13 Beautiful Kids' Books About Peacocks

three hens and a peacock

When a peacock unexpectedly arrives at a farm, all kinds of chaos follows. Is was once a peaceful place with all animals living in harmony. But with the arrival of the newcomer and his showy feathers, people from all over visit the farm to get a sneak peak at the spectacle. The hens are irked at doing all the heavy lifting while the peacock struts around enjoying the attention. When the farm hound dog takes matters in his own hands, all the animals learn a hard lesson about staying in their own lane.


Proud Peacock Picture Books

Peacocks are one of the most recognizable birds for the brilliant feathers they proudly display when strutting all around. Kids will be interested to know that their feathers are not actually different colors. There are microscopic structures that reflect different wavelengths of light, giving a visual illusion of blue and green hues when a peacocks spreads its feathers. Children's books about butterflies share stories about other creatures of nature that exhibit the same colorful effect of lightwaves. Kids' books about peacocks are capture the beauty and personalities of birds who are often the envy of other, less beautiful species. After learning all about these beautiful creatures, check out the best stories about turkeys featuring less attractive birds also not adept at flying.

Unlike most other birds, peacocks are more comfortable on the ground than in the air. Their feathers can extend up to six feet which makes it difficult for them to fly for more than a very short distance. Instead, these birds prefer to spread their wings and strut in a way that exudes dominance. In this collection of interesting children's peacock stories, the personalities of the birds are captured through creative plots. Kids will also enjoy reading non-fiction titles to learn more all about how these birds live, eat, socialize, travel, and more.


 peacock and sketch

There are a lot of lessons to unpack in this enlightening story about a peacock whose vanity leads him to make some poor decisions. Living in a zoo, he enjoys the attention of visitors, especially a girl who routinely comes by to sketch pictures. But he dreams of fame and freedom beyond the zoo's fences, so he plans an escape. For a short period, the peacock relishes in the attention he receives from photographers and paparazzi. When he begins to molt and lose his feathers, everyone loses interest, and he retreats back to the zoo and to his one loyal supporter.




A gorgeous, non-fiction picture book about peacocks that is part of the best-selling Amazing Animals book series. Readers will love learning all about the habit, mating rituals, and diets of these interesting birds. Kids will enjoy the intriguing folklore explaining why these birds are so colorful. The back of the book includes a glossary of terms and more in-depth information.



the king of the birds

A little girl is over the moon when she finds a peacock to live among her collection of birds. She is eager to watch her new friend show of his impressive feathers, but the peacock does not cooperate. The girl organizes a parade, feeds the peacock flowers, and allows him to play in the trees. Throughout all of these activities, the stubborn bird keeps his feathers tucked tight, hidden from view. Finally, the little girl comes up just the right way to motivate him. She brings home a queen peahen to her flock, and it is at that moment the peacock boastfully spreads his feathers.




 a snow day for plum

Plum and his friends from Athensville Zoo are headed to a local school to teach the kids all sorts of interesting information about themselves. Unlike peacocks who are normally confident, Plum is nervous about taking the stage. When a blizzard overcomes the town, Plum and his friends are forced to spend the night in the empty school building. When a friend gets himself stuck in a pile of snow, Plum comes to the rescue and finds courage he never knew existed deep inside of him.




Beautiful, bold photographs of peacocks are accompanied by easy-to-follow text about the lives and habitats of these magnificent birds. Readers will learn how they find food to eat and protect themselves from predators in the wild.



can you dance like a peacock
A fantastic books that shows all the different ways animals communicate with one another through dance and movement. Peacocks stand proud and spread their feathers before they strut. Kids will get a kick out of seeing dolphins wiggle, flamingoes march, and all kinds of other fun moves.



 three hens a peacock and the enormous egg

Three bossy hens and an unassuming peacock join forces to save an egg that rolled off a truck and landed by their farm. Despite a series of mishaps, the bird manage to keep the egg safe. Along the way, they each spend time guessing what could possibly be inside. When egg finally cracks and the new being emerges, the plucky group isn't quite sure what to do next.




 feathers for peacock

All the birds gathered around under the first full moon to plead for some sort of coat. All the other animals had a form of coverage or protection, like the fur covering foxes and the shells keeping turtles safe. The birds, however, were naked, cold, and afraid, to they begged for help. The moon granted their wish by providing a coat of feathers. Only the peacock, who did not show up for the gathering, was left in the cold. All the other birds united together and came up with a beautiful solution for their peacock friend.



 flora and the peacocks 

A stunningly illustrated, wordless picture book about a lovely dance between Flora and two peacocks. Flora learns early on that there is a tricky balancing act with three dancers, requiring her to pay equal attention to each of her partners. What unfolds across the pages is an utterly beautiful dance which mimics complicated  social interactions and friendships.




 birds of a feather

Mo is not like all the other peacocks. His white feathers stand out in a sea of green and blue feathered friends. Although the other birds are kind and inclusive, Mo feels self-conscious about not fitting in with the others. On the day of the big  party, a storm threatens to ruin the celebration. Mo finds a way to hold his head high and save the day by spreading his large, white wings.




trouble finds plum

An easy reader chapter books with plenty of illustrations features a friendly peacock named Plum. He lives at the Athensville Zoo with lots of animal friends. When a hungry raccoon comes begging for food, Plum's generous nature takes over. He welcomes the raccoon through the zoo gates, only to find that more and more raccoons come calling. Pretty soon the entire zoo is filled with the intruders. Kindhearted Plum must find a way to feed the raccoons and restore the zoo. A fast read with  lots of laugh out loud moments perfect for resistant readers.


 the wish and the peacock

A chapter book for tweens about a girl who relies on the territorial nature of a peacock to save her family's farm. Her mother and grandfather hire a real estate agent to sell the beloved place where Paige and her family have spent summers together. Refusing to accept that it is time to let go, Paige, her brother, and a few friends hatch a plan to scare the city real estate people away. With the help of the farm animals, including the prized peacock, they are hopeful their plan will work. In the end, Paige learns a hard lesson when she realizes it is time to say goodbye after all.


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Fascinating Facts About Peacocks for Kids

Magnificent birds fluff their feathers, hold their heads high, and strut their stuff across the pages of children's books about peacocks. Curious readers will love learning about all the ways these remarkable birds communicate using body language and spreading their feathers in grand gestures of showmanship, territoriality, and mating calls. Fun children's books about peacocks interweave relatable themes around friendship, conflict, self-confidence, and adventure. Kids will love reading about the most distinguishable birds with an astonishing beauty unlike any other.

  • The term peacock only applies to the male gender of the bird. The species is actually called peafowl. Peahen is the term for females in the peafowl family. An entire family of peafowl is referred to as a bevy.
  • Every year after mating season, peacocks naturally shed their trains. People can gather their feathers for collection and decoration without causing any harm to the birds. Since peacocks live an average of 20 years, each one produces plenty of feathers over the course of a lifetime.
  • Peacocks can actually fly, though they are much more comfortable on the ground. Their tail feathers, reaching up to six feet long, make it difficult for peacocks to fly for long periods of time or far distances.
  • Most peacocks are known for their brilliant green and blue hues, created by lightwaves that pass through microscopic parts of their feathers. Although rare, some peafowl are entirely white due to a genetic mutation.
  • People in medieval Europe considered peacocks a delicacy. The birds were plucked, pruned, roasted, and then re-feathered before being placed on the serving platter. The birds allegedly tasted terrible and wreaked havoc on digestive systems, resulting in the discontinuation of their appearance on dining tables.




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