26 Precious Children's Books About Pigs


Robert Munsch is a beloved children's book author who brings pigs to life in this humorous story. A little girl seriously underestimates the intelligence of her swine friends. She lets them out of the pigpen and all kinds of chaos ensues. Lots of laughs in this classic pictures book about pigs for kids of all ages. 




Funny Picture Books About Pigs

Plump, pink pigs are popular characters in loads of picture books. The best authors and illustrators bring these animals to life with big personalities and funny antics. Sloppy mannerisms, giant snouts, huge appetites, a penchant for mischief make for appealing and humorous storybook characters. Pigs are the fifth most smartest animal in the world, smarter and more easily trained than the most intelligent dog breeds. In fact, these farm animals can learn and respond to their name in just two weeks! Even more interesting, mother pigs sing to their babies, just like humans do. The mamas make very specific grunts while nursing their offspring, equivalent to a human mother humming to her own baby during feedings. 


Peppa in Space

Peppa Pig and her family head to the museum to learn all about outer space. Kids will learn all about the planets and enjoy crafting with the fun stickers in the back. The fun glittery cover is added appeal to this book about one of the most famous pigs on TV and in storybooks.




A delightful and whimsical board book with pictures that are worth a thousand words. Ten little piggies make themselves at home among fingers and toes. The artwork is imaginative and the story is equally enchanting. Another amazing book by Aubrey and Don Wood that every child should own.



if you give a pig a pancake


One thing leads to another in this comical book about a pig who may just remind you of your little human! Every request by this cute, albeit exasperating, piggy is honored, only to be followed by yet another and another request. This is the first in a series of best-selling If You Give a Pig books. We think you'll want to collect them all.



 Night-Night, Little Pookie

Little Pookie books by Sandy Boynton are not surprisingly very popular amongst toddlers. In this colorful, sturdy board book, Little Pookie finds all kinds of excuses to avoid going to bed. His patient mother waits while he chooses the perfect pair of pajamas, slowly brushes his teeth, and plays one more game of hide and seek. Finally, this cute little piggy collapses into bed and falls sound asleep.




Never Touch the Stinky Piglets

An adorable, tactile book with a bunch of pigs doing what they do best- getting muddy and making a mess! Preschoolers will have fun counting the five smelly piglets on each page and touching the silicone bellies and other body parts. Sturdy pages and bold, bright illustrations are great for toddlers and preschoolers. 




Pig the Slob

Ok, so this book is really about a pug, but his name is Pig, so we decided to include this book on our list. Pig the Pug embodies all the characteristics we associate, right or wrong, with pigs. Pig is sloppy, lazy, and eats all day long. Binge watching TV and stuffing his face with his favorite junk food is his favorite (in)activity. That is until one day something pretty surprising motivates him to move! Humorous reading fun to be had with this book not really about a pig.



 Richard Scarry's Pig Will and Pig Won't 

Kids love to pour over all the interesting and funny details in Richard Scarry books. In this adorable book about manners, a couple of feisty pigs demonstrate good and bad behavior around the house. A classic that is full of important lessons that will resonate with toddlers.



 The Piggy in the Puddle

James Marshall's humorous illustrations are sure to tickle the funny bone of little ones.  The silly verse is a tongue-twister that will trip up readers every single time. The story pure nonsense with no point to make and no lesson to teach. But one thing is for certain. This book is fun to read and never gets old.






 A Piglet Named Mercy

If you are familiar with the Mercy Watson series, you'll most certainly be excited about this best-selling prequel. Mr. & Mrs. Watson live a perfectly content (errr....boring) life and find themselves wishing for a little excitements. Their dreams come true when one day the most precious piglet appears on their doorstep. A brilliant author-illustrator team introduces us to baby Mercy and the beginning of her adventures on Deckawoo Drive.  A children's book about pigs for ages 4-8 that sets the stage for the easy reader Mercy Watson books.



The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

An award-winning twist on the classic story in which the pig is the predator and the wolves are the resourceful homebuilders. The porker outwits his targets time and again in this suspenseful, action-packed, clever story that will keep readers guessing until the very end! Highly recommended book that reflects the true intelligence of pigs.


Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig

Mercy Watson has an insatiable appetite and everyone knows it. So when a neighbor's prized pansies appear to be nibbled upon, Animal Control is called in to find the guilty party. In this colorful, illustrated chapter book, Mercy has to prove once again that she is smarter and wittier than her human friends.



   Toot & Puddle

Warmth and charm emanate from one of our favorite books for kids starring best piggy friends. Toot and Puddle are inseparable. That is until one day when Toot gets an  urge to travel the world. Puddle, on the other hand, is too much of a homebody to embark on a brave adventure. So the friends part ways, temporarily, each finding joy in their own explorations. They ultimately reunite and discover that their friendship is stronger than ever.



 Charlotte's Web

We'd be remiss not to include this classic, beloved Newbery Honor book about a pig named Wilbur who has captured the hearts of millions. Some Pig. Humble. Radiant. And one who has the bestest of friends and a most loving spider, Charlotte, in his corner. All the feels are captured in this one-of-a-kind children's book about a pig who is larger than life.


happy pig day 

If you have a kid who happens to love pigs (and maybe elephants, too) this Mo Willems series will be a big hit. In this beginner reader book, Piggie is ready to celebrate his favorite day of the year. But will his friend, Gerard the elephant, be included in this special day? Funny pictures, short sentences, and lots of porcine fun.



Olivia and the Fairy Princesses 

Olivia is a strong-willed, independent thinker who does not go with the flow. In this funny book, our precious pig is having a bit of an identity crisis. She is sick and tired of all the princesses in the world and decides she will NOT be one of them. Good for her! Little readers, princess fans or not, will get a kick out of Olivia's quest to find her true self and eschew the "piggy princess" stereotypes bestowed upon her. 

 Pigs Can't Look Up

A rare gem of a picture book about kindness and compassion. A little girl realizes that pigs, although they spend most of their time outdoors, never get to enjoy the beauty of the sky. As foragers of food, their bodies have evolved to the point that they cannot tilt their heads upward. The girl embraces her porcine friends and lifts them toward the sky above so they can witness the stars. Spare, poetic texts sets the mood for this unique and touching story.



true adventures of esther the wonder pig

Be warned that if you read this book to your child, you just may be planting the seeds for a pig adoption. This children's pig book based on a true memoir, a little piglet is adopted into a loving human home. But things quickly change as Esther gets into mischief and grows larger than life, reminiscent of Clifford the Big Red Dog! Fortunately, her family relocates from a small apartment to the countryside where Esther can roam free.



 Piggie Pie!

A fun twist on Old MacDonald had a farm...but be warned...this kids book about pigs is not for a timid audience! Gritch the Witch heads to the farm in search of pigs for her special recipe- Piggie Pie. When she arrives, there are no pigs to be found (or so she thinks!) and a wickedly, nail biting search ends unexpectedly.  There is definitely a bit of evil and the ending may be a tad disturbing for little readers, but we think there are quite a few kids who will get a kick out of this rhyming romp.



The Three Ninja Pigs 

A fractured fairytale with an action-packed, martial arts spin on the classic story of The Three Little Pigs. The first little pig masters aikido to try and take the wolf down. Nope. The second little pig uses jujitsu to combat the wolf. Another fail. The third little pig puts his karate skills to the test and finally overcomes the enemy. A fun, thrilling, fast-paced book about some pretty fierce piggies.



 Penny, the Engineering Tail of the Fourth Little Pig

An imaginative re-telling of the classic Three Little Pigs fairytale with a fourth pig added to the mix. Penny, an engineer, comes to the rescue when the big bad wolf blows down the homes of her three brothers. Putting her skills to the test, Penny builds an indestructible house that even the most ferocious beast cannot tear down. A highly entertaining story about the power of brains over brawn.




Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

Mercy Watson books are just right for emerging readers who want to take the leap from picture books to chapter books. Illustrations of a joyful Mercy depict this brilliant prodigy pig enjoying the adventure of lifetime behind the steering wheel.  An award-winning, best-selling book takes readers on a action-packed car ride that fortunately has a very happy ending.



 Batpig: When Pigs Fly

There is a new, unlikely hero in town- Batpig! Gary Yorkshire was just a normal kind of pig who enjoyed mud baths, eating delicious sandwiches, and hanging with his friends. One day he is the victim of a radioactive bat bite with a surprising side effect. This ordindary swine discovers he has superpowers that can be put to good use! A humorous graphic novel with widespread appeal, this pig book is a winner.

Dream Big, Little Pig!

Olympic gold medalist Kristi Yamaguchi understands what it takes to be a star. The ice-skating Piggy has a big imagination as she twirls and spins across the ice. She also learns that it takes a little more than just dreaming to reach her goals. Whimsical pictures and minimal text work well for preschool-age readers with their own hopes for stardom.

 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

We suggest you grab a copy of the original fairytale to read to your child first. Then, please delve into this fabulous fractured fairytale and compare the two! Told from the wolf's perspective, this highly imaginative book engages the reader with humor and plot twists to the very end. A non-scary, visually appealing kids book about the pigs who weren't quite as smart as they thought.



 Babe The Gallant Pig

A classic, short-ish chapter book for the 6+ crowd of readers about a very special pig. Not surprisingly, this pig book for kids has won numerous awards and honors. The protagonist, Babe, has an uncanny ability to herd sheep. In fact, he has more command over the herd than any sheep dog. When his farmer enters him into a sheep dog contest, the naysayers are aplenty. Kids will be cheering for their porcine hero in this book about courage and believing in yourself.


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Why Kids Love Stories About Pigs

It's no surprise that pigs are popular children's book characters. Unlike zoo friends like giraffes that stretch high into the sky,these plump animals plod around with their bellies lying low to the ground. These smart, portly animals with their insatiable appetites are the superstars for kids of all ages. Personalities shine in these stories about these intelligent, grub-loving porkers who will steal the hearts of little readers. There are lots of funny stories about mischievous swines who get into all sorts of trouble on the farm. Choose some  fractured fairytales with creative spins on the classic Three Little Pigs and heartwarming stories about friendship like Charlotte's Web. Illustrated chapter books, like Mercy Watson, are best-selling pigs books that reflect the high IQ, humor, and genteel nature and other facts about this often misunderstood animal.

Pigs are a fun theme for a variety of preschool activities and learning opportunities. Fields trips to farms give preschoolers a chance to see their porcine friends up close and personal. They also get a sneak peak at how animals live on a farm together. It's always fun to collect a variety of farm animal books to compare how all the characters behave, including some of the more exotic creatures featured in peacock picture books.

Kids can observe how pigs socialize, roll around in the mud, slurp up their food, and communicate through a variety of oinking sounds. When little ones return home, they will be curious to read more about these fascinating animals. The best pig stories teach little readers all about these gentle and intelligent farm animals. When readers have gotten their fill, make sure to check out the best stories about cows for more farm animal fun.




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