9 Fantastic Kids' Books About Giraffes

giraffes can't dance

Giraffes Can't Dance

A wonderful story about Gerard, a giraffe who wants to learn how to dance. His physique is not ideal of this type of activity. With the unwavering support of a friend, the determined animal finds his footing. Engaging rhymes paired with fun illustrations work well together in this story about following your dreams.

Giraffe Picture Books Take Kids on a Safari Adventure

There's something mesmerizing about the bodies of giraffes. Their disproportionately long necks seem to stretch high into the sky are attached to sturdy bodies and precariously skinny legs. As the tallest mammals in the world, reaching heights of 14 to 19 feet, even newborns are longer than full-grown humans. Kids who have the opportunity to visit a zoo, where they can observe sloths, monkeys, penguins, and other wildlife, surely stop for quite awhile to observe these tall, gentle beasts standing still while nibbling on some leaves. For readers who want to learn more about the habitats, behaviors, and diets of these fascinating animals, here are some of the best children's books about giraffes that whisk them away on an exciting safari.


a giraffe and a half

A Giraffe and a Half

The brilliant, quirky work of Shel Silverstein has timeless appeal to readers young and old. Imagination runs wild in this story about a giraffe that outrageously stretches even further into the sky. From there, the funny antics, snippets, and rhymes paired with whimsical sketches will keep kids picking up this book over and over again.



the giraffe who found its spots

The Giraffe Who Found Its Spots

A lonely spotted creature sets out to find others who look just like him. Longing to fit in with other creatures, but the elephants, rhinos, flamingos, and monkeys are all so different. After a long journey of self-discovery, he learns the importance of appreciating his uniqueness. This sweet story offers a good lesson about self-acceptance and how standing out can be a wonderful asset.

giraffe's long good night

Giraffe's Long Good Night

The neck isn't the only long thing in this funny, relatable bedtime story. Little ones will love lifting flaps to discover all the silly tricks this spotted procrastinator pulls to avoid settling down to sleep. Some of these tactics will definitely be familiar, but be warned that readers may learn a few more to test out next time they want to delay going to bed.



giraffe problems

Giraffe Problems

Like most, Edward has a physical feature that makes him feel a bit insecure- his ridiculous neck! He goes to great lengths to minimize, hide, and disguise it, but there is really no satisfactory solution that takes care of the problem. In a chance encounter with a turtle, Edward comes to the realization that perhaps his neck is a gift, not a defect. Rather than trying to hide, he hold his head high to show of the bow tie affixed to his lengthy neck.


i am not a chair

I Am Not a Chair!

An excited, young giraffe is ready to start his first day in the jungle. He is full of energy and anticipation around this new adventure. But when one jungle animal after another mistakes him for a chair, his happy mood takes a downward turn. He tolerates a number of creatures taking a seat upon his back. When a lion decides to test out the "chair", he finally stands up for himself. Lots of good humor packed in this cartoonish book with an important lesson.

the chalk giraffe  

The Chalk Giraffe

The power of imagination is capturedin this creative story that begins with a piece of chalk. A little girl doodles a picture of a giraffe on the pavement. Her creation springs to life and begins by making some benign requests. The girl grabs more chalk and puts her artistic skills to the test by drawing whatever the creature wants. Nothing seems to satisfy him until she finally makes him a giraffe companion.


 giraffe math

Giraffe Math

A creative STEM book that blends math concepts with a lesson about the anatomy of these tall, gentle creatures. Readers are presented with interesting lessons about the size, speed, and skin patterns. Comparisons to other animals are made using graphs, measurements, and even word problems. 

giraffe is too tall for this book

Giraffe is Too Tall for This Book

Story time is about to begin, so a group of friendly critters gather around to listen. Unfortunately, one of their companions is entirely too tall to fit within the pages of the book. A series of brainstorming sessions don't produce the desired results. The final "aha!" moment comes after several failed attempts to change the giraffe. Perhaps the problem is the size of the book! A funny, seemingly simple book with a message that packs a punch.


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Giraffes Characters Come to Life in Children's Stories

Raising children who learn to hold their heads high and proud, no matter the circumstance, will help them navigate all the curveballs life will throw at them. These tall, gentle beasts are emotional, nurturing, and social in nature, and they just happen to tower over every other living thing by many, many feet.They live in the Sahara desert- often prey to lions, hyenas, jackals, and wild dogs- yet they spend their days harmlessly nibbling on whatever plants are available. Throughout these children's giraffe books, the characters struggle with feelings of insecurity over their appearance. When things don't go their way in life, they cannot cower and take cover while they lick their wounds. No matter how embarrassed or humiliated the giraffe protagonists feel, they have no choice but to face the world. Kids will relate to the conundrums, dilemmas, and dramatic moments. Next time they have a difficult time, readers will remember their friends in these stories, hold their heads high, and face their problems with the quiet confidence of a giraffe.
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