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Surprising Facts About Hot Dogs

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Squishable Dachshund Hot Dog

A fun, collectible plush for kids who love hot dogs! What an adorable, quirky gift to give to anyone who will love to snuggle with this endearing stuffed animal.



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Fun Facts About Hot Dogs

If you ask kids what they know about this American classic, they are likely to provide a basic description of the food itself. Maybe they will tell you it's an oblong shaped pork product served in a bun. Perhaps they'll talk about preferring them grilled rather than boiled, but that the microwave is a good solution when short on time. Kids who like to read about hot dogs as much as they like to eat them will enjoy gobbling up all of this fun trivia. 

  • Joey Chestnut holds the world record for eating the most hot dogs. In 2021, he set a new record by eating 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. He has also won 16 Yellow Mustard Belts for eating 62 hot dogs in buns.
  • A New York City restaurant sells the most expensive hot dog in the world for $2,300. The restaurant, 230 Fifth, has a menu that boasts about this outrageously priced item. It is made of Japanese wagyu beef topped with onions and sauerkraut that have been marinated in champagne. Caviar is another delicacy added to the mix. Patrons interested in ordering this from the menu must do so 48 hours in advance.
  • The largest hot dog ever made was 718 feet long. In 2017, the gigantic hot dog was laid out for spectators in Flensburg, Germany. After the hot dog was presented to the crowd, authorities cut it up and served it to anyone who wanted to taste a piece of history.
  • Americans spend more than $8 billion on hot dogs a year. Los Angeles consumes more frankfurters than any other city, including New York and Dallas. Estimates indicate people in Los Angeles eat 30 million pounds of hot dogs per year.


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Hot Dog Pillow

Almost a foot and a half long, this snuggly stuffed toy is the perfect gift for any hot dog aficionado!


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