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48 Inspiring Children's Books About Baseball

brothers at bat

It's the 1930s and the Acerra family is about to go down in history as the longest-playing, semi-pro team consisting of brothers. This book needs to move to the top of your list if you are building a collection of baseball picture books. Full of drama, family values, action, and excitement.


Winning Baseball Books for Kids

Many lucky boys (and girls, too!) have the good fortune to play baseball with a little league. It can be a right of passage for many kids who suit up for their very first game. New cleats, bats, gloves, and unique numbers on back of their jerseys can make the littlest of tykes feel like professional players.While kids learn the rules of the game when they take the field, lessons about  sportsmanship are the most long lasting values that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Whether a child quits after the first season or enjoys a nice, long career, one thing is certain. These children's baseball books all offer stories that are relatable, even for those of us who have only ever been in the stands. This American pastime can be enjoyed equally by players and spectators. It is never too soon to introduce a young child to this sport that helps to bond generations of family and friends. Even tiny tots will love learning about the game in the best sports books for babies 


my first baseball book

Simple terminology and bold imagery make this book the perfect first baseball book! Toddlers with love learning about the basics and delight in learning all the words associated with this sport. 


goodnight baseball

This is the sweetest story for toddlers. Join a little boy who has just returned from a game at a big stadium. As he gets ready to go to sleep, he says goodnight to all of the sights and sounds experienced that day. A gentle, rhyming story that will quickly become a bedtime favorite. 

 let's play baseball

This is the cutest, chunky little board book perfect for budding fans. Lift the flaps to discover all kinds of surprises like baseballs, bats, and other fun pictures about the sport. 



Buying the first cap for a baby is a special occasion. There is nothing cuter than a tiny cherub sporting the cap of a favorite team! In this simply adorable board book, a forgetful gosling NEVER forgets to wear his cherished red hat. It is so important to him that he hides it in a secret place to keep it safe. This creates quite the conundrum when our yellow friend's memory fails him.

 little baseball

A simple, introductory book for the tiniest fans! Fun riddles and colorful illustrations will hold little one's attention and sturdy pages will withstand lots of handling. This is part of a Little Sports series, so look out for soccer, basketball and more.

 let's play baseball 

Toddlers will carry this little  book around all day! The padded cover, shape, and stitching makes it almost feel like a real baseball. Simple terms are covered in this introductory book for future players.



my first dino baseball

Bold, digital artwork brings this  book for toddlers to life. There is an exciting game at play between the Green Sox (herbivores) and the Rib-Eye Reds (carnivores) as these larger-than life dinosaurs hit, field, pitch, and catch the ball. Sparse, rhyming text provide just enough narrative for youngsters ready for their first baseball book.

baseball baby

This little boy enjoys his very first time playing  in the park. He spends the afternoon practicing and making lots of mistakes. The day ends on a high note with a scoring run! This fellow goes to bed feeling happy about his successful day playing a game he loves. The rhyming verse makes this book fun to read out loud.




This chunky board book is a great gift for tiny  fans! There is a soft finger puppet shaped like a baseball attached to the book. Little ones will enjoy singing along to the famous anthem "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" as they explore the colorful pages of this cute book.

randy riley's really big hit

Randy Riley isn't an athlete. He's a scientist who happens to love baseball. In this visually entertaining, rhyming book by Chris Van Dusen, find out how a little boy genius uses his knowledge and his telescope to save his town. He has the hit of a lifetime.



 be a good sport charlie brown

This is the book you want to read young kids who need to learn that winning isn't everything. Charlie Brown sure needs to learn this lesson with the help and advice of his Peanuts friends. There is a very helpful index of terms and some words of wisdom from Charles Schulz about losing.


 curious george at the baseball game

If you are getting ready to take a child to a professional game, this is a fun book to read ahead of time.  Follow our favorite monkey as he explores a big stadium, gets into a little bit of trouble, and generally has a very exciting day.

we are the ship the story of negro league baseball

Winner of the Coretta Scott King award and many others, this non-fiction account follows the Negro League  from its origin in the 1930s until Jackie Robinson crossed over to play in the major league. Told in the first person, this is powerful story of the many men who overcame segregation, discrimination, and terrible conditions to play the game they loved. 

h is for homerun a baseball alphabet

This book is a fun introduction to the sport through short poems on each page. Every letter represents an aspect of the game. Even those familiar with the baseball will learn something new in this alphabet pictorial. The watercolor illustrations are intriguing and realistic enough to draw readers in and make them feel like they are on the field or in the stands.

the berenstain bears go out for the team

You can always count on Mama Bear to deliver the most sensible advice. Brother and Sister both play for the local Little League team. They are excited about getting new uniforms and playing the game. However, they are unprepared for the level of competition and pressure to win applied by the other cubs on the team. This book is a great selection for kids not accustomed to the pressure in sports.

casey at the bat

The popular  ballad is introduced to young kids within the context of a little league game. Captivating illustrations perfectly depict the moment leading up to a player striking out at the most important moment of a game. Young baseball players will appreciate the pressure to get a big hit and almost every single kid will relate to the letdown when things don't work out.


my first book of baseball

If you are looking for a comprehensive book for young readers, this Sports Illustrated guide is right up your alley. All of the basic terminology and definitions are covered. Readers are also taken through an entire baseball game from the first pitch to the last out. Packed with interesting facts told in a highly entertaining manner.




the kid from diamond street

This true  story takes readers back to 1922 when a 10 year old girl played for a professional team in Philadelphia. It was a women's team and Edith Houghton was the youngest, smallest player who drew the biggest crowds. Her skills on the field made history and prove that baseball is not just for boys. 

satchel paige

An intriguing biographical picture book about Satchel Paige, a dynamic player and the first African American to pitch in a Major League World Series game.  Readers are taken back to Paige's days playing for the Negro semi pro league, where he quickly became known for his trademark pitches. Readers will find this book to be a fascinating look at the history of baseball and a talented player whose broke through racial barriers in the game.


home base

Breaking stereotypes, a mother/daughter duo demonstrate grit, courage, and determination. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this baseball picture book about girls. A mother breaks a stereotype in her job as a brick layer, just as her daughter defies the odds as a talented pitcher on an all-male team. A fun, reaffirming book about breaking barriers and celebrating wins!

pete the cat play ball

Our favorite musical cat is back in this  book for beginner readers. Pete learns a valuable lesson when the game doesn't end in his favor.  Bold, colorful illustrations and a highly relatable story make this book a winner despite the outcome of the game!

 play ball amelia bedelia

Amelia Bedelia has been around since 1963 and she's still making us laugh every day! Her literal approach to everything tickles the funny bone. In this easy reader, Amelia is a substitute on the Grizzlies baseball team. Grab this book to find out her interpretation of jargon and the silliness that ensues on the field.


the littlest leaguer

Readers will have a soft spot for Harold from the very first page of this book. The littlest of all the players, Harold can't seem to do anything right on the field. He seems resigned to his spot on the bench until one crucial game when Harold has a chance to prove that being small can have its advantages.

the thing lenny loves most about baseball

Little Lenny's love for the game is palpable in this heartwarming book about perseverance and hard work. This enthusiastic boy practices all day long, and when he's not on the field, he is obsessing over his big book of facts. Unfortunately, his knowledge and hard work does not always translate into results on the field. Then one day Lenny experiences sheer joy when he makes a game-saving catch. He may never have talent like the legends he reads about, but Lenny experiences the thrill of the game nonetheless.


the william hoy story

An amazing, true story of overcoming incredible odds and changing the course of baseball forever. When William Hoy was cut from the local team for deaf players, he refused to give up on his dreams. He worked harder than ever and eventually earned a position on a professional team. It turns out that this was just the beginning of an uphill battle for Hoy. Not only did he deal with the discrimination from his fellow players, but he had to convince the umpires to use hand signals for strikes, balls and outs. Little did Hoy realize that this special request would permanently change the way hand signals are used.

baseball saved us

An incredible story based on true events about a Japanese American boy. He and his family were living in an internment camp after the Pearl Harbor during World War II. In addition to feeling despondent about being forced to leave their homes, the families were forced to endure long, hot days and freezing nights in the desert. So Shorty, with the help of his family and the rest of the people in the camp, built a baseball diamond and formed a baseball league. This story about survival, hope, and dignity is also an intriguing history lesson.

the awesome baseball activity book for kids

With 100 pages full of activities, this book will keep kids busy for hours. There are mazes to complete, puzzles to solve, word searches to do, and pictures to color. This comprehensive book is packed with  trivia and facts that will entertain fans of all ages. Grab this book for long car rides or rainy days when playing is not an option.


baseball for kids a young fan's guide to the history of the game 

 This is the best history book a little fan will ever read! This awesome book takes readers on a journey back to the origins. Kids will learn about how the game was invented and its evolution , including tidbits about uniforms and equipment. The book covers significant events, like the integration of African-American ballplayers into the league, as well as the construction of iconic ballparks. Stories of  legends are told in great detail. There are amazing photographs to explore, puzzles to solve, and trivia games to play, too.

dino baseball

A thrilling competition plays out on the field between the vegetarian Green Sox and the carnivorous Rib-Eye Reds. The two teams battle it out in a game that is tied until a very exciting ninth inning. The incredible illustrations, with the dinosaurs practically popping off the pages, bring the game to life. The verse includes a lot of real baseball terminology perfect for little ones just learning.


catching the moon

The true story of Marcenia Lyle, more famously known as Toni Stone, will inspire readers to chase their dreams against all odds. As a baseball-loving black girl who grew up in the 1930s, finding an organized team to join was nearly impossible. She outplayed all the boys in pick up games all summer long. So when a reputable manager, Gabby Street, arrives to recruit for a camp run by the St. Louis Cardinals, Marcenia is eager to participate. When she is told that girls are not welcome, this only fuels her ambition to play. Her sheer determination, hard work, and refusal to quit pave the way for her to become the first female professional baseball player.


baseball around the world

Even though baseball is considered an American pastime with roots firmly planted in US soil, the game is enjoyed in countries around the world. Young readers who love the sport will thoroughly enjoy the journey as this book takes them into ballparks around the world. They will learn what vendors sell (hint: hot dogs are not a staple in every ballpark), and how rules vary in different places (for example, some countries allow games to end in a tie). There is plenty of history (i.e. the gold rush brought baseball to Australia) and lots of inspiring stories about players who achieved incredible feats.


the boy who saved baseball

Tom Gallagher has the weight of the world resting on his shoulders, or so it seems. He needs to lead his team into winning a critical game, otherwise his town will lose their one and only field. The odds are stacked against Tom and his team until one day a mysterious boy arrives by horseback. Is he the hitter that will win the game and save baseball for the town? Does he possess the secret to hitting? Kids will be biting their nails and cheering for the underdog until the very last page.

the rhino in right field

This fast-paced  book is packed full of humor, action, issues and interesting topics of discussion. In fact, this would be a terrific book for parents to read along with their kids. A little boy wants to try out to be a batboy, but his immigrant parents are requiring that he work on the day of the contest. A little bit of sneakiness and blackmail may be what's in order. Oh yeah, and then there's the rhinoceros behind right field (they play in the zoo park) who gets in the way as well.

batting order 

Mike Lupica is one of the most prolific authors of sports-themed chapter books. Batting Order is one of our favorite stories. The big kid on the team, Ben, has a powerful swing but can make contact with the ball. He swings for the fences every single time he's at bat. Matt, much smaller in stature, is the better, smarter player. Can he fix Ben's batting problem before the end of the season? Fans will enjoy watching an unlikely friendship develop as two very opposite boys come together to play the game they love.



who got game baseball amazing but true stories 

A fantastic, fact-filled book  with stories that will surprise even the most knowledgeable aficionado. Overcoming adversity, beating the odds and defeating stereotypes are at play throughout this colorfully illustrated baseball book. Find out who surprisingly hit more home runs than Hank Aaron, who struck out Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, and numerous other mind-blowing facts and stories about this unifying game.




Collecting baseball cards of cherished players is a hobby that has been passed on for generations. Cards, stored in protective plastic sleeves, contain pictures of coveted players and heroes. In this action-packed book, a conman named Swindle snags a six-grader's favorite card. This page-turner will have readers on the edge of their seats as they follow a group of misfits on their mission to retrieve the card. 

the kid who only hit homers

Truly great chapter books about baseball teach many valuable lessons about what it means to win, to be a team player, to persevere, and so much more. This classic book by Matt Christopher tells the story of a boy who transforms into the best hitter on his team practically overnight. This popular book will capture the hearts of readers who really want to understand what it take to be a stand-up athlete and friend.



the hero two doors down

A moving story about a little boy who has the good fortune of living in the same neighborhood as his hero- Jackie Robinson. The year is 1948 and a black family moves into a predominantly Jewish area of Brooklyn. The one and only Jackie Robinson, who already broke barriers as a baseball player, is not afraid to tackle the prejudice and discrimination he faces moving into a new section of town. Wonderful lessons about history, friendship, and baseball throughout this book for middle grade readers.


baseball biographies for kids

For kids who want to take a deep dive into the history, this chapter book is a good place to start. Fascinating information about legends from the past 60 years is covered in in this fast and fun read. This book is chock full of stats for each of the featured players. Kids will have fun completing their own lineup using the information about each of these major talents.


baseball in april and other stories

An award-winning, critically acclaimed collection of short stories is a must-read for tweens. The author based this book on his own childhood playing baseball in California's Central Valley. The smart, passionate, tough Latino kids show up at the fields every day to participate in the sport they love. Readers will relate to the players' experiences, like the pressure of try-outs, meddling family members, and balancing other activities along with their commitment to the game.


 much ado about baseball

Trish and Ben, fierce competitors in math contests, find themselves on the same baseball team. Their rivalry is getting in the way on the field, and the team cannot win a single game. When math puzzles start mysteriously appearing in Trish's mailbox, she needs Ben's help to solve them. Perhaps not coincidentally, they start to see success playing. But as the puzzles continue to get harder, much more is at stake on the field. A fast-paced book about friendship and teamwork.


a big day for baseball

With the help of magic caps, Jack and Annie travel back in time to 1947. They land in Brooklyn, New York where they are batboys for the Brooklyn Dodgers. In nine innings, they must solve a puzzling mystery. Along the way, the duo meets legendary player Jackie Robinson and learns about his role in opening doors for other players. 

baseball genius

Kids will have a hard time putting down this best-selling book by Tim Green and Derek Jeter. Jalen DeLuca loves playing baseball, but his father does not have the money to cover his travel team expense. So Jalen makes a bad decision by breaking into a professional player's home to steal some valuable balls. Jalen knows he can resell them to foot the bill for his own team. But his plans go awry when he gets caught in the act. Thinking quickly, Jalen tells the player about his uncanny ability to predict pitches before the pitcher throws the ball. He offers to put his skills to use in exchange for not pressing charges. What begins as a seemingly straightforward negotiation soon becomes a complicated and tangled web of deceit. A nail-biting, middle-grade novel about baseball that even reluctant readers will enjoy.

honus and me

Joe Stoshack is a kid who knows everything about baseball, except he lacks the skills to play the game. Feeling sorry for himself, he takes a crummy job cleaning out a neighbor's attic and discovers a hidden treasure. Buried among all the junk is the most valuable card in the world. But Joe quickly learns that this Honus Wagner card has a special power that takes him back to 1909. That was the year Honus played for the Pittsburgh Pirates in an epic World Series. Could this be an opportunity for Joe to learn how to be a better player from an all-time great?  

the lucky baseball bat

A classic book that has been entertaining readers for more than fifty years. Marvin moved to a new town, far away from all his friends and previous teammates. Eager to meet new kids, he joins a group playing on an abandoned field in town. Unfortunately, when Marvin's lucky bat disappears, so does his confidence as a player and he can no longer hit the ball. A timeless story about grit, determination, and friendship teaches readers a lot about the game and life itself.


it's a numbers game baseball

It's no secret that baseball is a math-driven game in which managers pour over statistics and analyze data to achieve results on the field. This hardcover book by National Geographic covers a lot of material for kids who can't get enough mathematics. The bold, colorful graphics bring these numbers to life. Children will learn cool facts like how to time base stealing and what percentage of balls are hit to different parts of the field. There is enough trivia packed into this book to satisfy the most curious readers.

a high five for glenn burke

A sixth grade boy named Silas chooses Glenn Burke, a major league  player who came out as gay, for a school research paper. Silas also plays and has his own secret that he decides to share with his close friends. After he reveals what he has kept hidden, Silas wonders if he has made a big mistake. A relatable, coming-of-age story about being true to yourself and finding your place on the field.

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Baseball Stories for Children Teach Lessons for Life

The best stories for kids take readers right to the ballpark from the comfort of a favorite reading spot. Pair these titles with a stimulating toys for kids to make a fantastic gift. A good author knows how to recreate all the fun excitement of a real game- cheering fans, dramatic plays, home runs, strikeouts, and missed plays. So whether or not your child wants to pick up a bat and glove, these amazing titles promise something for every reader. Most importantly, good books teach valuable lessons about baseball, like working hard, never giving up, and being a good team player.

So many important learning opportunities are gained by participating in a variety of athletic activities, both individual and as part of a team. Participants learn the importance of hard work, practice, and commitment to the endeavor. Parents can help reinforce a lot of these values through reading both fiction and non-fiction baseball books for kids. Many times young people only pay attention to the successful athletes and don't ever fully appreciate all the failures they experienced before achieving greatness. Sharing interesting facts and history about the game will help little ones appreciate the long road to success. Consider adding some of these titles to your child's bookshelf that feature characters who persevere and face lots of obstacles before achieving greatness.

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