15 Cool Cow Books for Kids

The Cow Said Neigh!

A funny book about farm animals who all experience an identity crisis. The cow attempts to gallop like a horse and lets out a "neigh" instead of "moo" while moving around the farmyard. The sheep decides to oink and the farm dog starts to behave more like a cat. Lots of silliness with a valuable message about finding happiness within.




Fun Kids' Books About Cows

Cows make frequent appearances in kids' books about farm animals. Farmers rely on them for milk production and provide them with a healthy diet of grass, wheat, oats, and stems from corn. But when the farmers retreat indoors after feeding time, bovines show off their true personalities in kids' books about cows.

These seemingly mindless creatures that don't appear to do more than graze for hours are actually highly intelligent. They have highly developed social intelligence and incredible spatial memory. Cows have loyal best friends and hold forever grudges against other cows that have snubbed them. Kids' cow books capture the essence of these magnificent beasts that dot pastures against the backdrop of blue skies. They are funny animals that talented authors and illustrators bring to life. 

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Cow Books for Toddlers and Babies 

The best cow books for toddlers introduces little ones to these farm animals through using basic terms and concepts. Babies learn to count cows and lift flaps to find them hiding behind various objects around the barnyard. Sturdy cow board books have indestructible pages for fumbling fingers to explore all the fun stories.


Counting Cows

 Bold, black and white pictures will grab the attention of babies who become quickly captivated. Little ones will have fun counting cows lazily grazing in the fields. Readers will love the surprise ending as the cows let loose for a fun barnyard dance after the sun sets. 




Cuddle Up, Cows!

An adorable bedtime story about a grandma doing her best to settle down little cows for a night of rest. Frantic activity gradually eases as young ones fall into their bedtime routine and eventually fall asleep. A darling baby shower gift choice paired with a plush toy, especially for parents who love cows! 






A lesson on expressiveness plays out across this almost wordless picture book. A single word, Moo, conveys a variety of meaning and emotion when an adventurous cow gets behind the wheel of a farmer's little red car. Fear, excitement, worry, curiosity, and dread are just some examples all expressed three little letters. 





Children's Cow Books for Kindergarten and Up 

Children's cow books for kindergarten and up include longer stories about what life is really like on a farm, usually after farmers have retreated to their beds for the night. The animals get into all kinds of mischief, throw parties, dress up in costumes, and dance the night away. Kids will also enjoy non-fiction books about cows where they will learn about what cows are fed to stay healthy and produce milk.



Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

A hilarious Caldecott Honor Book about cows who are much smarter than the farmer who owns them. All day long they are busy at the typewriter plotting and scheming their way to an improved lifestyle. Every time the farmer honors a request, another note with a more lavish demand is produced. The cows have the upper hand at a farm that is turned into more of a hotel for animals complete with room service. 





The Milk Makers

Kids will learn all about milk production from the very start of the process. In a straightforward, easy-to-follow style, the author details the special feed the cows receive in order to maximize the amount of milk they produce. Once the cows are milked, there are lots of other steps that detail what has to happen before it is safe and ready to drink. 





Clarabelle: Making Milk and So Much More

One of the most interesting non-fiction books about cows for kids that takes a more expansive look at the contributions of this animal. Everyone know that cows are the primary source of milk production. However, there are many more useful byproducts that will fascinate readers. The author introduces little ones to Clarabelle, a single cow living on a dairy farm, through incredible photographs. Kids will learn that when Clarabelle eats soybean meal, the waste she produces is used for fertilizer, compost, and even electricity.






An uplifting story about Clorinda, a cow who has a zest for life and will not let any obstacles get in the way of pursuing her dreams. After stumbling upon a ballet performance, Clorinda is determined to become a ballerina herself. Never mind that she is a large, clumsy cow who does not fit the mold of a typical dancer. Told in poetic verse, this book is a fantastic book for kids who love cows or anyone who just needs a little inspiration.




 Not Now, Cow

A hilarious book about a cow who constantly mixes up the seasons. No matter the time of year, cow is never dressed appropriately for the weather. In the middle of a cold winter, cow turns up in a bathing suit ready to hit the pool. When the weather changes over to summer, cow still can't get it right with a heavy parka and scarf. A colorful book about a crazy cow who needs to look at the calendar.




The Cow Said Boo!

Poor cow has a cold that is messing with her Moo. Every time she tries to communicate, it sounds like she is saying Boo instead. Matters get even more mixed up when she gets wrapped up in a white bedsheet hanging from a clothesline. At first her farm friends are afraid, but when an unfriendly intruder makes an appearance, the cow's mistaken identity is put to good use. 




Cindy Moo

A fun spin-off from the nursery rhyme, Cindy Moo is about a cow who lives peacefully on Diddle Farm. Looking to impress her farm animal friends, Cindy Moo want to be the cow that jumps over the moon. All of the naysayers laugh at her many failed attempts. This does not stop Cindy Moo from pursuing her goal. Then one night, with the help of a reflective trick, the plucky cow indeed sails high into the sky and leaps over the moon.





The Cow Loves Cookies

Whimsical pictures of farm life depict all the animals munching on their normal foods. Horses are chomping on their hay while the pigs are slurping up their slop. The dogs are nibbling on their favorite treats and the geese are munching up piles of corn. Nothing seems amiss until readers discover the cow prefers Farmer Wilson's homemade cookies over her usual mix of food. Kids will relate to the clever cow who somehow manages to get what she wants to eat. 





The Cow That Laid an Egg

A zany book about a cow who is feeling a bit blue. Marjorie doesn't seem to have any special skills or talents like the others. One day things begin to look up for her when she discovers an egg that matches her appearance. Surely she laid this egg, no matter how unlikely it seems, and all the animals eagerly await to see what appears when it finally hatches. Will it be a chicken or a baby cow? An endearing story about identity and self-esteem, especially on point for kids who love cows.





This Farm is a Family
Buttercup is an anxious cow who has been relocated to a new farm. All of the other animals from Barn Sanctuary welcome her with open arms and invite her to play with them. Buttercup prefers to keep to herself, refusing to engage with the others. With a little bit of patience and a whole lot of love, the farm animals help Buttercup overcome her fear and join the rest of the rescue family.





There's a Cow in My Bed
A father grows increasingly frustrated with his daughter and her stall tactics. It is past her bedtime, but she insists she cannot go to sleep because a cow is in her spot. When the dad checks the bed, the mischievous cow has disappeared. So the little girl hops into bed, at least for a little while. Much to her surprise, the cow returns along with a sheep, an elephant, and some other friends. It seems no one is going to sleep much with all the activity!



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Fantastics Kids' Books About Cows

Little readers who love farm animals will have a lot of fun paging through the best kids' books about cows. Vibrant illustrations depict lots of cows getting into all sorts of mischief with pigs, sheep, horses, roosters, and all the other critters that live, eat, and play together. Kids will learn a lot about the funny personalities of these seemingly lazy, obtuse milk-producing beasts. Even though the authors of kids' cow books get creative with their storytelling, there is quite a bit of truth that speaks to the intelligence and social skills of these often misunderstood animals.





Cool Cow Facts for Kids

If you ask kids to tell you everything they know about cows, chances are they will not be able to come with a whole lot of information beyond the fact that they produce milk, live on farms, and say Moo! Tons of children's books about cows tell funny stories about their lives with farm animal friends. Yet unless a kid's book collection includes non-fiction cow books, chances are they don't know much about how these animals socialize, think, respond to stimuli, and view the world around them. Here are some cool cow facts to share with your little ones next time you are reading a story about these interesting animals.

  • Cows have high emotional intelligence. The form relationships with other cows and spend the most time with their favorites. They primarily rely on their sense of smell to guide and develop relationships. Cows are even sensitive to the emotional state of others cows. In fact, they can smell the stress hormone in the urine of other bovines. Cows also are known to hold grudges against other cows in the herd or humans who have hurt them. Their keen sense of memory steers them away from others who are perceived as unfriendly.
  • Cows have 20,000 taste buds. A highly developed sense of taste ensures that they are consuming foods with the required caloric content while steering clear of toxic vegetation. Cows dislike the bitter taste most commonly associated with poisonous plants. They love the taste of sweet food that boosts their daily calorie count. Cows also love salty snacks that keep their electrolytes in balance.
  • Cows have amazing spatial memory. Animals that graze for food, like cows, have an uncanny ability to navigate mazes and other spatial navigation activities. They remember how to find watering holes, can track previous migration routes, and easily make their way back to newborn calves. Cows can always find their way back to a favorite grazing spot, even if they have been sold off at auction and moved to a farm in the far distance. They always manage to return to their favorite pasture.
  • The term "cow" only refers to females. But before they have their first baby, the appropriate term for a female cow is "heifer". Males are called steer or bulls.
  • Cows have always been vegetarian. They have unique, four-compartment stomachs with rumen bacteria that allow them to digest a wide variety of plant by-products. As physiological herbivores, cows are not able to tolerate meat except in very small quantities. Cows who consume meat are prone to health problems, including Mad Cow Disease. If infected, cows have difficulty rising, develop bad posture, produce less milk, and develop changes in temperament like nervousness and aggression.




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