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6 Strategies To Prepare Kids For The First Day Of School

The thought of returning to school after a relaxing, fun-filled summer gives lots of kids the butterflies. There are lots of things parents can do to make the first day of school a lot less daunting. In doing so, kids will feel excited and confident when they board the bus, enter their classroom, and meet lots of new, friendly faces. Read a variety of books about the first day of school will equip kids with tools to handle a variety of situations. Also, grab some of the best stories about teachers so they can read about the special people who will be welcoming them into the classroom on the first day. 



Most Effective Tips to Get Kids Ready for School

Give your child lots of opportunities to see school friends over the summer break.
Sometimes kids need a little respite from their buddies at the end of the school year, but don't wait until the first day of school for them to reunite. Plan get-togethers at your home and allow the friends to hang out in a relaxed setting. Keeping these friendships alive will make it much easier when the children return to the classroom.

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Establish reading goals at the beginning of summer.
Just because school is over for the year doesn't mean that the learning has to s. Keep the material light and fun if your child is not a bookworm. The most important thing is that they are reading books on a regular basis, even if the material isn't particularly challenging. In fact, it's a great time to focus on reading for pleasure, plus you'll prevent some of the regression that occurs during a break from school. Also, be sure to include some first day of kindergarten books to the pile, especially for little ones who get a case of the jitters.


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Make sure to keep math skills sharp.
Start by loading apps on cell phones that can be easily accessed no matter where summer adventures take your child. For young children, simply practicing times tables and other simple mathematical problems may be enough. Older kids should be challenged so they ready to begin the next math level when they return to school.


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Go shopping for back-to-school supplies and clothing.
Make this event a fun tradition to enjoy with you kids  at the end of summer. It is exciting to start the school year with brand new pencils, notebooks, crayons and other materials. On the surface, it seems like a fairly simple, straightforward trip to the store. But inside a child's mind, thoughts are circulating about the return to school and all that comes along with it. This is an important first step toward preparing for the first day.


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Begin the transition to a new sleep schedule at least a week before the first day of school.
If your children stay up a bit late in the summer, gradually shift their bedtime earlier until they have adjusted in time for school to start. Kids who are well-rested will be better prepared to handle the emotional roller coaster that a new school year brings.


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Organize a social outing for your child and a group of friends right before school begins.
It's nice to host parties at a community pool or local park where lots of kids can be included. Giving friends a chance to reconnect will reduce social anxiety around the first day of school and make the transition much smoother.

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