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Adorable Kids' Dentist Kits and Toys

plush dragon toothbrush buddy

Plush Dragon Toothbrush Buddy

A brand new kind of buddy is here to teach your little ones the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. He has a beautiful set of teeth ready for toddlers to practice how to brush and floss the most hard to reach places. Downloadable activities are part of this great educational dental gift for kids.


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Children's Pretend Toy Dentist Sets

Oftentimes, the best way to reinforce good oral hygiene, especially when dealing with toddlers, is by engaging them in fun learning activities. Imaginary play is fundamental to a child's growth and development. Unstructured time spent engaging in make-believe activities fosters a child's creativity and gives them a chance to learn outside the boundaries of school. Engaging in pretend play with dentist also provides lots of opportunities to teach some lessons, like the reading about the importance of brushing and flossing twice a day. Another important aspect of playtime is the therapeutic value. Little kids who are experiencing a case of anxiety can sometimes process these feelings through pretend play activities. There are lots of ways to help kids at a dentist visit, but engaging in fun games and activities is at the top of the list. So if your child has a case of the jitters about going to the dentist, some of these pretend dental kits and toys may help. Grab some kids' books about going to the dentist and pair them with a fun toy to make a child feel better. 



 melissa and doug dental play kit


Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Kit

The oversized teeth are the main attraction in this 25-piece pretend dentist kit. Kids can provide a full range of services on these pearly whites, from cleaning to fitting with a retainer. A dry erase marker is included to mark tooth decay, which kids can then treat with extensive cleaning and maybe even an extraction or two.

biting alligator tooth game

Alligator Tooth Game

So many toys and games come with tons of little parts and complicated instructions. This one-piece alligator chomping game provides hours of entertainment without the headaches. Kids take turns pressing down on the teeth. One unlucky child will choose the wrong pearly white, causing the alligator's jaws to clench down in a startling movement. This game shows toddlers how the dentist feels every time a patient opens wide.




play doh drill and fill dentist toy

Play-Doh Drill and Fill Dentist Toy

 This Play-Doh kit comes with ten dental tools, including a toothbrush, flosser, tweezers, and a pick. Kids can use the the tooth mold to make a whole row of teeth, create cavities, and then fill them in with special silver and gold Play-Doh colors. There are no limits to this dental toy where children will have fun brushing teeth, making braces, drilling out decay, and doing so much more.


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child at dentist

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