28 Reassuring Children's Books About the Hospital


curious george goes to the hospital

Some of us have had it happen to us. We put together a large jigsaw puzzle only to find that the last piece is missing!  We search the floor underneath the table and chairs, and that is usually where we locate the straggler. But in this silly book, that final puzzle piece is in Curious George's tummy! Off to the hospital where George drinks barium, has an x-ray, and finally surgery to remove the piece. He is given so much attention by the nurses and doctors that perhaps he doesn't regret swallowing that piece in the first place.


Picture Books for Kids Going to the Hospital

Reading these picture books especially for children about going to the hospital will help little ones feel less afraid. This collection of kids' books about the hospital , which blends both humor and education, will help answer questions your child may have about being in the hospital. And hopefully, after reading these books, they will feel better about an upcoming hospital visit. Be sure to include some children's books about doctors so they know what to expect from the medical professionals who take care of them.


franklin goes to the hospital

Our favorite neighborhood turtle has broken his shell and needs to go to the hospital to have it mended. His friends are impressed with his bravery, but the truth is, Franklin is trembling with fear on the inside. And he's really worried that his x-rays will reveal his inner feelings. Dr. Bear comes to the rescue and teaches Franklin that you can be afraid and brave at the same exact time.


good-bye tonsils

Juliana has a chronic sore throat and there is only one solution- remove her tonsils. She is worried about her hospital stay but her parents and doctor explain everything that is going to happen.After her surgery, she feels much better and returns to school. When her friends want to know about what it was like, Juliana expresses that she wishes she could do it again! A bright, cheery hospital book for children who are having their tonsils removed or any other minor surgery.




This classic tale about a little girl in Paris who is in the hospital may not reflect a modern day hospital visit.  Nevertheless,it sure is an intriguing story about a little girl in a boarding house who goes to the hospital for a ruptured appendix. When she returns from the hospital and shows all the other girls her scar, they insist that they, too, must go to the hospital to have their appendix removed. A Caldecott book that will forever have a place on children's bookshelves, it will help any little one feel less anxious about a trip to the hospital.



you're in good paws

A little boy named Leo needs his tonsils removed. His parents are not very focused and deliver him to an animal hospital instead of a regular hospital. Oops!!! Never fear, Leo is in great hands with his furry friends. Laugh along with Leo as his doctor mouse performs the surgery and instructs him to wear a plastic cone until he has healed. This lighthearted children's book about a visit to the hospital, albeit the wrong one, will help appease an anxious child who needs surgery.



maisy goes to the hospital

Poor Maisy! She is a bit reckless on her trampoline and breaks her leg! Off to the emergency room, with her friend Charley by her side, for x-rays, cast and admission for an overnight stay. She is scared about sleeping in a strange bed away from home. Fortunately, she makes a new friend in another patient and she feels much better.




Toby and Clemmie are brother and sister...and best friends. They always look out for each other and find ways to make even the toughest situations fun. It's all about having the right attitude and outlook. Clemmie has to go to the hospital again, for her disability, but it isn't so bad with her little brother Toby by her side. A sweet story about siblings who see the bright side of every situation, even going to the hospital.



little critter my trip to the hospital

Little Critter has a tough soccer game that ends with a broken leg. During a trip to the emergency room, he has his first xray and gets a cast. The doctor is so nice and explains everything. Maybe hospital aren't such scary places after all. A cute children's book for kids who have broken a limb or two during sports or playtime adventures.



berenstain bears hospital friends

The Berenstain Bears take readers on a tour through the hospital where we learns about the important role of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other caregivers. A comforting, reassuring story that avoids the unpleasant parts and shows lots of smiling faces on happy patients.


harry goes to the hospital

We recommend this book to give a child a more realistic idea of what it is like to be in the hospital. When Harry gets sick, he is required to stay overnight in the hospital. He is really scared but his stuffed bunny helps him feel better. His hospital room is busy with nurses and doctors coming in to check on him and poke him with needles. When he finally gets to go home, he realizes that staying in the hospital wasn't so bad after all.



the doll hospital

Dr. Pegs is very busy treating all of the dolls that show up at her hospital. Told in a cumulative fashion, little kids will enjoy reading about all the ailments that need fixing. If you are looking for a gentle book about hospitals and doctors who dish out a lot of tender loving care, this is a good one.



doc mcstuffins welcome to the toy hospital

Even toys need to go to the hospital sometimes! So maybe the tools and procedures (think stuffing and sewing machines)  aren't the same ones use for humans, but this cute little story is a gentle introduction to a hospital setting.A welcoming gift shop and friendly receptionist greet people as they enter. Everyone is wearing smiles and is really happy to be at the hospital helping toys get better.



noah's garden when someone you love is in the hospital

A little boy named Noah spends his days playing in the garden at The Children's Hospital. His baby sister was born with serious medical complications that require her to stay for an extended period in the hospital. Noah has a vivid imagination and creates a fantasy world in the garden that will be waiting for his sister, Jess, when she is ready to join him.



this is a hospital not a zoo

Humor is a good way to ease a child's nerves about going to the hospital. In this funny book, Filbert MacFee wants to avoid all the unpleasantries of being in a hospital, like getting shots and x-rays. He creatively pretends to be all kinds of different animals, only acting like a boy when the doctor tells him he is healthy enough to go home.



a sleepy tale my first surgery

Here's a practical book for kids who want to learn about all the things that may happen in a hospital.  A little boy breaks his arm and needs surgery to repair it. He learns all about the role of doctors and nurses. He also learns about the giggle juice he will drink to fall asleep. He dreams of big adventures, and when he awakes after the surgery, he is excited to share everything that happened in his sleep! A reassuring book for the youngest of children preparing to have a surgical procedure.



s is for surgery

This is the ultimate surgery guide and activity book bundle for children. The author is a mom of a child who has undergone 20 surgical procedures, so she's well-experienced in answering the questions and presenting information in a kid-friendly manner. This is a practical book for inquisitive children who want to know everything that is going to happen in the hospital.


going to the hospital

A very straightforward, easy-to-understand book from the Usborne First Experiences series. A little boy is admitted to the hospital to have surgery. The nurses visit with him and the surgeon stops by to explain what is going to happen. He wakes up after it is all done and his family is waiting to see him. This sweet book will help ease the nerves of any child preparing for a procedure in the hospital.


peppa pig goes to the hospital

Kids who love Peppa Pig will feel better about a hospital stay after reading this book. It's a short and sweet read perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. It's reassuring for kids to see a familiar character getting checked out by the doctor and having an overall positive experience at the hospital.



clifford visits the hospital

Clifford is still a puppy when he has to make his first trip to the hospital. Kids will love seeing their favorite red dog get into a little mischief while exploring all kinds of new things. This cute book will give nervous toddlers just the boost of confidence they need to get through an upcoming hospital stay.


jessica's x-ray

Written by an x-ray technician, this informative book is helpful for any child who has a broken bone. A little girl with a broken arm gets a tour of the hospital. She also gets to take a look at real x-rays, MRIs, and CT scans. Real x-ray images on mylar are included along with a handy identification key with medical terms.


do i have to go to the hospital

It is normal for children to feel apprehensive about going to the hospital. This gentle book explains that sometimes the only way to get better is by getting the care a hospital provides. Kids learn that they can make new friends and even have special visitors. And best of all, the doctors and nurses will help them heal.


look inside a hospital

This oversized lift-the-flap board book gives young kids a peak at all the different rooms inside a hospital. Check out the emergency room, the maternity ward, the operating room, and so much more. Short sentences explain how the rooms are used as well as how all the equipment works. A comprehensive look at a very busy hospital perfect for preschoolers.


people who help us at the hospital

A sturdy board book that provides a great introduction to many of the hospital workers. Rhyming text explains what all of the doctors, nurses and hospitals staff are doing to help patients. Interactive design allows little readers to lift flaps to change the hospital scenes.


helping hospital

Hospitals play in important part of every community. Their doors are open at any time, day or night, to help people with medical emergencies and health issues. This picture book, filled with interesting details for kids to pour over, captures the busyness and importance of all the things going on inside. This non-scary hospital book reassures children that there is nothing to worry about. It features all kinds of people who have come for help for issues like delivering babies and treating sports injuries. A bright, upbeat addition to you child's reading list.

the hospital the inside story


A very honest, practical non-fiction picture book that takes readers behind the walls of a typical hospital day. Kids will learn about all the different hospital professionals, including surgeons, nurses, mental health professionals, and x-ray technicians. They will be amazed to read about how all of these people work together to take care of patients. Three medical cases are covered- an operation, the birth of a baby, and a broken arm- to show kids all the different kinds of care and treatment provided. Furthermore, readers get a behind-the-scenes look at the work of the hospital support staff in the cafeteria and laundry room. Overall, a very comprehensive and no-nonsense book about a day in the life of a hospital.


goodnight hospital room

A soothing, gentle story perfect for little kids who have to spend the night in a hospital room. Told in verse, the author describes all the things a child will see around the room before nodding off to sleep. The medical instruments, monitoring devices, hospital bed and other objects are described in a non-scary way. This adorable book normalizes a night in the hospital for kids who visit from time to time.


find spot at the hospital

Spot is a curious little dog who sometimes gets a bit off track. In this adorable, lift-the-flap story, Spot and his best buddies visit their friend at the hospital. As the group is approaching the children's wing of the hospital, it seems that Spot has disappeared! Little tots will have fun peaking behind all the flaps as they search for the missing pup. A fun way for youngsters to get a tour of all kinds of hiding places around the hospital.



 Gaspard in the Hospital

Gaspard is a cute canine with an entrepreneurial spirit. He works hard at his job as a dog walker and earns money for a shiny, new keychain. The silly dog swallows the keychain so that his envious classmates don't steal it. Unfortunately, Gaspard learns a hard lesson that lands him in the hospital. After emergency surgery and lots of TLC from the doctors and hospitals, he is finally feeling better.


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Stories About Characters in the Hospital Reassure Kids

Going to the hospital is a scary event for little kids, especially when the situation is an emergency. Reading about ambulances is a good way to learn about all the life-saving equipment and other features that ensure people are transported quickly and safely to the hospital. Most children don't escape childhood without at least one visit to the emergency room, and many have to experience staying in a hospital overnight for acute or chronic health related issues. Sharing books with your children that feature familiar characters going to the hospital can help ease some of their concerns.It is also a good idea to add some books about specific illnesses that are being treated. For instance, books about cancer can provide information that little ones need to better understand why a relative is in the hospital.

Whether a child is being admitted or there to visit someone, the whole experience is overwhelming and frightening. It can be difficult to find the right words to appease a child who is worried, especially when you may be equally anxious about an illness or injury that requires hospitalization. Pick up some kids' hospital books to read beforehand so that questions and fears can be addressed. Kids who are anxious about medical procedures will feel better when they understand what to expect. After reading the best kids' books about the hospital, expand story time to include other professionals who work to keep kids healthy. Next up, gather the fun stories about visiting the dentist for your little ones to answer all their questions about dental checkups. 


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