losing their very first pearly white. A bonus page of stickers is included.



The Tooth Fairy: A Bedtime Story

There is a special village where all different kinds of fairies live together. Kids will be surprised to learn that there are three different fairies responsible for nighttime events- the Bath Fairy, the Tooth Fairy and the Bedtime Fairy. They each have a special job to do! Razielle, the Tooth Fairy, takes a special interest in making sure children practice good dental hygiene. This particular fairy is only interested in retrieving healthy, white teeth from underneath pillows. A terrific Tooth Fairy book to read, especially for kids who need to do a little better brushing their teeth. 




The Missing Tooth Fairy

The Adventures of Sophie the Mouse is a charming series of beginner chapter books with illustrations. In this story, Sophie's tooth is loose and she's feeling pretty anxious about it. Then her friend tells her all about the tooth fairy. So, she wiggles and wiggles it until the tooth finally fall out. Tucking it safely under her pillow, Sophie can't wait to see what happens. But when she awakens the next morning, the tooth is still there! Now she must get to the bottom of what happened.




Tallulah: The Tooth Fairy CEO

The Tooth Fairy business is a lucrative endeavor with a saucy CEO at the helm.  Tallulah runs a tight ship and is very much in charge of every aspect of her company. She has written the training manual for all the fairies so they can efficiently collect all the teeth and dish out the coins. A creative, modern Tooth Fairy book that will appeal to enterprising young children.



Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy

The adjective used to describe Henry is spot on- horrid! This boy never follows the rules and is definitely not someone to emulate. In this funny story, he is jealous that Peter lost a tooth. So he steals the pearly white and tucks it under his own pillow, hoping to cash in when the tooth fairy visits. Kids will get a kick out of Henry's bad behavior and a wise tooth fairy who does not fall for his prank. 



Arthur Tricks the Tooth Fairy

 A fantastic tooth fairy book in which children match stickers for development of word recognition. The story is about the jealousy D.W. feels when Arthur loses a tooth and has a special visitor. She devises all kinds of funny strategies to get the tooth fairy to pay her a visit. When her attempts fail, Arthur decides to take matters in his own hands.



Judy Moody: Tooth Fairy

Judy Moody is on a mission to find out if the tooth fairy is real or not. She overheard some whispers on the playground that planted a seed of doubt in her mind. There is only one way for her to get to the bottom of this mystery. Her brother has a wiggly tooth that is almost ready to come out. With some string and some coaxing, Judy pulls the tooth free and is determined to find out if there will be a visitor that night. A very short chapter book with illustrations all about the tooth fairy.  





Tooth Fairy in Training

An adorable rhyming story follows the progress of Tate, a young tooth fairy who is training to go out on her own. There is a lot to learn, especially since Tate has the responsibility of retrieving teeth from animals in addition to children. This fun book looks at the precarious job of sneaking teeth away from sleeping narwhals, hippos, anacondas, all all kinds of other creatures. Magical illustrations enhance this super original tooth fairy book.



Franklin and the Tooth Fairy

Poor Franklin. He learns that the Tooth Fairy visits all of his friends who lose their teeth. Unfortunately, turtles don't have teeth, so Franklin is upset that he will miss out on all the excitement of a nighttime visit by a special pixie. The important lesson in this charming tooth fairy book is that everyone can have their own unique experience, teeth or no teeth. It just take a little imagination. 


The Tooth Fairy vs. Santa

It's an epic competition between a toothbrush and a candy cane!  This is what happens when a child loses a tooth on Christmas Eve. There are no clear rule as to which magical being- the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus- gets dibs on the house. Neither is willing to share the territory and yet both have very important jobs to finish before a sleeping child awakens. Lots of fun action with a humorous outcome in this brilliantly illustrated holiday picture book.




The Not So Toothy Tooth Fairy

 Light and airy pictures fill this adorable book about a very wise tooth fairy. She understands that she can bring joy to young children with non-monetary gifts. Little readers will be delighted to find what she leaves behind when she retrieves tiny teeth from underneath peacefully sleeping children. A magical tooth fairy book that is about more than collecting a shiny coin.



The Tooth Fairy Wars

An epic battle between Nathan, a boy who refuses to part with his teeth, and a fairy who is determined to do her job. In a clever twist, this book is unlike every other story about children eager to fill their piggy banks with treasure left under their pillows. Instead, Nathan goes to great lengths to hide his teeth in dangerous places (i.e. his tarantula's cage). And yet, the tough fairy manages to outwit him every time by securing the tooth and leaving a dollar. Highly entertaining book about a competition between unlikely foes. 





Tooth Fairy

 This Tooth Fairy picture book takes kids on a journey to place where only the healthiest of teeth go. The Hall of Perfect Teeth is reserved for the whitest, cavity-free chompers retrieved under pillows. And the kids who have produced these pearly whites receive an extra reward for their efforts. A great book to encourage your child to brush, floss, and practice excellent oral hygiene.  




Ellie and the Truth About the Tooth Fairy

 This delightful tooth fairy book will turn every doubter into a believer. Ellie questions the existence of a winged little pixie with a passion for teeth. So, when her tooth falls out, she hides it in her bedroom, someplace she's sure her mother (who she believes is behind the magic) will never find. But when she is awoken by a real, live fairy who takes her on an incredible journey down a toothpaste river and to a palace with golden toothbrushes, she opens her mind to new possibilities.


Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat

Cat like to be part of all the special moments in a child's life! So when the Tooth Fairy assigns him some job, he eagerly steps up help. There is a slight problem, however, because the assistance of a mouse has also been requested. Cat and Mouse, both self-involved, take the Tooth Fairy business to a competitive level never seen before.



How to Trick the Tooth Fairy

Kaylee has a lot of tricks up her sleeve. This little prankster is always getting into a little trouble with her stunts. So when she loses her tooth, Kaylee decides to have a some fun with the Tooth Fairy. Little does she know, she has finally met her match. The two go back and forth until finally they declare a tie and agree to share the title Princess of Pranks.


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Tooth Fairy Pillows and Keepsake Boxes

When baby teeth start falling out, usually around the age of six, a new fairy takes center stage in a child's life. A popular tradition involves this tooth fairy sneaking retrieving little teeth from under the pillows of sleeping little ones, and leaving behind a shiny silver coin in its place. There are a lot of really adorable gifts, trinkets, and pillows to help celebrate this toothy milestone.


Tooth Fairy Pocket Pillow

A darling little pillow with a tiny pocket to tuck in a tooth. Kids will love hanging this cute tooth fairy pillow in their bedroom. The special visitor will be sure  to find the little pearly white with this cute keepsake displayed in full view.


Tooth Fairy Keepsake Box

A sweet, ceramic tooth fairy box to keep all those little teeth safe and sound until the fairy visits. A nice alternative to tucking teeth under the pillow, especially for kids who don't want to be disturbed while sound asleep.


Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow and Kit

This adorable superhero tooth fairy kid comes with a little journal and a picture frame to display that first smile when a tooth is lost.  The pillow has a small pouch under the cape to store teeth until the tooth fairy stops by to retrieve them.



Dinosaur Tooth Fairy Pillow

A cute, plush dinosaur whose mouth is ready and waiting for that loose tooth ready to fall out. Kids will love tucking the tooth inside and finding a little surprise in its place the next morning.

Tooth Brigade Book and Blue Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

An adorable gift set includes a blue plush monster whose mouth is the perfect place to store lost teeth. The Adventures of the Tooth Brigade is an entertaining story about the Tooth Fairy and her three helpers- Ollie, Potato, and Blue- as they climb mountains to retrieve teeth before sunrise.

Mermaid Tooth Fairy Pillow

An adorably embroidered tooth fairy pillow with a tiny little mermaid. The shell, with the words Tooth Treasure, is the perfect pocket to store a little tooth until the fairy visits.

Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow

A marine-life tooth fairy pillow with a cute little fish pocket ready to hold tiny teeth. Hang it from a doorknob or tuck it under a pillow at night. 


Unicorn Tooth Fairy Doll

A ballerina unicorn is all ready to handle an exchange with the tooth fairy. She stands 14 inches tall and adds a touch of whimsy to a little girl's bedroom decor.



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Magical Tooth Fairy Trivia 

Curious little minds will want to know more about this little visitor who slips into their bedrooms every time they lose a tooth. Here are some fascinating tidbits about this magical being and how she rose from obscurity into the most popular keeper of baby teeth. 


1. The Tooth Fairy is More Than 100 Years Old

The first reference to the Tooth Fairy appeared in a Chicago Daily Tribune article from 1908. In a column called Household Hints, the author advises parents about the removal of lose teeth. It is suggested that children will comply if promised that a little fairy will deliver a small gift in exchange for the tooth. 


2. The Tooth Fairy is Not Really a Fairy in Some Parts of the World

In the United States, the Tooth Fairy is portrayed as a tiny being who flutters daintily from house to house delivering coins and treats under pillows at night. Other countries, like Spain, France and Belgium, believe that a mouse slips into the house at night to retrieve teeth. Children commonly leave morsels of cheese alongside their teeth to beckon the magical mouse.


3.  Dr. Rosemary Wells was the Undisputed Tooth Fairy Expert

In the 1970s, Dr. Rosemary Wells was a professor at Northwestern University's dental school. She became fascinated with the popular notion of the Tooth Fairy, but realized she knew very little about this history of this mythological creature. So she interviewed antholopologists, parents, and children to collect data and get a better understanding of the intrepretations and traditions. Dr. Wells rose to prominence at the foremost Tooth Fairy expert, writing numerous articles and even appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show. From 1993 to her death in 2000, her house was  a Tooth Fairy Museum that showcased memorabilia, books, art, and dolls across all cultures.


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Twinkly Tooth Fairy Books for Magical Reading Time

The Tooth Fairy is a wondrous little creature who sparks the imagination of young children. When little minds have no boundaries, the idea of a tiny, winged lady fluttering into dark bedrooms is within the realm of possibility. And the fact that they stealthily replace a tooth with a coin or some other little token is pure magic. These children's tooth fairy books explore all the whimsical ways this petite pixie delivers sprinkles of magic to all the special little people who believe. Little readers with big imaginations will also love the best books about princesses.



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