27 Purr-fect Children's Books about Cats

the cat who walked across france

A most beautiful picture book about a cat that is loved by both children and the adults who read to them. A lyrical story about a loving old woman and the kitty who lover her. When she dies, her pet is sent from their stone house by the sea to a distant town far north. He immediately sets off on a journey across France toward the home he shared with the woman. Enchanting and heartwarming book about the special bond between cats and their owners.



Frisky Cat Picture Books for Kids

 Kids' books about cats star fabulous fur babies brimming with with playful humor. These feline friends have so much personality that there is no shortage of stories about all their crazy antics. They get into quite a bit of mischief at home and across the pages of children's cat books. Little ones who love furry friends will also enjoy reading these books stories about pet adoption.  

Feisty and full of lives (nine, to be exact), stories about cats provide laugh-out-loud moments that will keep kids engaged and entertained for hours. These furry friends become family members who are loved and cherished every single day. So when beloved frisky felines slow down and begin to show signs of aging, it may be time to prepare little ones for what happens next. Reading about a cat dying is a good way to open a conversation about the inevitable loss and pain.  


cat problems

A silly book that teaches readers what it really like to be a kitty. While to humans it may seem that they live very carefree lives, it's quite the opposite. We learn about all the challenges and problems cats face every single day. For example, what does it have to do to get his owner to switch up his food to the wet kind? And then there's that sun spot that seems to move just when they settle for a nice, warm nap. The list goes on and on.  



splat the cat

This original title in the best-selling series is a teacher favorite that can be found on the bookshelves of most classrooms. Splat is worried sick about his first day of school. Afraid he won't make any friends, Splat sneaks his mouse friend Seymour into the school building with him. The day goes smoothly until the mouse escapes and Splat's instincts take over. After a wild chase and some valuable lessons from the teacher, peace is restored and Splat concludes that school isn't so bad after all.


brave as a mouse

A magnificently illustrated picture book about a few mischievous felines. When they spy a fun game going on between a mouse and a goldfish, the cats join in without being invited. The mouse is not only annoyed that his game has been interrupted, he is also worried about the safety of his goldfish pal. Putting a clever plan into action, the mouse solves the problem once and for all.



negative cat

It turns out adopting a cat from a shelter can be a risky move.  Max learns the hard way that the cat his chooses does not live up to the family's expectations. Instead of behaving like a normal cat, this guy dislikes his toy mouse, refuses to wear his little sweater, and shuns everyone by sitting with his face toward the wall. With a little perseverance, Max eventually breaks through his cat's tough exterior and is rewarded with the loving pet he always wanted.


three little kittens

Author/illustrator Jerry Pinkney brings a classic Mother Goose rhyme to life with this gorgeously illustrated children's book about kittens. Mama Cat lovingly watches her  baby frolic in the autum air and lose their mittens. Kittens chasing leaves and eating apple pie are just part of the fun in this revitalized classic.



if you give a cat a cupcake

 True to the circular, poetic form found in all the If You Give books, this version about a cat is as funny and charming as the rest. This adorable kitty's fondness for cupcakes takes him from one thing to the next in a zany chain of events. Lots of lighthearted fun in this cat book for preschoolers!



the cat wants cuddles

Kevin is a Class A grump! His owners want to constantly pet, stroke and snuggle with him. But Kevin wants no part of it! Why can't they just leave him alone? Then one day when he watched all the love and attention the pet dog receives, Kevin begins to change his mind. Maybe a little cuddling wouldn't be so bad after all. A funny book for any child who is frustrated with their own cranky, indifferent feline friend.



skippyjon jones

Skippyjon Jones has a purpose in life.  He is a cape-wielding hero out to save the day. A cat who identifies as a chihuahua, this feisty fellow is full of bravado as he takes readers on quite the adventure. A silly, imaginative book about a cat for kids up for some action.



kitten's first full moon

A gorgeous Caldecott Medal book by Kevin Henkes that captures the essence of a curious, imaginative kitty. He sets out on a quest to reach the moon which he mistakenly believes to be a bowl of milk. His journey takes him on quite an adventure, ultimately leading him back to the safety and security of home.  



original cat copy cat

Being the only kitty cat is a dream for Pineapple. He lives a comfortable, content lifestyle. All of that changes when a kitten named Kiwi moves into the house. What makes things even worse is that Kiwi copies every single thing Pineapple does. Intead of welcoming this new friend, Pineapple retreats into his world of solitude, except it's no longer the same. Perhaps having a friend and companion is just what Pineapple needs.



they all saw a cat

A best-selling Caldecott Honor Book that stretches the imagination and changes the perspective of readers. With brilliant use of shapes, the illustrator challenges the way readers visualize the cat. The mesmerizing artwork encourages a conversation around how we all perceive the same objects in a different light. 



tickle time

Author Sandra Boynton tickles the funny bone of little readers who need a boost. A short, silly romp about a group of fuzzy kittens whose favorite pastime is tickling. For every toddler feeling a down in the dumps, this rhyming board book about cats make them forget about all their worries!



bad cat

Fluffykins has an alter ego. In the presence of his owners, he is the picture of purr-fection. But when backs are turned, this cat gets himself into all kinds of hilarious mischief. He ruins the blinds, breaks a glass vase, scratches the furniture and causes all kinds of mayhem. The rhyming story is on point but the illustrations are what makes this children's cat book a favorite.



jet the cat is not a cat

For every kid who doesn't fit neatly in the box, this story is a must-read. Although Jet is most definitely a kitty, she does a lot of un-cat-like things, like swimming among other activities. Her animal friends help her on a journey of self-discovery where she finally realizes that being her own unique self is the most rewarding.


yes and no

Follow a dog and cat around for a day of excitement and a little conflict. These two can't seem to agree on what to do pass the time together as they each have their own idea of fun.  But one thing is certain. Life is better together than alone! An endearing tale about friendship and compromise.



mrs mctats and her houseful of cats

 A simply charming story about a little lady with a soft spot for kitties. What starts as one quickly blossoms into a total of twenty five. Each one bears a name that starts with a different letter of the alphabet, all the way through Y. When Mrs. McTats hears a scratching noise at the door, she knows that her family is finally complete.  Told in perfect rhyme along with the most endearing illustrations.


abc cats

 An engaging alphabet board book about cats for toddlers. Each of the twenty letters serves as a jungle gym for cats climbing all over them. A simple rhyme uses each letter to describe the cats' personalities and traits. A unique baby book about cats for preschoolers working on their sounds and letters.



i am pusheen the cat

Pusheen gained fame as a funny internet GIF who shook things up with bouncy, tail wiggling moves. Making the move to print, Pusheen stars in a collection of comics that will make little readers laugh out loud. She is both charming and naughty as she gets herself into a fair amount of trouble. A funny cat whose antics are popular across audiences of all ages!



the complete cat breed book

 Are you looking to bring a new pet into your family? This book is just what you and your child need before making this big decision. Beautiful photographs of every breed grace the pages of this hefty, comprehensive non-fiction book. It's a great resource that teaches children how to handle cats, what to feed them, and how to identity problematic behavior. More than 150 breeds are featured in this informative guide.



six-dinner sid

If your cat is gaining weight for no apparent reason, you may get an idea as to why after reading this humorous cat book for kids. Sid is a smart, conniving cat with an insatiable appetite. His owner feeds him a healthy bowl of food, but Sid wants more. So he manages to win the hearts of five neighbors who all believe him to be a stray. In turn, each of them generously feeds Sid every day, bringing his meal total to six! How long will Sid be able to fool everyone? Kids will get a kick out of Sid's sneaky ways!



tabby mctat the musical cat

Tabby is living the good life. His owner, Fred, sings on the streets to make money and Tabby joyfully accompanies him everywhere. In fact, Tabby's presence may just increase the tips tossed into the hat on the ground. One day, Tabby's world is turned upside down when Fred is in an accident and separated from his beloved cat. Will the two ever be reunited? A wonderfully illustrated children's cat book with spot-on rhyming verse to the very end.



pete the cat i love my white shoes

Pete the Cat made his debut in this original picture book about the coolest kitty around. In this funny book, Pete proudly wears his brand new, white sneakers wherever he goes. He moves around town and his shoes colorfully reflect all the places he's been.  Stepping into a pile of strawberries- they turn red! Prancing through a mess of blueberries- they turn blue! But Pete doesn't mind as he continues to move and grove through the day.


max the brave

Max prides himself on being brave all the time. He dons his cape proudly and is up for any challenge, especially chasing mice! It's his destiny. But there is just one problem. Max isn't sure how to recognize a mouse. So he seeks the advice from a variety of other animals and ultimately finds himself in quite a pickle. Will he be brave enough to get himself out of a dangerous situation? 



dewey there's a cat in the library

Based on a true story, this is an incredibly sweet story about a cat who was adopted by a librarian. The poor little kitty was left in the library's book return box. Dewey quickly settles into his new home at the library, but soon doubts whether he is cut out for his new role. After all, the little visitors pull his tail too hard, squeeze him too tight, and constantely chase him up and down the aisles. A heartwarming book about a cat who finds his inner strength and a new purpose in life.



millions of cats

An enchanting Newbery Honor book that has been entertaining children for decades. This classic book tells the story of a little old lady and man who decide they want a cat. The problem is that they can't settle on just one. For anyone who ever had trouble picking just one kitten from the litter, this is story just for you!



the everything book of cats and kittens

Quite the comprehensive, non-fiction book about cats for children! The pages are filled with the most adorable photos of cats and kittens. Children will learn everything they ever wanted to know, like where they like to go when they wander off outside and what they try to communicate with their body language. Filled with fascinating cat facts, this book is one that all cat-loving children need to read.



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Cat Gifts for Kids 

The best children's cat books capture the spirit and feisty nature of these fun pets. They are funny, mischievous, independent, sly and cuddly all at the same time. The authors and illustrators present a variety of personalities throughout these fun stories. If you are looking for a creative gift for a child, consider pairing some of these titles with a plush toy, blanket, picture or other decorative object for a bedroom. Here are some really cute items that feline-loving kids would enjoy! 


 cat squisheen plush gund

Gund Plush Stuffed Cat

 Part of Gund's Squisheen collection, this adorable plush cat is so soft and lovable. Standing six inches tall, this pink stuffy can perch on top of a dresser without taking up too much space. It's the perfect size for tiny toddler hands waiting to snuggle up with a soft kitty.


cat stuffed animal

Ragdoll Stuffed Animal

If you are not ready to get a real cat, this realistic stuffed cat may be the next best thing. Kiki is 19 inches long and is a replica of an actual Ragdoll breed cat. Quality made with long hair, attention to detail, and soft to touch.



calico plush cat

Calico Plush Stuffed Feline

Part of the award-winning Bearington Collection, this realistic Calico cat is ready for some snuggle time. This well-constructed plush has weighted paws, a floppy body, and is about 15 inches long.



 cat body pillow

Cartoon Body Pillow

What a fun and unique gift for kids who love cats! This body pillow measures 43 inches long and is super soft. This fun plush animal can be used as decor on a bed, to lay alongside for nap time, or to hug when a child needs a little extra love.



cat slippers

Fuzzy Kitty Slippers

Soft, fuzzy cat slippers with non-slip soles will make the perfect gift for anyone who loves furry felines. Available in a variety of sizes and colors.


cat blanket

Soft Kitty Blanket

Snuggle up with this sherpa-lined blanket that measures 60 inches x 50 inches. A playful pattern of grey and pink cats will liven up any room. Machine washable.




Cool Cat Facts for Kids

Cats are fascinating animals and they are really incredible pets for many reasons. They are self-sufficient when it comes to taking care of business. All pet owners need to do is clean the litter box periodically. Also, they don't tend to overeat, so you can leave them alone for long periods of time by simply leaving out a sufficient food supply and access to water.

Kittens do like to cuddle periodically, but are very independent and don't get anxious when left alone. Cats are also very clean animals who take care of their own hygiene by licking away dirt and debris. All of these behaviors are common knowledge amongst cat owners.

Here are some other pretty cool facts about cats that may be news to you!

  • When a cat rubs up against you, it can be a sign of affection. However, there is an ulterior motive that is not so obvious. They are marking you as territory using the scent glands around their face, base of their tails, and paws.
  • Whiskers may look pretty cute, but they provide an important sensory aid. For example, a cat uses its whiskers to determine if it can fit through a small space. The larger the animal, the longer its whiskers. These whiskers are not only on a cat's face, but also on the underside of the lower foreleg. They help a cat navigate safely in the dark. The whiskers bend when they come in contact with a solid objects and signal the cat to avoid collision.
  • Creme Puff holds a place in the Guinness World Records for the longest living cat. He was born in 1967 and passed away in 2005, living a whopping 38 years.s
  • Females are capable of producing up to 180 offspring over the course of their entire lives. A cat can have around 3 litters per year, with each litter delivering an average of 4 kittens. Also, female cats can reproduce for the duration of their lives, which is generally between 12 and 15 years.
  • About 200 feral cats wander around Disneyland. They have the important job of keeping the rodent population under control. In return for their services, the Disney staff provide them with food, medical care, and shelter they access through secret cat doors around the park.
  • Cats have almost 100 different vocalizations to express themselves. Meowing is a sound these domesticated animals developed to exclusively communicate with people.
  • If you want to befriend a kitty, never look it directly in the eyes. They perceive this behavior as threatening.
  • The richest feline in the world was reportedly worth $13 million. Maria Assunta left her entire fortune to Tomasso when she died in 2011.



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