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15 Valuable Children's Books About Feeling Angry

When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry… 

When Sophie Gets Angry- Really, Really Angry...

This Caldecott Honor book reveals a lot about Sophie's anger through the use of color. A double-sided illustrated book captures the dramatic feelings of a little girl whose anger can feel all-consuming. She learns how to settle herself down by removing herself from the situation and spending time alone. This book is a good way to start a conversation with a child about all the different ways they can cope with angry feelings.


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Insightful Kids' Books About Anger

It's quite astonishing how pint-sized kids can experience immense anger over seemingly innocuous incidents. As parents and caregivers, these outbursts can be really frustrating and confusing. And when a child has a temper tantrum in public, especially one who is older than a toddler, it can be downright embarrassing. Toddlers who are overwhelmed with emotion often take out their feelings using physical aggression. Reading kids' books about hitting, can help a child learn more appropriate ways to handle their anger.

We want to share with you the best children's books about anger. Kids will relate to the characters in these books and the inability to control their mad feelings. They will also learn how to recognize signs when their emotions are about to boil over and ways to control this overwhelming sensation. The words in these book are important and the illustrations capture feelings that the text can't adequately explain. 


My Way to Keep Anger Away: Children's Book about Anger Management and Kids Big Emotions 

My Way to Keep Anger Away

Sometimes it seems like a child's anger is so overwhelming that it has overtaken them. And that is probably how it feels to little ones. When a child's emotional state cannot be calmed with a nap or snack, it's time to start introducing anger management techniques. This helpful book whisks readers away on an adventure under the sea where they meet all kinds of creatures. Kids will be surprised to learn that fish and other sealife have anger issues, too! And these new friends will teach readers how they manage their tempers and control their fits of anger. 



 When I Am Angry: Kids Books about Anger

When I Am Angry

 Josh learns to recognize all of the physiological signs of his anger, like his heart racing and his temperature rising. When this happens, he has a whole host of techniques he can use to avoid blowing up. Most importantly, Josh learns that it is okay to feel angry and that it is a very normal emotion. However, it's not always appropriate to act out, yell, and behave disruptively.

 the angry dragon 

The Angry Dragon

George is a little boy with an unusual pet- a dragon! And this dragon, whose name is Joe, has a temper. Whenever his expectations are not met, Joe throws a fire-breathing fit. Over the course of a day, there are lots of these episodes, especially over a broken toy. Fortunately, George is wise beyond his years and has lots of advice and guidance to help Joe better manage his anger. The use of deep reds and oranges in the illustrations sets the tone for this hot topic.


 I Am Stronger Than Anger: Picture Book About Anger Management And Dealing With Kids Emotions And Feelings

I Am Stronger Than Anger

Lots of little kids feel overwhelmed by angry feelings from time to time. Unfortunately, kids don't always have the techniques they need to control their tempers, so they behave inappropriately. This colorful picture book features a little boy who learns some effective ways to dissipate his anger. It opens to door to talk to your own children about ways they can settle down, too. The story is told in a cute rhyme with appealing, humorous illustrations.



 Tessa Tiger's Temper Tantrums

Tessa Tiger's Temper Tantrums

Alliteration abounds in this fantastic book about a very poor sport. Tessa Tiger loves playing t-ball unless, of course, her team loses. When this unfortunate outcome occurs, she stomps and yells to the dismay of her teammates. Fed up with her poor behavior, her friends refuse to play with her anymore. Will Tessa ever get her anger under control so she can participate in t-ball again? 



i was so mad

I Was So Mad

Little Critter is tired of hearing the word "no". He wants to bring frogs into the bathtub. No. He wants to help paint the house. No. It seems that his parents only have one response to all of his requests. Finally fed up with all the negativity, he decides to run off. Fortunately, when his friends turn up for a game of baseball, Little Critter has a change of heart and his mood improves. 


 when i feel angry

When I Feel Angry

This is a great book for young children who are just learning how to identify their feelings. A young bunny is feeling angry and leans on her family to help her deal with this emotion. Together, they help the little bunny figure out the reason for her anger. Then they talk through some ways she can cope with her anger and feel calm again. Very simple text with lots of repetition will help toddlers and preschoolers understand the message.


 When Miles Got Mad

When Miles Got Mad

 The use of analogy through illustrations is a useful technique in this children's book about anger. A little boy, Miles, is about to explode when his brother breaks his favorite toy. His face grows hot and his temper is about to explode, but then he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror. Instead of seeing his own familiar face, the reflection is a red monster with gnarly teeth. This unsightly fellow teaches miles how to calm down and control his anger. A helpful book that will resonate with preschoolers.



 mouse was mad

Mouse Was Mad

 A really funny book that emphasizes the physical expression of anger. All kinds of animals have different ways of releasing their mad feelings. A bear stomps, a bobcat screams, and a hare hops. These are all effective, dramatic releases of anger that get a point across. Mouse is determined to find out how he can best deal with his anger. Nothing he tries works until he goes still and quiet. This turns out to be just the right solution for this tiny, mad, rodent!





 Sometimes it takes a good dose of humor to teach an important lesson about anger. This funny book is about a normal little boy who transforms into Crankenstein when life doesn't go his way. An early bedtime, a melting popsicle, or a rainy day are all events that turn this happy kid into a grumpy mess. Then one day, he meets another equally cranky kid. This chance encounter is just what both toddlers need to turn their frowns upside down!


 My No No No Day 

My No, No, No Day!

 Every toddler has a No, No, No Day from time to time, some more than others. The text is simple and to the point. And the illustrations are spot on and funny. The only challenge is trying to find a decent copy of this relatable picture books for toddlers about anger.


When I Feel Angry: A Book About Feelings

When I Feel Angry: A Book About Feelings

A sturdy board book for little toddlers who are just learning how to handle their anger. Written with the help of a child psychotherapist, this is a great introductory book for young children who are experiencing temper tantrums. Basic vocabulary to describe feelings will help toddlers learn how to articulate their emotions.



The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing

A valuable and inspirational book about the importance of perseverance. A little girl, with the help of her best furry friend, sets out to create something magnificent. She's has a big imagination that has helped her with many inventions in the past. However, this time is different. No matter how hard she works, she simply can't get it right. And boy is she MAD! In fact, she is so angry that she decides to quit. But, heeding the advice of her dog, she takes a walk to cool off and returns to successfully finish her project.


clovis keeps his cool

Clovis Keeps His Cool

Clovis is quite literally a bull who works in a china shop. After his grandmother dies, he takes over running the business. Previously hot-tempered and easily angered, Clovis has learned how to manage his emotions by drinking tea and listening to calming music. When his football rivals burst through the front door of the china shop one day, will Clovis be able to maintain his calm disposition? A popular book among educators and parents for teaching their little ones about controlling their anger.


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Reading Children Stories With Angry Characters Can Help

There are so many different reasons why a child may have trouble controlling anger. Sometimes it's a simple explanation like lack of sleep or hunger. Another common reason is that toddlers don't have the emotional maturity or vocabulary to articulate their feelings.

As a result, an outburst of anger, no matter how unpleasant, is a release of pent up feelings. Kids also mimic what they witness around the home. So if parents are prone to yelling, then their kids may acquire this behavior as well. 

Whatever the root cause, reading kids' books about anger is a good place to start addressing the problem.  Kids will learn that while it is okay to feel angry, acting out is not appropriate. They will feel validated and at the same time learn tactics to keep their emotions in check. 


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